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Course Objectives, Grading, & Supplies Needed • 2014/2015
Technology Education • High School North • Mr. Milnes •
Technical Drawing

introduces students to the professions of drafting. Students gain skills and knowledge in freehand sketching, lettering, and dimensioning. Students then apply their drafting skills in creating drawings in the engineering fields of Architectural (buildings and landscape, Aerospace (aircraft manufacturing, Electrical (electronics and electricity, Machine (manufacturing, Mechanical (heating, ventilation, AC, & sewer, Naval architecture (ship construction, and Structural (steel reinforcements, bridges. CAD drawing is performed on school computers using
SketchUp & AutoCad, and other software. Students stay up-to-date with current technology trends (ie: renewable energy) by using web-based online videos from the industry. Experts from the industry will also visit the classroom.

1. Acquire knowledge of basic principles of technical drawing, sketching, use of drafting equipment and mastery of CAD.
2. Learn about building construction practices/standards while applying these concepts to CAD projects.
3. Become proficient with time management, problem solving, organization methods, critical thinking and effective visual/oral communication regarding CAD operations.
4. Understand careers that require technical drawings, and the steps needed to obtain a job in that field.
Course consists of the following activities History, Drafting, Tools, Equipment, Principles of Design, Freehand & Technical Drawing, Blueprints, Measuring & Basic Drafting Math, Shapes & Angles, Pictorial Drawings, CAD, Careers and Applications, Green Alternatives & Renewable Energy, Plotter Printing, & Home Design. Course is not limited to listed topics as related technical drawing topics emerge and become available.

Technical Drawing is project driven with the bulk of the grades coming from assigned projects. Grades are entered into Power School
(viewable online for you) shortly after each project is completed. Students must follow classroom rules and practices. Technical Drawing class takes place in a computer lab. There are safety issues (and expensive equipment) in the class and inappropriate / disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students/parents will beheld accountable for any damages to equipment in class.

Projects — 75% Quizzes — 10%
Cleanup & Class Rules — 15%
Rules & Expectations
Be respectful to teacher, classmates & equipment. • Be safety conscious at all times. DO NOT SWEAR OR USE CURSE WORD (affects grade and detentions. NEVER enter classroom until Mr. Milnes (or substitute) is present. • Be on time for class — lates add up (3 lates = 1 detention. Only visit authorized websites Stay in seats until bell rings. Water are bottles are allowed in class, to be kept in bag or by sink — not allowed on tabletops. Use your headphones when drafting, but DO NOT stream music from Internet. Upper class students are expected to act as mentors. • If you learn something, help the person next to you, if needed.
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TECH DRAWING SUPPLIES NEEDED: 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 gig flash drive, inexpensive earbuds headphones, & basic sketchbook.

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