Marge: Layering Gaming Interactions in Mobile Content Sharing Environments

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MARGE: Layering Gaming Interactions in Mobile Content Sharing Environments
Primary advisor: A/P Dion Goh

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information


The popularity of mobile devices has seen a corresponding increase in research and development of a variety of applications that foster interaction and participation among communities of mobile device users. In particular, mobile content sharing applications give users the ability to create and associate digital content with physical objects and locations in the real world, as well as receive content tailored to their specific needs. Mobile devices

also offer a new facet to play, and have evolved from casual games to sophisticated multiplayer location-based ones in which players either compete and/or cooperate to achieve the games’ objectives within a geographic area set in the real world.
In this project, we propose an innovative twist to the creation, seeking and sharing of content by introducing passive multiplayer role-playing pervasive gaming elements into mobile content sharing activities. Play is intertwined unobtrusively with the collaborative creation, seeking and sharing of information such that these activities become the mechanics of gameplay. Here, we create a persistent layer of alternate reality over digital information associated with the real world by weaving a storyline into mobile content sharing. To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary approach to address four objectives will be undertaken: (1) Construct a framework for mobile content sharing through gameplay; (2) Design our proposed gameplay for mobile content sharing using the framework; (3) Implement a system (MARGE – Mobile Alternate Reality Gaming Engine) that realizes our vision of mobile content sharing through gameplay; and (4) Evaluate MARGE and examine its social implications of use.
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Download 4.63 Kb.

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