Mrs. Marisa McDole Student Assistance Counselor

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Mrs. Marisa McDole

Student Assistance Counselor/

Intervention and Referral Services

Dear Parents and Guardians of Mainland Regional High School Students:

Hello! My name is Marisa McDole, and I am the Student Assistance Counselor / Substance Awareness Coordinator (SAC) for the students of Mainland Regional High School. In addition to working here at Mainland, I am a “local” to our community and to our school as well!

I have seventeen years of combined teaching and school counseling experience from Mainland Regional High School, Egg Harbor Township Public Schools and Atlantic City Public Schools. I graduated from University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree Elementary Education. I earned my Master of Arts in School Counseling K-12 at Rowan University. I also attended Richard Stockton College of New Jersey to earn my certification as a Substance Awareness Coordinator/ Student Assistance Counselor. Furthermore, I am a proud alumnus of MRHS and a lifelong resident of Northfield!

As the Substance Awareness Coordinator/ Student Assistance Counselor, it is my objective to provide educational, counseling and referral services for students that may be experiencing obstacles to academic and behavioral success in school.  Student referrals for counseling will be made to me for alcohol, marijuana and other drug use and abuse concerns and, if applicable, to outside treatment providers. Students can also be referred by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, school nurses, or friends. Services are confidential unless the threat of danger or harm to oneself or others is imminent. In the event that a student is suspected of being under the influence or an illegal substance and tests positive, the student will be required to attend counseling with me for the school year.I also head the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team to assist students who are experiencing academic, behavioral and/or attendance issues. The I&RS team meets with students to provide interventions to help them improve in specifics areas in which he or she struggles. I&RS referrals are made by a teacher or staff member who has concerns for the student academic success.

Additionally, students can schedule appointments with me to discuss issues such as self-esteem and image, academic motivation, family problems, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, school problems, bullying, relationship issues, eating disorders, stress, drug/alcohol issues, or anyother topic. Students can find me in the Guidance Department and all are encouraged and welcomed to stop in just to say hello!

It is my goal to provide students with the support and skills they need to succeed academically, emotionally and socially here at Mainland Regional High School and into the next chapter of their lives. I am very happy to be a part of Mainland Regional High School and I look forward to working closely with you in an effort to ensure that your child has a successful school year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 609-927-4151 extension 1094 or


Mrs. Marisa McDole

Student Assistance Counselor


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