Noaa hurricane and Hurricane Preparation Materials

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NOAA Hurricane and Hurricane Preparation Materials

By Gloria Aversano, Librarian

National Hurricane Center Library

Updated April, 2013

The National Weather Service, Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide (pdf) has been updated for 2013 and is located on the National Hurricane Center (NHC) website:
The main updates were:
1.  added a definition for post-tropical cyclone (and include post-tropical cyclone in the watch/warning definitions)
2.  update mobile/smartphone links (including removing the link for email advisories, which have been discontinued)
3.  and add social media (Facebook and Twitter) links and handles for NHC and CPHC/WFO Honolulu
NOAA Brochures
The following are online at: Printed copies of some publications may also be ordered. See online instructions.


Tropical Cyclones, 4/13, Espanol6/12
Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart: pdfpng
Hurricane Safety Flyer: Before, During and After a Hurricane, trifold pdf
Hurricane Safety Flyer: Before, During and After a Hurricane, flyer pdf
Tropical Cyclone Flooding: A Deadly Inland Danger
Introduction to Storm Surge, Espanol, 6/12
La Seguridad de Tiempo: Los Huracanes, pdf or htm Espanol
Hawaiian Hurricane Safety Measures
Central Pacific Tracking Chart 

Atlantic/Pacific Hurricane Names
Red Cross Hurricane Safety ChecklistEnglishSpanish
East Pacific Hurricane Tracking Map: 12" x 24" 

Web Sites
Extreme Weather Emergency Contact Sheets – by state and region:
Hurricanes....unleashing natures's fury: A preparedness guide (2007):
Weather Safety: Hurricanes Safety and Preparedness Fact Sheet (before, during and after the storm) :

Hurricane Preparedness Week : This web site offers a ‘Be Prepared” page with a family preparedness plan, creating a disaster supply kit, having a place to go, securing your home and having a pet plan. It also offers a downloadable high resolution poster, links to marine safety, and MP3 of Max Mayfield, former NHC Director, discussing preparedness.

Plywood Hurricane Shutter Instructions: A Short Lesson in Building Effective Shutters, Stan Goldenberg, NOAA AOML/Hurricane Research Division : 1999 online at:

Hurricane Research Division Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricanes:

NOAA Weather Radio - Offers station listings, coverage maps, and information on receivers, emergency alert system, special needs, general information and FAQs.
Hurricane Watch Net – amateur radio serving the National Hurricane Center since 1965 - Hurricane preparedness information and streaming audio available.

NOAA 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook - offers a prediction of hurricane activity for the upcoming season. This outlook is posted the third week in May and revised in August of each year.

NOAA’s National Weather Service Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services, Hurricane Awareness.

Offers hurricane warnings and forecasts, be prepared guides, brochures and more.

Emergency management offices by state -
Education Links
NOAA Education Web Site - Safety tips page:
NOAA. Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services. Playtime for kids. Hurricanes:
NOAA. Natioal Weather Service - Jetstream – An online weather school:
National Weather Service Southern Region Skywatcher Chart:

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