Meng 4553 (3 Crd Hrs) Finite Element Method & Applications in Design

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In-Class announcements: Announcements will be made during class time, make sure you attend.

  • Blackboard Class Site: Students are responsible for viewing blackboard regularly, as course-relevant information will be added in a timely fashion to the site, throughout the semester.

    Course Material, Repositories

    • Book, Mark Gockenbach. “Understanding & Implementing the Finite Element Method”, SIAM, 2006.

    Previous semester lectures may be found here.

    • You may find it beneficial to consult these videos, by Krishna Garikipati. University of Michigan.

    • You are expected to take Notes, during each class.

    • Submitting, submit your work by Email to the course instructor and CC the TA. You must add to the email title the word “MENG 4553”, along with a name and ID.

    Software Usage

    • Get familiar wih Zoom, Blackboard, and Google Docs.

    • Create your Mathworks account via AUC Matlab Portal, and download and install MATLAB on your laptop/PC within the first week of classes.

    • Download the ANSYS student version on your laptop/PC within the first week of classes. A Windows operating system is recommended.

    Download 350.92 Kb.

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