Newbiggin Lifeboat Station march 2010 vol. 2: 94 newbiggin’S 159th year of lifesaving

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MARCH 2010 VOl.2:94

Newbiggin Lifeboat Station

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Weather for March 2010

Exercises Service and much more

Weather Almanac for March 2010

March came along with a Spring like calm condition with a hint that our deplorable winter weather was past. The mild conditions did indeed continue until the middle of the month whereupon showers accompanied by longer spells of rain arrived heralding a short unsettled period.


Exercises were held on the 7th, 17th and 28th.

Photographs showing the exercises can be viewed on the RNLI web page and go to the Newbiggin Gallery.


There were two service calls during the month.
Missing Angler 01/03/2010
Volunteers from Newbiggin RNLI Lifeboat Station were called from their beds in the early hours of today following a report of a missing sea angler south of the station.

The call was received from Humber Coastguard who had been alerted that there had been a report of an angler missing which resulted in a major search getting underway. Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was launched and underway with three volunteer crew on board at about 01:10 hours. When they arrived on scene a thorough search began using several search units including RNLI lifeboats from Newbiggin, Blyth and later Cullercoats, Blyth's Independent lifeboat 'Blyth Rescue', coastguards from Blyth, Newbiggin and later Tynemouth as well as a RAF Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.

After almost two hours of searching in sub-zero conditions the missing person was located and airlifted by the helicopter to hospital.


Fishing Coble Assisted 04/03/2010

Humber Coastguard were alerted by the crew of the Newbiggin fishing coble 'Three Sisters R' that they had suffered engine failure about two mile east of the station and required assistance. The call came in shortly after noon and the lifeboat crew were soon on station ready to launch. Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was underway in a short time afterwards and headed east to rendezvous with the casualty. Once alongside it was clear a tow was needed and with the tow rope secure the slow journey back to Newbiggin began. After steady progress both vessels entered the bay then the lifeboat was recovered and taken back to the boathouse.
Hirst Progressive Club backs Newbiggin again

The Hirst Progressive Club in Ashington recently made another generous donation of £760 to Newbiggin Lifeboat Station as part of an ongoing fundraising partnership supporting their local lifesaving volunteers. Indeed the Hirst Progressive supporters have made regular donation over the last eleven years are on course to exceed a record £11,000.

The members of the Club rallied together to support one of their group who suffered a personal family tragedy involving a drowning in Cambois Bay over ten years ago. The incident led to a major search and rescue operation that was carried out with many rescue units including Newbiggin Lifeboat taking part. The dedication and effort of all the volunteers involved in the incident created a focus for the Club members who wanted to send out a signal of support for all those who had helped. Since then every year Newbiggin Lifeboat has received a generous donation from the Club supporters as a result of money raised from collecting boxes, dart competitions and other events.

Representatives from Newbiggin Lifeboat Station were invited up to the Hirst Progressive Club on Sunday to receive the cheque from Colin Murray, Vice Chair and Billy Gratex, Club Member. Newbiggin RNLI’s representatives Les Fayers, Richard Martin and Paul Eatock were handed the cheque and passed on their sincere thanks for such a valuable and sustained effort to support their local RNLI Lifeboat Station.

Richard Martin


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