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  1. Mid-Atlantic District Statement of Purpose.

The purpose of the Mid-Atlantic District Nazarene Youth International (NYI) is to provide a ministry of support, coordination and guidance to the local youth ministries.  This includes ministries to motivate, equip and involve young people in and for discipleship, generosity, church growth, mission and leadership in the Kingdom of God.

  1. District Ministry Plan

    1. Membership

      1. The membership of Mid-Atlantic NYI comprises all local NYI groups and members of NYI within the Mid-Atlantic District.

    1. Ministry Focus

      1. The primary ministry focus of the district NYI is to Middle School and High School aged students, and may also include and or support college/university students, and young adults. A District NYI Council may modify the ministry focus as necessary, with the approval of the district superintendent and District Advisory Board.

      2. For the purposes of representation and programming, the District NYI Council establishes age divisions according to youth ministry needs on the district.

  1. Accountability

    1. The District NYI is accountable to its membership, the district superintendent, and the District Advisory Board.

    1. The District NYI Leadership reports annually to the District NYI Convention and the District Assembly.

    1. The Executive Council of the District NYI is responsible for providing accountability for all ministries and activities.

    1. All actions of the Executive Committee are communicated to the remaining members of the council and are subject to the approval of the entire council at its next meeting.

    1. Financial Accountability.

      1. For the purpose of financial accountability all District appointed and elected officers and ministry directors shall keep detailed business "standard" records. These records shall include an account of the following:

        1. Expenditures

        2. Income

        3. Receipts of expenditures and income

        4. Cash balance

        5. Source (e.g. church, personal)

        6. Form (e.g. cash, money order, check) of all income and expenditures.

    1. Accountability for the Safety of our Teens.

      1. Because of the nature of our times and the potential for child abusers to find an unobstructed avenue for involvement with teens via church ministry, we STONGLY recommend EVERY local church on the Mid-Atlantic district have a background check system in place for ALL volunteers who work with children and teens. If a church implements a new system, they should have ALL volunteers eighteen years of age or above submit to a background check. The Mid-Atlantic District has a designated background check organization which churches can also join if they so choose.

      2. Further, it is REQUIRED that ALL adult volunteers at district NYI teen events have a background check completed before they are allowed to participate. It is the responsibility of the event director to verify all adults have completed a current (within the last 5 years) background check for these specific events. Also, all adults who are on the NYI council and who are a part of event or ministry teams should have background check completed in the last five years. If a local church has already completed a background check for their adult in the last five years and does not need to use the district background check system, they can provide a MAD NYI “Verification of Background Check” form for each adult from their church. These forms are available from event directors, and can be downloaded from the MAD NYI website. A current master list will be maintained by the NYI Secretary of what adult volunteers on the district have a current background check. If an adult secures a background check through the district system, they are responsible for the cost.

      3. District event or ministry directors should also use time during volunteer orientations to speak concerning the do’s and don’ts of proving a safe and above-reproach environment that fosters the safety of our teens, along with how to identify and report potential abusive situations.

  1. Leadership

    1. Only NYI members who are members of the Church of the Nazarene on the Mid-Atlantic District may serve as District NYI Council members.  They should be active in youth ministry within the district, and be viewed as leaders in personal example and ministry.

    1. District NYI Council Responsibilities

      1. The District NYI Council defines the ministry focus of district NYI in response to district youth ministry needs and develops district ministries and assigns titles and responsibilities for district NYI ministry directors.

      2. The District NYI Council encourages and equips local churches across the district for effective youth ministry.

      3. The District NYI Council encourages local NYI ministries to develop the spiritual education of their youth through involvement in Sunday School Ministries and to develop the missional experience and call of their youth through involvement in Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

      4. The District NYI Council promotes field and global NYI ministries and programs to local NYI groups.

      5. The District NYI Council makes recommendations to the District NYI Convention concerning the ministry of NYI. The convention may revise these recommendations prior to adoption.

      6. The District NYI Council establishes and communicates the process for amending the district ministry plan.

    1. Executive Council

      1. The Executive Council of the district NYI consists of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer and may include additional at large members approved by the overall District NYI Council.

      2. District NYI officers must be members of a local Church of the Nazarene within the bounds of the district at the time of their election, be active in youth ministry within the district, and be viewed as leaders in personal example and ministry.

      3. District NYI officers serve without salary. Financing for the administrative expenses of district NYI officers is allocated as a part of the district NYI budget.

    1. Age Level Representatives

      1. Age level representatives from the 7th – 9th grade and 10th – 12th grade age groups are included on the council as an integral part of our overall district ministry.

    1. Ministry and Event Directors

      1. Ministry and event directors serve on the District NYI Council as an integral part of the overall ministry plan for the Mid-Atlantic District NYI.

    1. Elections and Appointments

      1. The District NYI president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and age level representatives are elected by the District NYI Convention to serve from the close of the convention until their successors are elected and assume their ministry roles. At the recommendation of the District NYI Nominating Committee and with the approval of the district superintendent, an officer may be elected for a two-year term.

      2. The District NYI Nominating Committee nominates the officers of the District NYI. The nominating committee is appointed by the District NYI Council and consists of executive council, age-level representatives, and ministry and event directors, plus at-large NYI members who are not a part of the council, and also includes the district superintendent. All nominees must be approved by the District NYI Council and district superintendent.

      3. Officers are then elected by ballot by majority vote at the annual NYI Convention.

      4. When there is only one nominee for a position, a “yes” or “no” ballot is used, with approval by two-thirds majority vote.

      5. If recommended by the nominating committee, the convention may vote to allow the District NYI Council to appoint the district NYI secretary and/or treasurer.

      6. Age-level reps may be elected by plurality vote.

      7. An incumbent officer may be reelected by a “yes” or “no” vote when such vote is recommended by the District NYI Council, with the approval of the district superintendent and approved by two-thirds majority vote of the District NYI Convention.

      8. A vacancy occurs when an officer moves his/her membership from the district, resigns, or is removed from office by two-thirds majority vote of the council due to neglect of duties or inappropriate conduct. Should a vacancy occur in the office of district NYI president, the vice-president shall assume the responsibilities of president until the next District NYI Convention. Should a vacancy occur among other officers, the District NYI Council shall fill the vacancy in consultation with the District Superintendent.

    1. Ministry and Events

      1. The ministries and events of the Mid-Atlantic District may include: Bible Quizzing, IMPACT, Teen Camp, Family Camp Youth Program, NYC, YES, District and Field Festival of Life, Quest, Team Day Youth Program, and Ministry Area Coordination.

      2. All elected and appointed ministry and event directors shall maintain a written job description that contains the following items, in addition to anything specific to his/her particular ministry to plan, implement, and administrate the ministry.

        1. Provide, in as much detail as possible, a written report to all District NYI Council meetings of all upcoming plans.

        2. Ministry plans are to be made in concert with others involved in district ministries and events.

        3. Abide by all mandated policies and procedures related to the handling of finances.

        4. Assure that details of the ministry or event are adequately communicated.

        5. Assure that background checks have been completed.

        6. Keep an accurate account of finances.

      3. These job descriptions will be kept by the District NYI Secretary.

    1. The responsibilities of the District NYI President include:

      1. Implementing the office as described in the most recent Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.

      2. Giving leadership and direction to District NYI, working in cooperation with NYI and district leadership.

      3. Chairing the District NYI Council to cast a vision for youth ministry on the district.

      4. Facilitating the development of youth ministry on the district and working with the District NYI Council to define the district NYI ministry focus according to needs.

      5. Presiding at the District NYI Convention.

      6. Encouraging the development of NYI ministry in each local church within the district.

      7. Representing the interests of NYI on all appropriate district boards and committees, unless otherwise delegated.

      8. Submitting an annual report to the District NYI Convention and District Assembly.

      9. Presenting an annual budget to the District Finance Committee (or appropriate district body) and to the District NYI Convention for approval.

      10. Serving as a delegate to the Global NYI Convention. Should the president be unable to attend, a representative elected by the District NYI Council and approved by district superintendent and district advisory board may provide alternate representation.

      11. Serving as a member of the Field NYI Council.

      12. Appointing the various Ministry Directors as needed for the District.

    1. The responsibilities of the vice president include:

      1. Cooperating with the president in every way possible to carry out effective youth ministry on the district.

      2. Performing the duties of the president in his/her absence.

      3. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the District NYI Council and Convention.

      4. In case of a vacancy in the office of District NYI president, fulfilling the functions of president until a successor is elected and installed.

    1. The responsibilities of the secretary include:

      1. Keeping a correct record of all the proceedings of the District NYI Council, the Executive Council, and the District NYI Convention, sending copies to all council members and to the District Superintendent at the District Office. The secretary shall also assist the District NYI President in preparation for the District NYI Convention at his/her discretion.

      2. Attending to all matters of correspondence for the district NYI. A duplicate copy of all official correspondence may be sent to the District Superintendent at the District Office.

      3. Notifying the global NYI Office and field NYI president of the names and addresses of the various district NYI officers and ministry directors as soon as possible after election.

      4. Assisting the District NYI President in the administration of District programs at the discretion of the NYI President.

      5. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the District NYI Council and Convention.

      6. Maintaining storage (electronic or paper) of documents necessary to archive, including job descriptions of event and ministry directors.

    1. The responsibilities of the treasurer include:

      1. Disbursing, receiving, and keeping record of District NYI funds.

      2. Compiling an annual financial report of all moneys raised and disbursed to submit to the annual District NYI Convention.

      3. Working with the executive officers to create an annual budget to present to the appropriate bodies.

    1. Area NYI

      1. Area Directors: As needed, the council may form zones to encourage local churches to connect with each other and plan events. The council may identify a leader for each of these areas to act as liaison between the District NYI Council and their zone. This person would help plan and promote events, and serve as a resource person to the local programs in that zone.

    1. Meetings

      1. District NYI Meetings

        1. A variety of District NYI gatherings help provide effective ministry to middle and high school students.

        2. The district NYI also encourages and enhances local NYI ministry by meeting with local NYI groups across the district to provide resources for effective ministry.

        3. The district NYI participates in field and global NYI gatherings that further enhance effective youth ministry across the district.

      2. District NYI Council Meetings

        1. Times & Organization of Meetings

          1. The newly elected District NYI Council shall meet immediately upon adjournment of the convention to effect the basic organization and appoint District leaders. The Council will have between two and four meetings throughout the year at regular intervals, as determined by the District NYI President.

          2. Whenever possible, a council meeting day will also be an opportunity to gather all youth ministry leaders from across the district and conduct a cohort for the discussion of general youth ministry issues and receive input on the MAD District ministry.

        2. Implementation

          1. Actions adopted by the District NYI Council shall be implemented by the respective District officers. Overall District actions should be implemented by the District NYI President.

        3. Calendar

          1. The District NYI Calendar shall be set, insofar as possible, twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months in advance of the first council meeting in a calendar year. These dates should be set with the approval of the District Superintendent to avoid calendar conflicts with the District.

      3. District NYI Convention

        1. The annual District NYI Convention provides for inspirational sessions and programs to advance youth ministry across the district. Reports are received, leadership is elected, and any legislative business pertaining to the work of NYI is transacted at the Convention. Delegates to the Global NYI Convention are also elected in accordance to the NYI Global Ministry Plan.

        2. The District NYI Council arranges for and oversees the District NYI Convention, in cooperation with the district superintendent. The Convention convenes at a time and place designated by the District NYI Council, with the approval of the district superintendent and within ninety days of the District Assembly.

        3. The voting members of the District NYI Convention are composed of the members of the District NYI Council, the district superintendent, local pastors, other assigned ordained ministers of the district who participate in NYI ministry, and local NYI delegates.

        4. All local NYI delegates to the District NYI Convention must be members of the Church of the Nazarene that they represent.

        5. The number of local NYI delegates for each church is determined by the membership figures on the most recent local Pastor's Report prior to the District Assembly. District NYI leadership encourages local churches to make suitable arrangements for the expenses of delegates attending the District NYI Convention.

        6. The local NYI delegation to the District NYI Convention for churches with 30 or fewer NYI members consists of

          1. The pastor and youth pastor or any full-time paid pastoral staff who participate in NYI ministry;

          2. The newly-elected local NYI president;

          3. Up to four elected delegates, with at least half being within the district-established NYI ministry focus.

          4. Local churches may add an additional delegate for each successive 30 local NYI members and/or minimal major part of those 30 members (i.e., 16-29 members). At least half of any additional delegates must be also within the district-established NYI ministry focus.

          5. The pastor of any local church or director of an approved Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Center not having an organized NYI may appoint one delegate.

          6. The Chart below sets out the number of delegates allotted per church.

Number of NYI     Number of     Number of NYI    Number of

Members    Delegates*    Members    Delegates*

5-45    4    136-165 8

6-75     5    166-195    9

76-105    6    196-225    10

106-135    7    226-255    11
* Number of elected delegates from a local NYI does not include ex officio delegates (NYI president, pastor, youth pastor, District NYI Council members from a local church, etc.)

  1. Ministries

    1. Statements of Purpose for District Programs

      1. Bible Quizzing

The purpose of Bible Quizzing is to foster an appreciation for God's Word through a social, academic, and spiritual program of team competition and personal study.

      1. Festival of Life

The purpose of Festival of Life is to aid and encourage our District NYI members to discover and develop their God-given talents through participation, fellowship, and ministry opportunities, and to introduce them to Eastern Nazarene College.

      1. Teen Camp

The purpose of our summer teen camp is to set aside time that is different from the normal rhythms of life, in order to foster the spiritual growth of the teens of our district. At camp teens are introduced to Christ, encouraged to listen for God's voice as He guides them, given tools by which to grow in their relationship with Christ, and discover and experience the centrality of relationships in the Body of Christ (other brothers and sisters in Christ) in their spiritual growth. We also strive to empower and equip local church NYI leaders to continue this spiritual growth training once the teens leave camp.

      1. IMPACT

The purpose of IMPACT shall be to present our District youth with unique opportunities to collectively and individually minister for our Lord Jesus Christ through such things as music, drama, puppetry, manual labor, visitation, and personal soul witnessing. It will be our endeavor to provide training for team members to develop God-given abilities, and opportunities to use these gifts in Christian service.

      1. Nazarene Youth Conference

The purpose of Nazarene Youth Conference is to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for teens to deepen their relationship with God and to provide an environment in which they may perceive a call for Christian ministry.

      1. Family Camp Youth Program

The purpose of the Family Camp Youth Program is to provide a full program of spiritual and social activities for the teenagers who attend the annual Mid-Atlantic District Family Camp.

      1. YES

The purpose of YES is to provide an opportunity for teens to take part in an event where they can explore a call to ministry via encouragement and workshops with leaders in various ministry areas from across the district and beyond.

      1. The Quest

The purpose of The Quest is to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and out-of-the-box thinking in the youth of the Eastern Field to enable them to effectively lead the church in the 21st century.

      1. Team Day Youth Program

The purpose of the teen portion of Team Day is to provide a workshops, worship services, and service projects in an effort to inspire teens in ministry and leadership.

      1. Ministry Area Coordinator

The purpose of Ministry Areas is to encourage interaction and activities between local churches in targeted areas. A person may be appointed as a member of the council to communicate with and resource the leaders of these ministry areas.

  1. Finance

    1. Finance/Budget Committee

      1. The Executive NYI Council shall serve as the finance/budget committee. This committee will include the District Superintendent. This committee's report shall include proposed District NYI expenditures and a plan of raising funds sufficient to balance the budget.

    1. Budget Line Items

      1. All budget lines with a negative balance at the end of the fiscal year will be zero-balanced, using the Contingency fund or other available funds, as deemed most appropriate by the NYI council. If a ministry or event’s budget line has a positive balance, that budget line will carry the balance over to the following fiscal year. The council may elect to handle balances differently.

      2. Payment of registrations and/or admissions for District Events will be accepted in the form of:

        1. Checks written on the local church account

        2. Checks written on the local NYI account

        3. Money orders

        4. Online registration via credit card (if available)

        5. Personal checks (if above methods not available)

    2. Authorization for Signing Checks

      1. The District NYI Treasurer and the District Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks and make savings account withdrawals with only one signature necessary.

    1. Check Cashing Deadline

      1. Checks must be cashed within six months from date written.

    1. Savings Account Interest

      1. Interest from the savings account shall be added to the contingency account.

    1. District NYI Council Travel Expense

      1. District NYI Council members are to be reimbursed for travel expenses on District NYI business at half of the rate the IRS has designated per mile, plus tolls, meals, and over-night accommodations, upon approval of the District NYI President.

    1. Field & General Meeting Expenses

      1. The District NYI shall be responsible for the following Field and General meeting expenses and others as necessary:

        1. Delegates attending the General NYI Convention.

        2. The District NYI President (or Vice-President, in the event that the President cannot attend) attending the annual District Leadership Conference.

        3. The District Festival of Life Director(s) attending the annual Field NYI Council meeting.

        4. The District Nazarene Youth Congress Director attending the District Leadership Conference at which NYC details are being planned.

    1. Publicity

      1. Publicity and Communication Costs.

        1. All activities that are self-supporting shall include all publicity and communication costs in their budget.

    1. District NYI Credit Card

      1. The following policies are to govern the use of the District NYI credit card:

        1. The District NYI President shall procure a credit card only to be used for purchases included within the approved NYI budget. The primary purpose is to eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash or traveler's checks to such events as Nazarene Youth Congress.

        2. The District NYI Treasurer shall provide copies of the monthly credit card statement in his/her regular Treasurer's report to the District NYI Council at its regularly scheduled meetings and shall provide whatever analysis and explanation of the statement as may be required.

        3. The credit card balance shall be paid off monthly. The credit card shall not be used to assist with purchases because of a low cash-flow.

  1. Revisions

    1. Provision

      1. This district ministry plan provides a standard format for the organization, function, and leadership of NYI at the district level. The District NYI Council may adapt and revise the plan in response to youth ministry needs on the district, consistent with the Nazarene Youth International Charter and the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.

      2. The District NYI Council, Secretary, and Ministry Plans Committee may correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation herein without the need for Convention-level approval.

      3. Any area not covered by this ministry plan is under the authority of the District NYI Council.

    1. Process

      1. Review of Policies

        1. The Executive NYI Council shall review all previously adopted policies and plans and shall bring recommendations to the District Council. Changes to the Charter require a majority vote of council members attending a District NYI Council meeting.

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