Nationality Examination Version 0 Students must watch Nationality Orientation

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Nationality Examination - Version 0.0

Students must watch Nationality Orientation

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Please return exam by emailing to and mailing a hard-copy to headquarters. Circle Highlight or underline The Answer

  1. What is the name of the only Indigenous Government formed for the so-called Negro- African-American that places him in his proper capacity as an Aboriginal American of Moorish Descent?

    1. ISIS

    2. The International Indigenous Society

    3. UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

    4. The Aboriginal republic of North America

    5. All of the above

  1. What is the Lawful-legal Basis for Aboriginal Americans of Moorish Descent to operate Government?

    1. The Constitution for ARNA

    2. Jus Soli and Jus Sanguineous Rights

    3. Having Official of Government

    4. Historical precedence of Indigenous Government

    5. People in agreement with the operations of Government

    6. All of the above

    7. Certification from the U.S. Department of State

  1. What specific Clauses or amendments in the Constitution of the United States of America exempt Indigenous Peoples (misnamed Indians) from Taxes?

    1. Article VI

    2. Article VII

    3. Article 1 section 2 Clause 3, 14th Amendment Clause 2

    4. United Nations Laws

    5. All of the above

  2. What is the True historical Nationality and descent of the so-called African American:

    1. Afrikan

    2. Moorish-American

    3. Indigenous

    4. A National of the Aboriginal Republic of North America

    5. Aboriginal-American of Moorish Descent

  3. How Many Units are in the Constitution for the Aboriginal republic of North America?

    1. 10 Parts

    2. 12 Parts

    3. 87 Parts

    4. 13 Units

  1. Unit 3 of the Constitution of the Aboriginal republic of North America deals with this.

    1. Ministerial Parliament

    2. Declaration of Rights of Nationals

    3. The Aboriginal High Court

    4. The Aboriginal Chief Executive and Prime Minister

    5. The Moral Code

    6. None of the Above

  1. The Cosmological Historical Legal and Cultural System of our Ancestors derives from:

    1. Africa

    2. Asia

    3. Ancient Kemet

    4. The so-called Olmecs and Moorish Polities of Western Alkebulan (so-called Africa)

    5. From Lemuuria and Atlantis

  1. These are the groups who enslaved the Moorish Polities of Western Alkebulan:

    1. The Dutch English French Spanish Portuguese

    2. The Oyo, Whydah, Dahomey

    3. All of the above

    4. None of the above

    5. There is no way to research this information

  2. The Treaty of Murakush of 1786 was made between these parties and guaranteed this

    1. The Americans and the Arabs and protected Arabs from enslavement

    2. The Sultan and the British Subjects and required tribute

    3. The Emperor of Morocco and the Empires of Europe and required Consuls

    4. The Khalif of Al Mamlaikah AL Maghrib and the United States of America and guaranteed no Moors/Muslims would be enslaved (made prisoners).

  3. The correct amount of so-called slaves brought to North America during the transatlantic slave trade was approximately:

    1. 15 million

    2. There is NO WAY to make approximate counts

    3. According to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade data base 10 million

    4. According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database 420,000

    5. According to shipping records of North American Ships 5 million

  4. The Olmecs state in their official records that they sailed to America from Africa approximately 3-5 thousand years ago


  1. According to the true records of history the Moors and Muslims entered West Africa around 711 A.D.


  1. A Birth Certificate is owned by you once you file a UCC-1 on it:


  1. If I am Born in North America and have no paperwork at all I am considered stateless


  1. According to Law and History the Moors wrote the United States Constitution.


  1. Charles Thomson was the Secretary of Continental Congress from 1774-1789 and was initiated into a Indigenous Black tribe in 1757.


  1. The Original Flag of the United States with 13 stars, 13 stripes, and red white and blue is said on official Congressional Record to represent a ‘NEW CONSTELLATION’.


  1. If I commit an offense against a person and statute in the United States as an Aboriginal and Moor I am still exempt because the United States and the person injured are both fictions and cannot charge a sovereign.


  1. As someone who has proclaimed my nationality I cannot contract in any manner with the United States or it subsidiary entities because it would compromise my sovereignty.


  1. The Flag of the Aboriginal Republic of North America is a moon and star in a black field and represents in its origination and Islamic Flag


  1. CUSIP Numbers stands for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures and handles this operation.

    1. Bonding everything in existence

    2. Providing CUSIP Numbers for securitized instruments in commerce

    3. The contract that makes us all slaves

    4. The manner the person makes money

  2. Please write down the articles or clauses in the Constitution of the Aboriginal Republic of North America that allow for you to have a trial by jural society

  1. Please list the Moral code clauses that do not allow for homosexuality in our Nation:

  1. Please list the legal reasons why you could never be a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America and by de jure law are a U.S. National Non-citizen based on the records of the Articles of Confederation clauses that apply, the U.S. Constitutional Clauses that apply, The Dred Scott Case and any other applicable laws.

  1. Please write down what you would like to accomplish by nationalizing with the Aboriginal Republic of North America.

  1. Once I file my paperwork I represent an individual sovereign and can interface with other governments in any way I want.


  1. I am not responsible for Constitutional Dues to support the Government of ARNA according to the Constitution of ARNA, because that would constitute a tax and sovereigns cannot be taxed.


  1. All officers of government in the United States of America are required to have an oath of office on record in order to operate as an official representative in government


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