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Men Who Built America

  1. Episode 1 : A New War Begins – Vanderbilt and Rockefeller

  1. Who is Cornelius Vanderbilt?

  1. Why does he instruct his agents to buy up as much stock in the Eerie Railroad Company as possible?

  1. What is revolutionizing life in America? Why?

  1. What does Vanderbilt want to do to try to reclaim the railroad industry?

  1. Who does he connect with?

  1. Rockefeller agrees to meet with Vanderbilt because he wanted to be the Vanderbilt of ____________________________.

II. Episode 2 : The Oil Strike

  1. What mistake does Rockefeller make in his promise to Vanderbilt for oil?

  1. What does Rockefeller do to be able to fulfill his promise?

  1. How does Vanderbilt benefit Rockefeller?

III. Episode 3 : A Rivalry Is Born

  1. What industry did Andrew Carnegie begin his work in?

  1. What does Tom Scott give Carnegie the job to do?

  1. What is the key to success for any railroad?

  1. What does Carnegie insist he build the bridge out of?

  1. What became the problem after Carnegie finished the bridge?

  1. How does he convince people of the strength of steel?

  1. How does the trust in the steel affect other industries?

  1. What does he do with the money Tom Scott loaned him?

IV. Episode 5- A New Rival Emerges

  1. Who does J.P. Morgan target?

  1. His father was the founder of what?

  1. What was the “Morgan way” of doing business?

  1. Who does J.P. Morgan turn to in order to compete with Carnegie and Rockefeller?

  1. What specific invention catches Morgan’s eye? What is the new revolutionary industry Edison creates and Morgan finances (paid for)?

V. Episode 6- Owning It All

  1. What problem does Rockefeller have with electricity?

  1. How does J.P. Morgan take business to a whole new level?

  1. What does this mean for workers that remain in the company?

  1. How does the general public feel about titans like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan?

  1. Who is vowing to put an end to the countries monopolies?

  1. What movement emerged in resistance to these big monopolizing companies?

  1. What was a major part of the Progressive Movement?

VI. Episode 7 – Taking the White House

  1. Who did J.P. Morgan inherit the banking empire from?

  1. What is Morgan’s solution to defeating Bryan in the 1896 election?

  1. Why are most people likely to support William Jennings Bryan?

  1. Who do the industry titans support?

  1. What is Bryan’s tactic of campaigning?

  1. What was the ‘fear tactic’ industrial titans used to get people not to vote for Bryan ?

  1. Who won the 1896 election?

  1. Who is McKinley’s vice president in his second term as president? What is his nickname?

  1. What happened to McKinley? Who took over presidency?

  1. Who does Theodore Roosevelt launch a campaign against?

  1. How do the empires of Morgan, Rockefeller, and other industrial titans changed under Roosevelt’s presidency?

  1. What does the political cartoon of Standard Oil mean to you?

VII. Episode 8, The New Machine

  1. What did judge accuse Rockefeller of doing?

  1. What is so special about the Ford automotive?

  1. What does Ford believe it takes to succeed in America?

  1. What system does he develop that makes the manufacturing of cars much faster?

  1. What system does he develop that makes the manufacturing of cars much faster?

The assembly line – gave Ford ability to mass produce cars which made cars less expensive

  1. How does the efficiency of which he is able to produce cars affect his workers?

  1. What does the judge rule in the Rockefeller case? What is this an end to?

  1. What is the ruling of the Henry Ford vs. ALAM ? (Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers)

  1. What is Ford’s first car? What is the cost of this car?

  1. How did Ford differ from Rockefeller, Morgan, and other industrial titans?

Monopoly :

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