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Middle Passage Research Name _________________

Class color_________________
Assignment: Look at several websites about the Atlantic Ocean slave trade and the Middle Passage. Follow these directions carefully.
 Go http://old.antislavery.org/breakingthesilence/
Questioning your sources:

UNESCO is one of the organizations responsible for this website. What does the acronym stand for?

Do you think the UNESCO site will offer reliable information? Why or why not?

 Move the curser over the icons at the top of the breaking the silence page to find the themes of the website. The nine themes are:

1. Africa before the Trans- 4. 7.

Atlantic Slave Trade

2. 5. 8.
3. 6. 9.
Click on the icon for information about the Middle Passage. Read the introductory paragraph.
How does this site define the Middle Passage?

How many Africans lost their lives on the Middle Passage? about___________________

 From reading the paragraph, you learned that the kidnapped Africans were imprisoned in

forts along the coast before they were loaded onto the slave ships. From the side panel, click

on Holding Forts on the Coast. You will be looking at the forts or castles where enslaved

Africans were held until they boarded the ships to take the Middle Passage. Look at the

Goree Island link. As you look at the photographs, read the captions to the left. Write five

things you learned about this holding fort.

 Return to the Middle Passage theme page. Along the side panel, click on Slave Ships and find the link, Slave Ships-an Overview. Read the three paragraphs. Using the statistics from the first paragraph, calculate the profit a 17th century slave trader might make if he bought 600 slaves on the West Coast of Africa and sold them in the Americas. $____________ If half of the enslaved Africans died during the Atlantic crossing, would he still make a profit? ____. If yes, how much?_______

 Click on the PRIMARY SOURCE link at the top of the page. Choose two of the primary source accounts to read. Identify the writer and record the document’s date.




(cook? Sailor?)






 Visit the website: http://hitchcock.itc.virginia.edu/Slavery/

Click on Explore the collection. Scroll down to the collection called Slave Ships and the Atlantic Crossing (Middle Passage). Look at no fewer than ten of the images. Put a check in the box after you have looked at a minimum of ten images.
 Look at a map that shows you where the kidnapped slaves were taken at http://www.uwec.edu/geography/Ivogeler/w111/slaves.htm . To estimate how many Africans went to Brazil, you look at the width of the arrow and then look at the key.
What dates does this map cover?________________________
Did more slaves arrive in the Caribbean (all colonies in the Caribbean) or Brazil? ____________
Did more slaves arrive in Brazil or in British North America? ________________________
Did any Africans get kidnapped from West Africa? ________________
Scroll down and read the text to fill in the blanks:
During the era of this map, a total of ______________________slaves were transferred. From the start of the trade in 1601 to the end in 1870, African elites and European investors and traders moved _______________________ slaves to the Western Hemisphere (New World).
Did the information in this map, specifically about the number of lives lost during the Middle Passage, differ from any statistics you learned earlier in your research? ____________________________________________________________________________

Now that you have finished answering these questions, turn this assignment sheet into the homework tray. Make sure your name is on it.


Download 15.49 Kb.

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