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RSR Investigation Report Of Bergkelder Level Crossing Collision

The Railway Safety Regulator’s (RSR) investigations team's preliminary report on the Bergkelder Level Crossing indicates that the boom gates at the level crossing were not working as a result of cable theft. The boom gates were locked in the upright position, however the warning lights were flashing when the collision occurred. It would appear that the driver of the vehicle that collided with the train, might not have stopped at the stop sign. This resulted in the collision with one fatality and two injuries.

Motorists are reminded to practice caution at all times when approaching a level crossing and to remember that even when the boom gates are not working, to heed other warning signs like flashing lights as danger is imminent.
As the regulator of railway safety, the RSR promotes rail safety and works tirelessly to ensure the safety of all rail and road users.


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The Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) was established in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act, 2002 (Act 16, 2002) (as amended) to oversee and promote safe railway operations through appropriate support, monitoring and enforcement, guided by an enabling regulatory framework. In the interest of rail safety, RSR also collects and

disseminates information relating to safe railway operations to the public by means of rail safety awareness campaigns.


  • Oversee safety in railway transport, while operators remain responsible for managing safety of their operations.

  • Develop an appropriate regulatory framework through the development of regulations and standards for safe railway operations.

  • Monitor and ensure safety compliance through the conducting of audits, inspections, safety assessments and occurrence investigations.

  • Collect and disseminate information relating to safe railway operations.

  • Promote the harmonisation of the railway safety regime of South Africa with Southern African Development Community (SADC) railway operations.

  • Promote improved safety performance in order to promote the use of rail.

Top 10 Level Crossing Safety Tips

  1. When on foot, cross railroad tracks ONLY at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings and obey all warning signs and signals.

  1. Always stop, look both ways, and listen for trains before crossing the tracks.


  1. Look both ways and listen for a train when you cross railroad tracks. Always obey all traffic signs and signals.

  1. Wait at least 5 meters behind the stop line when waiting for a train to pass.

  1. It is illegal and dangerous to stop your vehicle on railway tracks. Violators will be fined. If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, get out immediately and move quickly away from the tracks. Call the police for assistance.

  1. Never drive around lowered gates – it’s unlawful and deadly.


  1. Never bike on railroad tracks.

  1. Look both ways and listen before crossing tracks.

  1. Look for flashing headlights and listen for warning bells and horns.

  1. Cross tracks at an angle to avoid tire damage or risk of falling.



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