Missouri-Rolla, October 20, 2002

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F.O.G.H.A.T. 2002: Less Chat, More Hat

Missouri-Rolla, October 20, 2002

Packet #4

Questions by Jeremy White and Ben Lea (B 14)
1. He broke up Dave Winfield’s no-hitter in the Celebrities and Legends softball game during the 2002 Major League All Star Break. His name intersected with baseball on ESPN two days later when Barry Bonds beat him out for the Best Moment ESPY, a nomination he received for winning the 2001 Pepsi 400. For ten points, name this man whose Pepsi 400 win was significant since it was the first NASCAR Winston Cup race at Daytona after his seven-time series champion father was killed in the 2001 Daytona 500.
Dale _Earnhardt Jr._

2. Crime kingpin Fat Cat and chief henchman Sewer Al were the near constant nemesis of the title group, which included a messenger named Zipper, an adventurer named Monterey Jack and the genius mechanic Gadget who could make virtually anything out of recycled human trash. For ten points, name this early 90s animated series that made crime fighters of a Disney rodent duo.

_Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers_

3. Important events for this company in 2001 included Douglas Conant taking over for Dale Morrison as President, adding its name to the stadium for the Camden Riversharks and the introduction of Supper Bakes meal products. Its Pepperidge Farms and Prego divisions were also busy introducing new products. For ten points, name this company still most associated with red and white soup cans.

4. This film tells the story of how performance artist Dale Putley and successful lawyer Jack Lawrence team up in an attempt to track down young Scott, who is currently following the band Sugar Ray around the country. Both Putley and Lawrence are on the road because both have been told by Collette, played by Natassia Kinski, that they are Scott’s father. For ten points, name this Ivan Reitman directed comedy that teamed up Billy Crystal and Robin Williams.

_Father’s Day_
5. Upon its release in 1968, it was labeled by New Left Review as a “lamentable petty bourgeois cry of fear” and decried in an open letter by John Hoyland as “no more revolutionary than ‘Mrs. Dale’s Diary’.” It was represented in the video for “Free as a Bird” by the image of workmen toting a portrait of Mao Tse Tung across a street. For ten points, name this song that appeared both as the hard rocking flip side of “Hey Jude” and as a laidback track on The White Album in which John Lennon tells those who talk about destruction that they can count him out.

6. At age 10, she appeared in The Stepford Wives and spoke the immortal line, “Daddy, I just saw a man carrying a naked lady” to a character played by her real father. Her more recent small screen work includes playing the title roles in both the TV movie Lily Dale and the series Kate Brasher. For ten points, name this actress whose film roles include playing Igdie in Fried Green Tomatoes and the female title character in Benny and Joon.

Mary Stuart _Masterson_

7. Saxophonist Dick Dale, vocalist Jim Roberts, violinist Bob Lido, pianist and bass vocalist Larry Hooper and accordian maestro Myron Floren were among the original 1955 regulars on ABC who made it all the way to the final new syndicated episode in 1982. For ten points, name this variety show that presented the lovely Lennon sisters and other champagne music.

The _Lawrence Welk_ Show; Accept _Dodge Dancing Party_ until the word “syndicated”. Worry about them, but accept it.

8. Dale Winton’s successful attempt to do this was chronicled in a BBC TV special that aired on March 8th. Some people have only been able to do this by consuming bupropion hypochloride, which Glaxo Wellcome markets as Zyban. UCLA professor Dr. Jed Rose invented an oral spray called Citrol that is meant to help people do this just like Rose’s earlier invention now known as “the patch.” For ten points, name this action that is the behavior promoted by those annoying public service announcements credited to “The Truth.”

_quit smoking_ or equivalents

9. His most recent album of new material showed a growing country influence evidenced by his use of Jimmie Dale Gilmore backing vocals and a duet with Steve Earle called “Our Lady of the Highways.” Confessions of St. Ace also included “I’m Wrong About Everything,” which was earlier released on the High Fidelity soundtrack. He bristles to frequent comparisons to Elvis Costello, but started them them by hiring the Attractions rhythm section to play on his Here Comes the Groom album. For ten points, name this alternative singer born Wesley Stace who took his stage name from a Bob Dylan album title.

John Wesley _Harding_

10. In a June 2001 Sporting News interview, Dale Brown said this man “epitomizes everything good in basketball.” The comment was based on personal experience since he was one of Brown’s assistant coaches from 1972 to 1976 before taking the head coach job at Bethel College, an NAIA school in his wife Janet’s hometown of Mishawaka, Indiana. In April of 2002, he resigned after 13 seasons coaching a different Indiana college. For ten points, name this man whose name leapt into the national sports consciousness when he coached son Bryce and teammates to a 1998 Sweet 16 appearance for Valparaiso.

Homer _Drew_

11. In 1971, she protested studio tampering by having her screenwriting debut on Otto Preminger’s film Such Good Friends credited to they pseudonym Esther Dale and for similar reasons she even tried to remove her name from her directorial debut, A New Leaf. Since then, she has directed three more films under her own name, but probably wishes she had used a pseudonym for 1987’s Ishtar. For ten points, name this comedienne, filmmaker and screenwriter whose most recent scripts have been adaptations of The Bird Cage and Primary Colors for her former improv partner Mike Nichols.

Elaine _May_

12. This literary trilogy inspired a 2000 computer game release from Black Isle Studios that was followed by the expansion set called Heart of Winter and a 2002 sequel. In the first book of this trilogy, Akar Kessel discovers the malevolent Crenshinibon also known as the Crystal Shard and the story is carried forward in the final two books, Streams of Silver and The Halfling’s Gem. For ten points, name this Forgotten Realms trilogy written by R. A. Salvatore that introduced the popular character and renegade drow Drizz’t Do’urden.

_Icewind Dale_

13. “Bunny” Drysdale in Timecode, Cliff Vandercave in The Flintstones, Vernon in One Night Stand, Claudius in the 2000 Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet and Ray Manzarek in The Doors are among his feature film roles. He was seen opposite Christina Ricci in Miranda, a 2002 Sundance contender, but was seen in Charlotte, not Miranda, while playing Trey on Sex and the City. For ten points, name this actor who played Special Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks.

Kyle _MacLachlan_

14. Following the breakup of this band in 1986, bassist Patrick O’Hearn became a titan of New Age music, guitarist Warren Cuccorullo joined Duran Duran in 1989 and vocalist Dale Bozzio took her pink hair and plexiglas bra to Paisley Park to record a solo album, Riot in English. All three of this band’s biggest hits were featured on their debut album Spring Session M, which is an anagram of their name. For ten points name this New Wave band who had early MTV era hits with “Walking in L.A.”, “Destination Unknown” and “Words.”

_Missing Persons_

15. Carl Furillo flied out to left for the first out of the ninth, Roy Campanella hit a grounder to second and then home plate umpire Babe Pinelli called strike three when Dale Mitchell checked a swing at this man’s 97th pitch on October 8, 1956. Yogi Berra then promptly ran towards the mound and leapt into this battery mate’s arms. For ten points, name this journeyman pitcher who hurled his way into baseball immortality by pitching a perfect game for the Yankees in the 1956 World Series.

Don _Larsen_

16. The cultural history of these items was explored in 2000 by Dale Hope’s 228-page, 700-image coffee table book. The book demonstrated the items to have had a diverse fan base that included Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman despite Homer Simpson’s assertion that these are worn only by gay guys and big fat party animals. Hope’s expertise on the subject is unquestionable due to his experience as the creative director for Kahala Sportswear. For ten points, name this colorful piece of apparel once closely associated with “Weird Al” Yankovic and which Hope claims represents “The Spirit of the Islands.”

_Hawaiian Shirt_ or _Aloha Shirt_

17. In this series, Kurt Fuller played master researcher Dr. Dale Easter who scanned old newspaper articles looking for “ripples” requiring investigation. The setting was the year 2007, or at least would initially be 2007 until T.E.C. officer Jack Logan used some kind of sled on rails to effect a temporal displacement and try to stop various malfeasants from changing the outcome of Christopher Columbus’ voyage or World War II. For ten points, name this short-lived ABC sci-fi series that shared its name and premise with a 1994 Jean Claude Van Damme movie.


18. Flea and Anthony Kiedis appearing as Dale and Will, two crazed vigilantes in a large pick up, provides some of this cinematic bomb’s few enjoyable moments. The plot as such begins when Jack Hammond, who has been wrongfully convicted of bank robbery, decides to kidnap rich girl Natalie Voss with a candy bar. For ten points, name this ludicrous Adam Rifkin film that starred Kristy Swanson and Charlie Sheen as the occupants of the lead car in the title event.

_The Chase_

19. The verses of this song were written in 1961 by three members of the Chateaus: Dale Frasheur, Gary DeCarlo and Paul Leka. Eight years later, DeCarlo needed a throwaway B-side to a new single so the trio reunited to record it and on the spot added a chorus consisting of a repeated nonsense syllable. The record company liked it so much it became a single on its own, but under a fictional group name since DeCarlo refused to claim it. Over time, it became a perennial stadium favorite beginning with its adoption as an anthem of sorts by the 1977 Chicago White Sox. For ten points, name this 1969 million-selling single attributed to Steam.

_Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye_

20. This team’s front office was busy on March 13th, 2002. On that day, they waived guard Tom Ackerman and made Darryl Terrel a free agent by withdrawing their offer to the tackle. Meanwhile, General Manager Mickey Loomis and his staff were busy acquiring two Vikings via free agency, specifically cornerback Dale Carter and wide receiver Jake Reed. For ten points, name this NFL squad coached by Jim Haslett that is counting on 2001 first round pick Deuce McAllister to pick up the rushing yardage void created by the departure of Ricky Williams.

_New Orleans_ or _Saints_

21. In 1976, he released his last album for United Artists, a double live album called Solo, which included covers of Dale Evans’ “Happy Trails” and Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” along with new versions of his own compositions like “Til Tomorrow”, “Dreidel” and “Vincent.” For ten points, name this singer better known for the title track to his album American Pie.

Don _McLean_
FOGHAT 2002: Packet 4
1. Given a fact about them revealed in 2002, name the character from Fox’s animated series King of the Hill for ten points each.
a. His father is a champion panty applicator on the gay rodeo circuit.
_Dale_ Gribble
b. Was named the 48th best cartoon character of all time according to TV Guide.
_Bobby_ Hill
c. He thought he was overweight and bald was to his involuntary role in an Army medical experiment, but it turned out he was only given a placebo.
_Bill_ Dautreve_

2. Given an NBA franchise, name their all-time career leader in rebounds for ten points each.

[Moderator’s note: Pronounce the slashes between city or team names below, i.e. read “St. Louis slash Atlanta…”.]
a. St. Louis / Atlanta Hawks
Bob _Pettit_
b. Indiana Pacers
Dale _Davis_
c. Baltimore / Capital / Washington Bullets / Wizards
Wes _Unseld_

3. For ten points each, name these singles that received nominations for the 2001 Country Music Award Single of the Year.

a. The winner of the 2001 Single of the Year award was this track from the O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack.
_Man of Constant Sorrow_
b. Diamond Rio were nominated for Single of the Year but went away empty handed for their recording of this what Steven Dale Jones and Randy Tomberlin composition?
_One More Day_
c. Sara Evans was nominated for single of the year for her recording of what song?
_Born to Fly_

4. Name the actor from his roles in various films on a 30-20-10-5-1 basis.

30. A kindly blind man in Young Frankenstein.
20. Director Lowell Korshack in Postcards from the Edge.
10. Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers.
5. Popeye Doyle in The French Connection and The French Connection II.
1. He appeared as himself, Gene Hackman, in the Italian documentary about Formula One racing marketed in the US as Speed Fever.

Gene _Hackman_

5. While UPS spends their ad budget talking about “brown” and hiring one of Ben Lea’s relatives to convince Dale Jarret to race a delivery truck, their top competitor FedEx cooked up a memorable campaign in which The Daily Show correspondent Steve Carell relates urban legend type stories about FedEx related business successes. Answer these questions about that campaign for the stated number of points.

a. For ten points, name the character actor who plays the easily distracted young man who listens to Carell’s stories.
Joe _Narcisco_
b. For ten, Carell’s appearance in the spots is ironic since he mocks television commercials in what recurring segment on The Daily Show.
_Ad Nauseum_
c. For five, one of the business success stories involves an office worker who saves the day with FedEx after everyone else on the company’s staff gets food poisoning from eating what dessert?
_bundt cake_ Prompt on “cake”
d. For a final five points, when Narcisco asks Carell if people bowl in Italy, Carell tersely replies that Italy is the home of what?
_bocce_ ball

6. Identify these men who hold lofty places on the NHL’s career leader board for penalty minutes for ten points each.

a. The all-time penalty minute leader is this forward who before retiring in 1989, earned a career total of 3966 during a career that featured long stints in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles.
Dave “Tiger” _Williams_
b. Ranked third all-time behind Williams and Dale Hunter with 3381 penalty minutes is this long-time enforcer who was tried for assault in 2000 for a vicious sticking of Vancouver’s Donald Brashear.
Marty _McSorley_
c. Going into the 2002-2003 season with 3300 penalty minutes, this Chicago Blackhawk is the career leader in penalty minutes among active players.
Bob _Probert_

7. Identify these non-Love Boat series that utilized the acting talents of Bernie Koppel for ten points each.

a. Koppel played nefarious KAOS agent Conrad Siegfried in what series from 1966-69.
_Get Smart_
b. Koppel played Jerry, the neighbor of Ann Marie played by Marlo Thomas in what groundbreaking 60s sitcom?
_That Girl_
c. Koppel played Alan-a-Dale in what Mel Brooks produced series that spoofed Robin Hood?
_When Things Were Rotten_

8. One of the more memorable sequences in National Lampoon’s Vacation is the Griswold clan’s visit to their Kansas cousins. Name these thespians who played the cousins for the stated number of points.

a. For five, this character actor plays the father, Cousin Eddie, who while grilling lunch comments that he does not know why they call it Hamburger Helper when it tastes just fine by itself.
Randy _Quaid_
b. For ten, long before moving on to a role in the cast of Ally McBeal, she played Cousin Vicki who brags of her French kissing ability, “Daddy says I’m the best at it.”
Jane _Krakowski_
c. For fifteen, this actor played the very first would-be customer on Cheers but was turned away for having a fake ID. In Vacation, he played Cousin Dale, who tells Rusty that his dad’s asteroids keep him from sitting on the toilet.
John P. _Navin_ Jr.

9. Answer these questions about a writer of military fiction for ten points each.

a. Name the former Air Force captain who is the author of books like Day of the Cheetah, Night of the Hawk, The Tin Man and Warrior Class.
Dale _Brown_
b. Name Brown’s Jack Ryan equivalent, an aerial combat expert who has shown up in every novel and is now up to general.
Patrick _McLanahan_
c. McLanahan was introduced in this 1987 novel in which he leads a crew of engineers on a mission to destroy a Russian laser site.
_Flight of the Old Dog_

10. Name these record labels important in the world of electronica dance music for ten points each.

a. It claims to have been America’s first record label for electronica. It is the US home to releases from the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim as well as non-electronica acts like The Beta Band and Beth Orton.
b. This mega-label founded by Richard Branson in 1973 is a force in electronica as it is in virtually everything else. Its key artists in the genre include Daft Punk.
c. This English label is home to more obscure techno artists like F.O.N.K., DJ Assassin, Access 58 and its founder DJ Colin Dale.
_Abstrakt Dance_

11. Sure, you know the Cigarette Smoking Man also known as Cancer Man from The X-Files, but this question will test your knowledge of the other “Men” of the X-Files.

a. This immaculately groomed member of the syndicate played by John Neville met his end in The X-Files movie.
_Well-Manicured_ Man
b. Apparently a Cancer Man goon, he assassinated Deep Throat but was killed himself by Sheriff Mazeroski in the episode “Red Museum.”
_Crew Cut_ Man
c. Played by New Zealander Alan Dale in the final season episodes “Providence” and “Provenance”, this shadowy FBI figure bore the features of an alien replacement and like the Cigarette Smoking Man, his character was named for an object usually found in his mouth.
_Toothpick_ Man

12. Name these athletes who have been inductees into the State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame from a description for ten points each.

a. To date, his 398 home runs has not been good enough for induction into Cooperstown, but this Portland native who was 2-time NL MVP for the Atlanta Braves found his way into the State of Oregon Hall.
Dale _Murphy_
b. In 1962, he paused on his way to becoming a mechanical engineer and lawyer to pass for 1,738 yards and kick 33 punts for the Oregon State Beavers on his way to being named SI Sportsman of the Year and becoming the first Heisman Trophy winner from the West Coast
Terry _Baker_
c. Subject of the Robert Towne film Without Limits, this Coos Bay, Oregon man became a legendary distance runner for the University of Oregon and seemed headed for glory in the 1976 Olympics until he was killed in an auto accident at age 24.
Steve _Prefontaine_

13. Although Creedence Clearwater Revival made their name in rock history by recording the compositions of John Fogerty, there’s no denying they were one fine cover band. Given a description, name the song covered by Creedence for ten points each.

a. Creedence’s first single was a cover of what Chess blues classic by Dale Hawkins that appeared as the third track on their debut album?
_Suzie Q_
b. On the album Willy and the Poorboys, Creedence limited their covers to the traditional song “The Midnight Special” and what Leadbelly tune?
_Cotton Fields_
c. Creedence turned what Motown classic into a 10-minute-plus epic as the penultimate track on Cosmo’s Factory?
_I Heard it Through the Grapevine_

14. As Ben’s teacher in evil, Mr. Murphy, is fond of saying, "There is no 'off' on the evil genius switch."  For the stated number of points, answer these evil questions about professional wrestling.

a)  For 15 points, Dave Sheldon played this guy in a number of different federations.  As a matter of fact, when he and Abdullah the Butcher lost the Texas Wrestling Federation's tag team titles, it was Steve Austin's first wrestling belt.

_Angel of Death_

b)  How does a professional wrestler become a strength and conditioning coach for the Florida Marlins?  Simple -- his dad becomes manager.  But, before the memory of the Dale Torborg-Antonio Alfonseca weight room incident fades from memory, for 5 points, name Torborg's character in WCW (or XWF).
The Kiss _Demon_

c)  For 10 points, long-time (we're talking of Ben's vintage here) nerd-bowlers will remember the immediate progenitors of the Kiss Demon; this WWF tag team featured Ax, Smash, Crush, and just about any other one-word name they could think of.


15. Given the names of the characters making up the First Family of the United States, name the film for fifteen points. If you need the actors who played the First Family, you’ll receive ten points.

a. 15 pts) President Dale, First Lady Marsha Dale and daughter Taffy

10 pts) Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close and Natalie Portman

_Mars Attacks!_
b. 15 pts) President James Marshall, First Lady Grace Marshall and daughter Alice

10 pts) Harrison Ford, Wendy Crewson and Liesel Matthews

_Air Force One_

16. Given a brief plot synopsis, name the film based on a Dale Launer screenplay for ten points each.

a. Biochemist Paul Matthews performs a scientific evaluation on an elixir from a gypsy and hilarity ensues.
_Love Potion Number 9_
b. Workaholic Walter Davis needs a date for a big business meeting and hilarity ensues after his brother sets him up with his wife’s cousin Nadia.
_Blind Date_
c. Hilarity ensues after cheesy confidence man Freddy Benson is exposed to a more intricate world of scamming after meeting suave European con man Lawrence Jamieson.
_Dirty Rotten Scoundrels_

17. Name the celebrity on a 30-20-10-5-1 basis.

30. She was born the youngest of 10 children to a poor farming family in 1934 in Dale, Indiana. She won a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for her singing talent.
20. Her solo album Fiorello/The Sound of Music was released in 1959, the same year her television career took off as a “Today Girl.” Four years later she became the first female guest host of The Tonight Show.
10. She hosted a TNN series called “Country Kitchen” where she utilized both her television experience and Wessonality.
5. She played Carol in The Brady Bunch.
1. In “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Amish Paradise” video, she portrayed an Amish woman who looked a lot like Florence Henderson.
Florence _Henderson_

18. For ten points each, name the three men in Major League Baseball history who have hit home runs in eight consecutive games. Hint: the feats were accomplished in 1956, 1987 and 1993.

Dale _Long_, Don _Mattingly_ and Ken _Griffey Jr._

19. Name these 50s teen pop idols given the name of their biggest chart hit for ten points each.

a. “Venus”
Frankie _Avalon_
b. “She’s Neat”
Dale _Wright_
c. “Tiger”

20. For ten points each, given the name of a cowboy related museum in the United States, give the city and the state where you will find the museum for five points each.

a. The National Cowboy Hall of Fame
City (5 pts) _Oklahoma City_

State (5 pts) _Oklahoma_

b. Roy Rogers – Dale Evans Museum
City (5 pts): Victorville

State (5 pts): California

c. John Wayne Museum and Birthplace
City (5 pts): _Winterset_

State (5 pts): _Iowa_

Foghat 2002: Packet #4, Page

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