"No reserve, no retreat, no regrets." William Borden

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Don's Story:
One evening, while I was wrestling with what to do with my life I fell into a restless sleep, and had a remarkable dream. In my dream, I asked God what he wanted me to do. What happened next was quite amazing. I heard a voice, which I knew was the voice of God. He said, "Go.” He spoke just one simple word that was undeniably clear, direct, and compelling…
As I have focused on this command for the last 28 years, God has led me to many places to share the message of His Kingdom in word and deed. Each new chapter in my life has moved me closer to Him. I have taught school, been a journeyman carpenter, practiced real estate property management, started several service businesses, and been a Missions Director.
Someone has said, "Don't ask what the world needs and do that, rather ask, 'what makes me come alive? Go and do that for that is what the world needs.'" Or, as founder of the Free Burma Rangers has said: "God's will is where the world's greatest needs and our deepest desire meet." My deepest desire is to complete God's purposes for my life.
I believe that God will use “Communities of Hope” far beyond the reach of my small life. May He be glorified and exalted in every way.

"No reserve, no retreat, no regrets." --William Borden

Download 4.59 Kb.

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