Louisiana state university health science center new orleans emergency medicine residency program policies to supplement lsuhsc house officer manual

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Campus Assistance Program

  • The Campus Assistance Program is a free service provided by LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans to assist employees, faculty, staff, residents, and students in resolving personal or work related problems.

  • LSUHSC-NO recognizes that everyone, at sometime, needs a “helping hand” or assistance. Whether you have a simple or a complex problem, the Campus Assistance Program can help.

  • A counselor is on call 24 hours a day to assist in time of crisis. If you feel you have an emergency or need immediate assistance at any time, contact the counselor on call.

    You may reach a counselor by calling (504) 568-8888
    CAP is located in the Lions Clinic Building on the 6th Floor
    2020 Gravier St, New Orleans, LA 70112

    Types of Problems

    CAP is a resource that offers individuals assistance with solving life, school and work problems. Any problems, regardless of severity, that are interfering with one’s peace of mind or personal effectiveness are appropriate to bring to this service. The counselors will work with you to either resolve the problem, or find the resources in the community to help you. The program also offers assistance to supervisors who are working with troubled individuals. Examples of problem areas include:

  • Crisis Management

  • Mental Health

  • Interpersonal / Family Relationships

  • Child / Adolescent Development

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Job Productivity

  • Career Satisfaction

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Use

  • Loss / Bereavement

  • Financial

Use of program services is voluntary. All information conveyed during use of the services, including use of the service itself, is confidential.

24-Hour Crisis Line  A counselor is on call 24 hours a day to assist in times of crisis.

Community Information  The Campus Assistance Program maintains up-to-date lists of community resources, treatment programs and agencies. If you are looking for a community resource, Campus Assistance Program will work with you to find the best resource in the community that can help you.

Problem Assessment  A counselor will help you clarify the nature of your problem and develop a plan to resolve your problem.

Short-Term Counseling  Short-term counseling for problem clarification is available through the Campus Assistance Program. If after talking with the counselor, a referral to a specialist within the community is needed, one will be made for the best cost-effective treatment of your problem.

Services are provided at no cost to the client. If a referral is made to a resource outside of the Program, the cost of that service is the responsibility of the client. Such costs may be covered by heath insurance.

Fitness For Duty And Substance Abuse Policy

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) is governed by and complies with the provisions of the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. The applicable provisions are as follows:

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession and/or use of unlawful drugs at any facility of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center is prohibited.
Penalties for violation of this policy could result in written disciplinary action, suspension, demotion, and/or immediate dismissal depending on the severity of the circumstances; or criminal prosecution.
Further, all employees are required to notify the Director of Human Resource Management of any drug related criminal conviction which occurs in the workplace within five (5) days following conviction. The Director will notify the Grants Office so that they may comply with the provision for notice to the federal funding agency within ten (10) days. Notice to the federal contractor should include the sanctions imposed on the employee convicted of a drug work-related crime.
Campus/Employee Assistance Program (C/EAP) is available to all House Officers of LSUHSC.

Abiding by this policy and any other drug policy established by LSUHSC or other House Officer training facility, regardless of when promulgated, is a condition of the House Officer’s employment with LSUHSC. (Revised May 2000 by the Campus Assistance Program Office)


The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) promotes and protects the well being of faculty, staff, residents, students, and patients.

Any individual who works or is enrolled at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) is expected to report to work/school in a fit and safe condition. An individual who has an alcohol, drug, psychiatric, or medical condition (s) that could be expected to impair their ability to perform in a safe manner must self report their medical status to their supervisor and provide a signed medical release indicating their fitness for work/school to the Campus/Employee Assistance Program (C/EAP).
LSUHSC requires all faculty, staff, residents, students or other LSUHSC workers who observe an individual who is believed to be impaired or is displaying behavior deemed unsafe at work/school to report the observation (s) to their supervisor for appropriate action. Supervisors are then required to make an administrative referral to the Drug Testing Program and C/EAP. An individual who is referred to C/EAP and found to be impaired must provide C/EAP, prior to returning to work, with a signed medical release indicating they are fit to resume their work or school responsibilities at LSUHSC. LSUHSC will, as a condition of continued employment/enrollment, require an “at risk” individual to maintain a continued care plan either recommended or approved by C/EAP and sign a Continuation of Employment/Enrollment Contract.
This policy applies to all faculty, staff, residents, students, contract and subcontract workers, medical staff, volunteers, laborers, or independent agents who are conducting business on behalf of, providing services for (paid or gratis), or being trained at LSUHSC. (Revised May 2000 by the Campus Assistance Program Office)

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