Meeting Times: 8: 00-9: 15 th course Title: Prin of Prog. Lang Credit Hours

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Mississippi Valley State University

Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences

Itta Bena, Mississippi 38941

Course Syllabus – Fall 2013

Course Number: CS350-01 Meeting Times: 8:00-9:15 TH

Course Title: Prin. of Prog. Lang Credit Hours: 3 Semester Hours

Course Instructor: Dr. Stacy J. White Course Coordinator: Dr. Stacy J. White

Office: CRB 111-B Classroom: CRB 207

Email: Website:

Office Hours: 10:00 – 12:00 MWF: 12:00-12:30 M; 9:15- 11:00 TH; Or by Appointment

Catalog Description: This course is a survey of programming language concepts and design principles of programming paradigm (procedural, functional, and logic). Topics include a history of programming languages, data types supported, control structures, and run-time management of dynamic structures.

Course Prerequisites: CS205 Data Structures.

Textbook(s) and other Required Materials:

Sebesta, Robert W. Concepts of Programming Languages . 10th Edition Boston: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

Course Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete the course must:

  1. Exhibit understanding related to the theory of programming paradigms (such as procedural, functional, and logic)

  2. Exhibit understanding related to the concepts of syntax and semantics.

  3. Exhibit understanding of concepts such as context-free grammars, writing derivations and drawing parse trees and lexical and syntax analysis.

  4. Identify and describe the properties of a variable such as its associated address, value, scope, persistence, and size.

  5. Demonstrate different forms of binding, visibility and scoping

  6. Demonstrate the difference between call-by-value and call-by reference parameter passing.

Prerequisite by Topic:

  1. Declaration and types

  2. Data Structures

  3. OOP

Major Topics Covered in Course: Approximate Weeks

1. History of Programming Languages 1

2. Computational Paradigms 1½

3. Language Translation phases 4

4. Declaration models (binding, visibility, scope, and lifetime) 2

5. Type checking 2

6. Procedures, functions, and iterators as abstraction 2

7. Parameterization mechanisms (reference vs. value) 2

Grading Scale

90—100 A

80—89 B

70—79 C

60—69 D

59 & below F

Course Evaluation:

Programming Assignments 35%

Quizzes 15%

Midterm 20%

Final Exam 20%

Home Work 10%

Attendance Policy Attendance and participation is required!

Late/Missed Assignments: Students absent for any reason whatsoever are expected to do the full work of the course, and are responsible to the instructor for work missed through late registration, illness, or any other cause. The instructor is not obligated to give any make-up work. Students absent from class for an extended period due to illness, family tragedy, or other legitimate reasons are to file appropriate documentation with the Dean of Students. When students must be absent from class, they are required to make arrangements satisfactory to the instructor with regard to work missed. When students know in advance that they will be absent from class, instructors should be notified and arrangements made to secure assignments. Students are required to submit appropriate documentation to the professor at the next class meeting following the absence to receive an excused absence for any missed work. If student missed an exam or quiz, the student’s next quiz or exam grade will be doubled.

Student with Special Needs: The Mississippi Valley State University’s ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Office offers students with disabilities (as defined by the ADA definition of a disability) accommodations according to provided documentation. Disability may include learning, psychiatric, physical disabilities, or chronic health disorder. A disability is a permanent condition which substantially limits one of more major life activities. Students having any special needs who require special instructional strategies should make these special needs known to the instructor during the first week of the course. The instructor will meet with the student to ensure access to resources in the University and make appropriate instructional modifications as required.

Contact Information:

MVSU ADA Office Or

Academic Affairs Office

Office# (662) 254-3800, (662)254-3446 or (662) 254-3442

**I reserve the right to make changes on this syllabus as needed. This document does not constitute a contract with the University. It contains guidelines.**
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