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Drain the Ocean

1. Light can only penetrate ____________ feet below the surface of the ocean.

2. About how much of the seafloor has been explored?


3. The massive canyon in Monterey Bay is about _______ miles long and up to ___ mile deep.

4. What is an AUV?

5. Why does an AUV use sonar?

6. Sonar on ships is used to map _____________, __________ parts of the ocean.

7. What are ROV’s?

8. What is bioluminescence?

HAWAII, island chain

9. Why might the island be so big?

10. Kilauea has been erupting for the last ________ years.

11. The big island is the ______________ mountain on earth.

12. What is a seamount?

13. What heats up the hot water that shoots out of a seamount?

14. Why do the following organisms have the names that they do: vampire squid and dumbo octopus?

15. What do coral usually depend on to live and do coral in the deep sea also depend on this? Why or why not?


16. The Earth’s crust is broken into ______________ plates.

17. Iceland is where what 2 plates meet? What are these plates doing?

18. What are the signs that plate motion is occurring around Iceland?

19. When the Atlantic’s seal level is lowered by 15,000 feet, you can see mountain chains that are ______________ of miles wide. A long line of ________________ runs down the center.

20. The seafloor spreads here at a rate of about ________ per year.

21. What are transform faults?

22. What is the most famous transform fault on land (it happens to be in California)?


23. In the deepest part of the ocean you will come across the Romanch Fracture Zone (along the mid-Atlantic Ridge), which is about ______ miles long, ______ miles wide and _____ miles deep.

24. The Alvin (from the Woods Hole Institute), can go as deep as ________ feet.

25. Where does the bumpy texture here come from?

26. Where is a place on land that helps us to understand how these vents formed? What happens at this area?

27. Seawater sinks, is heated by hot ___________ and then _______ up.

28. All life at hot springs depends on _____________, which are bacteria that make ___________ with no _______.


**** For this last section of the video, I would like for you to write down at least 10 interesting facts or topics mentioned.

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