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Ganja city April 12, 2007

The XIV conference of Ganja Agrobusiness Association (GABA) on the finals of 2006 took place on April 12, 2007 in Ganja city. In generally 150 people participated in the event, including 11 members of GABA’s Board of Directors, 94 enterpreneurs engaged in agricultural production, processing and trade, 18 representatives of International Organizations operating in Azerbaijan, 13 representatives of Goverenment, 14 representatives of local NGOs and mass-media representatives.

At the event annual activity report of GABA was given by Executive Director and control revision commission gave financial activity report. At the same time organizational issues were discussed in the event.
Lankaran State University’s professor Farman Guliyev, Azerbaijan Agriculture Academy’s pro-rector Ramiz Guliyev, Eco-renascence Organization’s leader Irshad Abbasov, Soil Owners Public Association’s chairman Rza Hajiyev, regional representative of Helsinky Society Assambley Aslan Valiyev, farmer from Samukh Mammad Alekperov, Credit Union’s member Gulmira Ibragimova “Abil” farmer association’s leader Zahid Asgerov gave speech about activities and problems of GABA in 2006.

Both reports were approved by voting.

6 new documents were discussed to improve and adapt GABA’s management system to International standarts. These are the regulations on membership rules, regulation on Board of Directors, Internal Administartive rules, Internal Financial Prosedures, Policy on Resource Center and policy on Volunteers.

Documents were approved after discussions.

Board of Directors consisting of 11 people and Inspection Comission consisting of 3 people were chosen.
At the end, the decision of the XIV Conference were made by voting. As the closing the activities of 2006 evaluated positively and priority directions for 2007 were defined. These are the issues on enlargement of Organic Agriculture Movement, improvement of press bodies activity, enlargement of extension service, development of demonstration fields and creation of South Branch of GABA in Lankaran.
For more information contact person:
Sevinj Mammadova

Public Relations Department Manager

19 Javad Khan Street

Ganja, Azerbaijan

Tel (99422) 56 01 78

Fax (99422) 56 94 00

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