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Melissa Brittain Biography
Artist statement: For me art has always been a big part of my life. My family has many artists, some professional and some amateur, so I have always been exposed to different types of art. For that reason I believe I look at objects from a more abstract view. I am inspired to paint by the energy of people and their emotions. I believe the human being is the most complex and mysterious of all things, and for this reason I paint to capture the emotional state of people.”
Melissa Brittain is a native Georgian living in the Atlanta area. As a child she would draw figures with fashion from magazines. Melissa moved from pencil to watercolor and acrylic on paper. Her education started when she had the desire to paint with oils. “I knew at that point I would need direction. It has opened a whole new world for me and I can now translate my emotion to the viewer.”

Melissa is a multi-media artist integrating oil paint and mixed media into her unique

and decidedly elegant feminine works of art. She starts a painting by

texturizing the surface and applying glazes of color until she is satisfied with the placement of objects and shadows. She utilizes a variety of surfaces from canvas to board and tile.

Melissa has created an elegant series capturing the magic and allure of women in sophisticated gowns. She paints this collection on carefully selected tile and has become known for her ability to translate the essence of a female from her brush to the slate. “The figures on tile seem to take on a life of their own. It is remarkable to see the emotions change with the smallest stroke of a brush.” Another series captures the openness and innocence of children at play. “I think this series takes the observer to childhood experiences and matters of the heart”.

As the audience for her work continues to expand, along with her reputation in the art

Community, so does her creative energy. She continues to attract much interest in her work from public and private collectors and designers. Melissa is available for commissioned pieces for those who have specific taste.
Shows and awards:

Atlanta Artist Association “The Buckhead Library Show” 2007

Smyrna “Christmas Exhibition” 2007

Juried show “Generosity Art from the Heart” 2008

Juried show “Smyrna Artist Association Art Walk” First Place 2008

Smyrna “Christmas Exhibition” 2008

Phillips Fine Art Charity Shows 2008

Emory University-My House “Gift in Kind” 2008

Galleries and representation:

Definitive Publishing 2007

Art Space International 2008

High Point Market 2008-2009

Americas Mart 2008-2009

Parker-Marsh Gallery 2009-2010

Paul Robinson Fine Art 2010-2011

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