Michael Louis Scott June 1997 to Date

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Michael Louis Scott

June 1997 to Date
Greenwich, Connecticut USA Site:


Email: mikescot@optonline.net

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 9:25 P.M.:  I will now shut down the computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 9:15 P.M.:  Before going out today, I put in a new Homecenter blue toilet tablet in the toilet tank, so for the time being the water will be blue.  I just made and ate my usual salad www.geocities.com/mikelscott/salad.htm .  I am now using a few 1/4 inch thick sliced mushrooms and a 1/4 inch by 1.5 inch by 4 inch slice crumbled of Danish blue cheese and for the cheddar cheese portion, I am using Vermont 50% low fat cheddar cheese, and I am also using Stop and Shop fat free grated parmesan cheese topping.  I had the salad with iced tea.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:50 P.M.:  I went out after the last message, and I went by the Greenwich Exxon station next to the Greenwich Library, and I bought $6.25 of regular unleaded gasoline at $1.899 a gallon for about 20.5 miles per gallon.  I then went downtown to central Greenwich Avenue.  I walked the entire length of Greenwich Avenue, and I sat out at various locations.  I stopped by CVS during my walk, and I bought from the 90% off rack of Christmas items a dozen two packs of Merrybrite Candelabra Bulbs for Battery Operated Candle Lamp Use for .12 each two pack and six four packs of MerryBrite four C7 .14 each four pack plus .14 tax for $2.42 total.  I then completed my walk.  I next drove down by the waterfront.  I then drove over to Tod's Point in Old Greenwich, and I stood out at the southwest area for a while, and the inner harbor there is mostly frozen over.  I then stood out at the southeast area.  I next went by Walgreen's and with the store circular coupon, I bought four six packs of AA heavy duty Walgreen batteries for .99 each six pack plus .24 tax for $4.20 total.  I then went by Staples, and I bought from the clearance section two 10 packs of CD jewel cases for $2 each 10 pack plus .24 tax for $4.24 total.  I then went back to downtown Greenwich, and I sat out for a while, and I walked the central downtown area, and I stopped by Zyn Stationary, and I bought a #28 Winner Wonderland scratch card for a dollar, but I did not win anything.  I then used the men's room at the senior and arts center, and it was very warm in there.  I next drove down by the waterfront, and I climbed over the snow bank which is a bit difficult, and I walk out onto the pier on Steamboat Road.  Because of the snow on the concrete abutments at the end of the road there, it is not too difficult to take the large step down onto the pier, but it can be quite difficult to return back up the slippery incline of plowed snow.  Thus only the sure footed should try to venture out on that pier for now.  I noticed a lot of ice on the inner harbor there too.  One goose was walking on the ice, so it is beginning to thicken up.  I next went by the Food Emporium, and I bought for $1.99 a pound $3.68 of boneless breasts of chicken.  I then returned home.  I will put the bulbs in my bedroom mahogany bureau bulb drawer, and I will put the batteries with my other spare batteries in the blue bureau second drawer down left drawer.  I might get some of the battery Christmas candles at CVS to use with battery bulbs in case there is an eletricity emergency.  I do not think the battery bulbs since they are DC 3 volt will work with line electrical current.  I drank some iced tea.  I will put the CD jewel cases in the right living room closet shelf.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 12:45 P.M.:  Earlier around 10 A.M., I vacuumed my apartment.  I finished the paper work.  I ate a piece of apple pie with iced tea.  I will now shut down the computer, and I will clean up, and I will go out for some fresh air.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 11:50 A.M.:  I picked up my mail downstairs.  I ate three dozen triscut crackers and five Wheatsworth crackers, and on the five Wheatsworth crackers, I put on 1/8th inch thick slices of Cabot Vermont 50% low fat cheddar cheese.  I have to do some paper work.  I need to fill out my apartment lease information.  I have to sign my lease with the Greenwich Housing Authority this Thursday afternoon, so I will not be able to attend the Microsoft Security conference at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport, Connecticut at that same time.  I hope Microsoft understands.  I will now fill out the paper work.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 10:20 A.M.:  I finished going through my email.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 9:10 A.M.:  I went through most of my email.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 8:35 A.M.:  I chatted with a friend.  I ate five 3/4 inch by 1/4 inch by 2.5 inch slices of Cabot's 50% reduced fat Vermont cheddar cheese.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:50 A.M.:   ShermansTravel.com visit exotic Belize Screened Listings, Deal Reviews, Objective Editorial .  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:45 A.M.:  http://toolbar.msn.com .  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:30 A.M.:  Well, it looks like the sun is up in Key West, Florida; and they have cleaned up the streets there this morning http://www.liveduvalstreet.com/ .  I suppose with all the tourists down there, they have to run a ship shape environment.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:15 A.M.:  It is currently 12 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a wind-chill factor of 0 degrees Fahrenheit http://www.weather.com/weather/local/06830 .  I suppose we might have people visiting in this area from even colder areas.

Note: <888> 01/31/04  Saturday 7:05 A.M.:  I was up 4 A.M., and I had breakfast of oatmeal, toast with strawberry jam, orange juice, vitamins, supplements, and coffee.  I did my house cleaning and watering the plants.  I still have to vacuum the apartment, which I will do after 9 A.M..  While, house cleaning, I listened to the radio 106.7 FM on my Emerson Wireless headphones, and I am now recharging their batteries, which should be done at 2:30 P.M. today.  There is a fully recharged pair in the headset right now.

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 8:20 P.M.:  I put the ice tea in the refrigerator.  I will now shut down the primary computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO 

End of Scott's Notes week of 01/30/04:

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 7:30 P.M.:  I went downstairs, and I picked up my mail.  I will now send out my weekly notes.  In a little while, I will put the ice tea in the refrigerator.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 7:10 P.M.:  I minced one large clove of elephant garlic, and I sliced into 3/16 inch slices one medium four inch diameter yellow Spanish onion, and I sautéed it all in three tablespoons of olive oil and 1/8 teaspoon of Italian spices in a 10 inch skillet.  I sautéed stirring continually the onion and garlic over medium heat until they turned clear about 10 to 15 minutes, and I then added one 14 ounce can of Swanson's chicken broth and 1/8th teaspoon of Italian spices, and I brought the mixture to a boil, and I then simmered it over medium heat for about 20 minutes stirring continually until the mixture was reduced by about half its liquid.  I then put the onion soup in one of my large 14 ounce Cobalt blue soup bowls, and I added nine evenly spaced large cut Arnold garlic and herb croutons, and I spread over it a couple of tablespoons of Stop and Shop reduced fat grated parmesan cheese, and I had the soup for dinner with a glass of iced tea.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 6:05 P.M.:  I am making up a batch of iced tea www.geocities.com/mikelscott/icetea.htm .  I am using one tea bag each of the five different variety pack of Twinings tea, four Lipton green tea bags, one Bigelow orange pekoe tea bag, and 10 Salada orange pekoe tea bags for my usual mixture, and I am not using sugar.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 5:20 P.M.:  I went out after the last message, and I went by Putnam Trust Bank of New York on Mason Street.  I then went by the Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop, and I bought a United States Golf Association 2004 calendar for a $1.  I then went downtown to the central Greenwich Post Office, and I obtained a money order for .90 cost for $12.50 value to renew my annual dues with the American Association of Retired People AARP.  I mailed in the dues payment at the central Greenwich Post Office.  I then walked the entire length of Greenwich Avenue.  I sat out at various locations.  It was an expensive day, and I had to spend a dollar parking.  During my walk, I browsed the 70% off rack at the Greenwich Hardware store.  I also stopped by CVS, and I bought eight six ounce cans of Bumble Bee solid white albacore tuna fish for .99 each, four 2.5 ounce tins of King Oscar native Norwegian sardines in olive oil for .99 each, a 10 ounce can of CVS smoked almonds for $2.50 for $14.38 total.  I then completed my walk.  I used the bathroom at the Senior and Arts center.  I then drove down by the waterfront.  Someone has cut a small path for able bodied mountain goats to get out on the pier on Steamboat Road.  To make a safer path, it would probably take a pick and a shovel.  I next went by the Stop and Shop, and from the dented canned foods section, I bought a 10 package box of Stop and Shop dried milk for $1.50, two 14 ounce tins of Rienzi artichoke hearts for .75 each can, and a 44.5 ounce can of Stop and Shop chicken broth for .99, and two bars of Kraft Cracker barrel baby Swiss cheese for $2 each, two Stop and Shop 100% grated fat free parmesan cheese topping 8 ounce containers for $2.49 each, two 28 ounce cans of Goya chick peas for $1.09 each, six 4.25 ounce cans of Stop and Shop chopped black California olives for three for $2, Rosenborg Danish blue cheese imported from Denmark for $6.99 a pound for $3.60, a bulb of elephant garlic for $1.99, a 10 ounce box of fresh whole mushrooms for $1.99, fresh plum tomatoes at $1.99 a pound for $2.39, a 16 ounce bag of baby carrots for $1.50 for $30.62 total.  I then went by the Arnold bread store outlet, and I bought a loaf of Arnold 100% Natural whole wheat oat bread for .99, three 5.5 ounce boxes of Arnold large cut Garlic and Herb croutons for .99 each box, and a Entenmanns's apple pie for $1.89 less 10% senior discount of .59 for $5.26 total.  I then went by Smokes for Less in Byram, and I bought a carton of Seneca Ultra Lights 100s cigarettes for $31.  I next returned home, and I put away my purchases, and I drank some iced tea.  I hung the United States Golf Association golf calendar on my apartment entrance door on the inside.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 11:10 A.M.:  I checked the mail, and it is not here yet.  I am heating a 18.5 ounce of Campbell's Select New England clam chowder, which I will eat shortly with a glass of iced tea.  I will now shut down the computer, and after I eat, I will go out for errands.  CIO 

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 10:30 A.M.:  This is the link to the Hyatt Hotel resort in Maui where I stayed in August 1980 http://maui.hyatt.com/property/index.jhtm .  After I left the tennis court in Kennebunkport, Maine observing former President Bush's vice presidential entourage, which at the time was not too big, but they did have a campaign rally on the Green in Kennebunkport, I thought it was important to make contacts with the California republicans since Ronald Reagan https://www.reaganfoundation.org/ was the republican presidential candidate.  Back in the winter of 1975, roommates of mine in Manhattan had thrown a party for Nancy and Ronald Reagan at the Copa Cabana night club at the Pierre Hotel http://www.fourseasons.com/pierre/index.html in Manhattan, so I knew they were in the area even back then.  Thus in August 1980, I set out to California on my own flying to west coast.  I initially went to Laguna Beach which friends of mine had mentioned over the years.  After exploring Laguna Beach, I went up to Santa Cruz, California to visit a republican friend whose grandfather was Richard Nixon's neighbor in Key Biscayne, Florida.  I also stayed in Carmel, California at the Normandy Inn.  Since I did not have a credit card, I could not rent a car, so I had to fly short hops in airplanes to get to various locations.  I flew into Santa Barbara too, and I was only able to walk from the airport to the University of California at Santa Barbara.  I then headed back to Laguna via John Wayne airport.  Since I had worked for Daniel Construction of Greenville, South Carolina which later merged with the Fluor construction company of Newport Beach, California.  I spent about a week exploring Laguna Beach, and there were construction people there building the twin nuclear reactors in the area.  I flew from John Wayne airport to Las Angeles airport with my traveling gear, and I ran into the owner of a house on Lincoln Road in Nantucket whom I had worked for the summer before.  He sold me his ticket to Hawaii for $100 since he needed the cash having filed for bankruptcy on the expensive house.  I flew to the big island of Hawaii, and I caught Maui Air to Maui.  I took an expensive cab to a village and rented a small room near the beach, but I did not stay there, instead I continued on to the Hyatt in Lahaina, Hawaii, and I checked into the least expensive room there for about $90 a night which was used by the assistant manager who was away.  I spent the entire week at the hotel enjoying the pool and the ambience.  They had a night club there, and since I did not have any Hawaiian clothes, but Greenwich preppy clothes, I used to go to the night club in my pink linen golf slacks with my white Pilipino linen type shirt with the shirt tail out the way they where their dress shirts in the tropics.  I recall enjoying Vodka and Tonic.  I kept the air conditioner in my room going on maximum the entire time, since it was a bit tropical.  I use the health club at the pool for exercise, and I drank tropical fruit drinks.  The American Bar association and the American Judicial association were holding a meeting there, and since I was not watching too much Hawaii Five O on television, I only heard rumors about a hurricane approaching Houston, which seemed a world away.  The beach at the Hyatt in Maui is very rough rocky lava, so most people used the pool area instead.  Since it was an older crowd, I kept mostly to myself, although there were a few younger people at the discothèque at night.  Since I could not rent a car, I could not explore the north slope of Maui where Lindbergh lived.  After a week's stay I paid my bill with hard Canadian currency which had Queen Elizabeth II's portrait on it.  I also wore my Greek fisherman's shirt and my green and yellow Jams at the pool.  Since living up north for a number of years, I did not have a lot of tropical clothes.  I had seen in the winter of 1978 in Key West, Florida a pickup truck and horse trailer from Maui, and I had seen a car with Hawaii license plate in Nantucket.  I recall flying to Hawaii on United airlines.  When I left the Hyatt in Maui, I flew back to the big island from a different airport in Lahaina.  I toured the old colonial hotels on the beach front in Hawaii, and I took a taxi cab ride out to the Pearl Harbor area.  When I returned from the big Island to the mainland, I took a World Airlines discount jet for $100, which landed at San Jose, California, and I hitchhiked to Santa Cruz, California, and half way there, a family friend gave me a ride, and let me stay at his house.  I then returned from to San Jose to pick up my luggage, and I flew to Laguna, and after about a week's stay there, I flew from Las Angeles airport in a Sabena airlines jet full of nuns back to Manhattan.  There were lots of Germans in Laguna Beach, but I do not recall having anyone tell me they were Belgium.  CIO  

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 9:40 A.M.:  Ronald Reagan books on sale https://www.reaganfoundation.org/ and https://www.reaganfoundation.org/store/products.asp?subcat_id=39 .  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 9:25 A.M.:  I rested after the last message.  I chatted with a friend around 6:40 A.M..  I was awake at 8:45 A.M..  I watched some television.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 4:35 A.M.:  I will now put the computer on standby, and I will rest for a while.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 4:20 A.M.:  Greenwich Time - Bush nets $1.1M in return to Greenwich .  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 4:15 A.M.:  I made up a fresh batch of homemade hummus www.geocities.com/mikelscott/hummus.htm .  I used a 6.5 dry ounce can of California medium black pitted olives in the hummus with all of the other usual ingredients.  I then made my usual salad www.geocities.com/mikelscott/salad.htm , which for the cheddar cheese portion, I used Cabot's www.cabotcheese.com 50% lean Vermont cheddar cheese.  For the grated parmesan cheese portion recently, I have been using Stop and Shop fat free grated parmesan cheese.  I had the salad with a glass of iced tea.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/30/04  Friday 2:55 A.M.:  I was up at 10 P.M., and I chatted with a relative.  The local television channels 3 and 8 on the 11 P.M. news reported the President Bush had a successful fundraiser at the Hyatt Hotel in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.  He talked about his days at Yale University www.yale.edu .  The local republican party raised $1.1 million dollars for President Bush's reelection effort http://www.georgewbush.com/ at the $2,000 a person fund raiser.  They served roast beef sandwiches.  I had breakfast of oatmeal, toast with strawberry jam, orange juice, vitamins, supplements, and coffee.  I chatted with the same relative again.  I cleaned up, and I went out to downtown Greenwich.  The Greenwich Avenue  area was blocked off for snow removal by the ever efficient department of public works.  I drove down Milbank Avenue, and I parked at the Wachovia Bank on Benedict Place.  There were several dozens of large dump trucks with snow plows and other snow removal equipment.  Greenwich Avenue by that time of 12:30 A.M. was mostly cleared of snow as well as the sidewalks and side streets, but there were still long rows of piles of snow in the middle of the side streets that had to be removed into trucks for disposal.  Coming back, it looked like they were dumping snow at the Holly Hill transfer station, and possibly at Grass Island as usual.  I walked the entire length of Greenwich Avenue including the train station area, and I sat out at various locations.  They are still at this time have quite a bit of piled up snow to remove off the downtown area, and they are also working on the side street areas.  They are also salting the roads.  I returned to my car, and since the train station area was blocked by the snow removal operations, I drove back up to Putnam Avenue, and I drove back by the Town Hall, and I drove down by the waterfront and the south side of the train station area.  I then drove through Bruce Park to see if there were any wolves or coyotes prowling around.  I just now returned home, and I drank some iced tea.  At the moment, it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind-chill of 1 degrees Fahrenheit http://www.weather.com/weather/local/06830 .  CIO   

Note: <888> 01/29/04  Thursday 4:50 P.M.:  I went out after the last message.  I went downtown, and I stopped by the Merry Go Round Mews thrift shop.  They have one of those India Elephant ceramics on display.  I then sat out briefly downtown.  I then drove down by the waterfront.  I next went by the Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop, and I bought a package of 24 Nantucket cocktail napkins with the Nantucket flag of a harpooned whale for .50 for the entire package.  I then made my usual 3 P.M. appointment.  I came back directly home, because with the impending Presidential visit of the President of the United States of America and whomever else he might bring with him, I suppose they will be increasing security in the area, and they will be shutting down major highways in the area to facilitate his transportation.  I suppose we should go to the top most security level.  I remember seeing a Presidential visit for Congressman Stewart McKinney's funeral in this area, and when all the Congress was there too, they closed off all of Interstate 95 from the airport to Southport, Connecticut.  Since all we know is what is in the Greenwich Time www.greenwichtime.com , I would imagine the other side of town and the adjacent airport will be a little bit busy.  It says the President will be arriving in Air Force One, but it will not be the blue 757, since we all know a 757 can not fit into such an airport.  Air Force One is the call sign for any plane or jet the President may chose to fly on, so if he chose to visit on the Wright Brother's biplane, it would be called Air Force One.  I am not an expert on the republican party here in town, and I suppose we will have a number other visiting dignitaries from other neighboring communities.  I use to show up and observe at such events in Manhattan many times in the old days, but since I have been up since 9 P.M. last night, and since I generally do not try to observe after being awake for more than 18 hours, I will not be present at the fundraiser, but I am sure I will have a few friends representing me at such an important event.  Since as a volunteer in an international community, I am somewhat aware of the international nature of this community, I would imagine a number of the curious are not politically involved, but well informed foreign residents, whom would probably like to get a glimpse of the Presidential entourage.  Basically from what I remember in the old days at the Waldorf Astoria, when one would see 5,000 White shirted gold shield senior New York police officers standing around the Hotel and its interior, New York City use to provide ample security.  Thus I would imagine Greenwich and the state of Connecticut being part of such a large metropolis will be amply prepared to receive the Presidential entourage.  Since there are more than likely other people in the area whom bare a faint resemblance to the President, more than likely when the Presidents show up, one will see how many people he has working with him, even when he is on the road.  We have a clear and cool sun shiny afternoon with a temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit, so more than likely it will be a colder weather group of people out observing. However, from the last time I viewed the interior of the Hyatt Hotel about three years ago, there were quite a few people from tropical locations working there in that although it is a business hotel, the Hyatt has a number of tropical resorts in their hotel chain.  I have never stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Greenwich, and the only Hyatt Hotel I ever stayed at was in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii http://maui.hyatt.com/property/index.jhtml the week after I saw former President Bush get the vice presidential nomination around August 1980, when Houston was hit by a hurricane.  Kennebunkport to Maui in a week was about as far as my independent campaign resources would take me, and when I got to Maui in August, I turned on the air conditioner full blast, and I did not leave the hotel for the week that I was there enjoying the ambience of the Hyatt hospitality.  The last VIP I remember seeing at the Hyatt was Margaret Thatcher when she visited after she was Prime Minister.  If I am not mistaken the Hyatt Hotel in Old Greenwich is half owned by a Japanese group, but that might have changed over the years.  Well, with all my local knowledge and computer expertise, unfortunately after 10 years of looking at computer monitors this time around, I am a bit cross eyed and near sighted, so if I tried observing, I would be like Mr. McGoo the cartoon character.  More than likely a few other people in this corporate computer environment are like myself, so I have a feeling that since this is a Bush family hometown, the President's people know their way around.  Well, I did eat a Nature's Valley granola bar a couple of hours before the soup.  I think I will now eat another one, and I will now also shut down the computer, and I will go to bed soon, since I am quite tired.  Have a good night, and I hope the visitors enjoy themselves.  I will put the Nantucket napkins on the Danish bar.  CIO

Note: <888> 01/29/04  Thursday 12:55 P.M.:  I burned two CDs of the Favorites' *.zip files for backup.  I heated and ate a 18.5 ounce can of Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder, which I ate with a glass of iced tea.  I will now shut down the computer, and I will relax briefly before getting ready to go out for my 3 P.M. appointment.  CIO 

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