Minimum conception of Morality What is Morality?

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Minimum conception of Morality
What is Morality?

Morality is goals, values, what you are working for (Conception).

Premise – a belief, idea, to justify a conclusion
Moral reasoning- not merely feeling
To go for an interest of your own
Baby Theresa’s organs couldn’t be taken for a transplant due to Florida law which doesn’t allow the removal of organs until the donor is dead. However, nine days later after her death Theresa organs are deteriorated too much that they were no longer able to be donated. In my opinion, if Theresa was going to die anyway and there could have been nothing done to save the newborn her organs should have been donated to save another life if possible.
Deontology comes from the Greek work deon which means duty, obligation to do. Cultural Relativism is a theory about the nature of morality. At the heart of this there is a certain form of argument in beliefs whether right or wrong. Can’t claim other societies as morally inferior to our own would be ignorant and not rational just because they are ‘different’. Progress means replacing a way of doing things with a better way. Should never violate someone’s rights even if it ends up good for you. Morality is about motives not consequences. Good will means active from duty
ECS 2 academic honesty

  • Teachers have a stronger obligation to perform conscientiously than if their $ came elsewhere because students are paying the teachers their earnings so it is in their best knowledge to teach the students the same I don’t see it as a implied breach of a contract.

EMP 10 on Kant continued

Cultural Relativism suggests a simple test for determining what is right and what is wrong. (Consulting the standards of our society) Although we can think of many sorts of ways that our societies code can be improved cultural relativism not only forbids us from criticizing the codes of other societies it stops us from critizing our own. After all, if right and wrong are relative to culture what is true for us is the same as much for other cultures. If a society is not living up to his own ideals, the reformer may be regarded as acting for the best while the ideals of the society are the standard by which the proposals (we) judge as worthwhile. By definition no one can challenge the ideals themselves because by definition they are correct but according to cultural relativism the idea of social reform makes sense only in this limited way. Although cultural relativism have led thinkers to reject it as wrong it makes sense to not allow practices like slavery when they occur however to think our society has made moral progress while admitting that it is still imperfect and in need of reform because cultural relativism implies these judgements make no sense, the argument goes it cannot be right.
9/2 ECS 2.2

  1. Help becomes cheating or getting credit for someone else’s work when another person does the whole assignment for you or you pay them to accomplish a task for you.

  2. There is no problem with relying heavily on someone else to do your work if you are learning a lot at the same time because it teaches you how to be self-sufficient as well as opens your mind to a new way of thinking.

  3. The outside tutoring that David received is fair to other students in the class because he paid for the tutoring and there is no problem to seek outside help. Other students have the opportunity as him whether to seek help from the teacher or get outside sources. If David had gotten extra help from the professor, it is still fair because all students could do the same as David had done.

  4. My reactions to this case would not be different if Maria had been David’s girlfriend rather than a paid tutor because at the end of the day help is help. Him being his girlfriend and a good tutor in my opinion has no conflicts of interest.

9/9 ECS case 2.4, ECS 3 Tolerance of Diversity

  1. I think that paying someone else for class notes encourages students to skip class rather than learning how to take good notes because students have an idea how to take good notes from TakeNote in which experienced notetakers are taking their notes for them. However, they may not see the need to attend class if they are receiving top class notes then there would be no point in attending the lecture if they have the best information/content already.

  2. Yes, TakeNote customers have an unfair advantage over students who can’t or won’t pay for the service because they have experienced, and professional notetakers taking the most vital important information with no flaws while students who don’t use the service have to just write what they think is vital to retain.

  3. No, I don’t see TakeNote being considered a form of cheating I see it as a form of extra help to making sure that students succeed in their classes.

  4. The implications of Cornell University’s implicit sanctioning of TakeNote is that professors can refuse to allow TakeNote in their classes but there is considerable pressure from students to allow the service. TakeNote customers should have legal redress against note-takers who supply them with wrong or misleading information or omit information because if customers are paying for a service to have the best, most quality information there should be no flaw whatsoever especially in the field of education.

  5. There wouldn’t be any problem with class notes if they were given out by the professor to all students. Having all the information from resources such as the Web, notes, and outlines still there is a reason for students to attend class because all the extra hints, and information that is included in class lectures you won’t receive or pickup on over the web.


  1. Names hurt when your culture/ way of living is being ostracized over something you have no control over such as skin color.

  2. Hate speech excludes because you are being singled out on due to race, religion, or beliefs and the insults are centered at you and your fellow kind.

  3. The issues of free speech that are raised by regulations prohibiting hate speech is that people due to their rights can say whatever they want, when they want however at the expense of someone else’s rights, or feelings to try and take away their universal right that all humans have. Hate speech does act to deny a voice to those it targets because it belittles others and deems them as less “human”.

  4. “US versus THEM” assumptions can be avoided in classroom discussions by not bringing up those type of topics is taking on the conversation from a broader sense more of like a third person narrative. These types of conversations should not always be avoided because it is appropriate to bring issues and obstacles that face society and our peers today.

  5. There are positive steps that Pinecrest could take to promote racial understanding and to diminish hate speech that don’ involve bans against certain forms of speech by hosting community events that can unite and bring people together that discusses acceptance of all races and backgrounds as well as bringing up our history and why certain things cannot be accepted in today’s current day society.

  6. The purposes that these areas of study serve is to raise awareness and show the struggles, and rights that these indigenous groups have and what they had to go through in their past. These courses help to create a more inclusive community because they help to open your eyes to many cultures, ways of life that are no different from yours.

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