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JULY 2-5

3 nights hotel & 3 days diving.

$650 pp. Dbl. Occ.
Offshore North Carolina is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” for good reasons. Scores of vessels throughout the past few centuries have come to rest in waters off the Outer Banks. Hurricanes, treacherous currents, fog and acts of war have taken a toll of ships estimated to be well over 2000 since the early 1500’s. Over 100 are diveable and these present some of the best and most varied diving to be found anywhere in the world.
The water off the coast of North Carolina is blessed by the presence of the tropical Gulf Stream. This warm “river in the ocean” comes closest to the East Coast here and brings with it tropical marine life. Moray eels, groupers, spadefish, sea turtles, triggerfish and the ever-present sand tiger sharks make their home among the remnants of these sunken vessels. It is common to see pods of dolphin and whales on the boat ride to and from the dive sites. Lionfish are all over the wrecks. Bring your pole spear.
We will stay in Morehead City where there are plenty of restaurants for after diving meals and stores for shopping. As always, we will finish up at Floyd’s. The historic whaling town of Beaufort is located just over the Inlet Bridge. See the beautifully restored homes of the whaling ship captains, complete with widow’s walks overlooking the sea. We will be diving with Olympus Dive Center, voted the best dive operation in the states.
Training available on this trip: Deep Diver, Nitrox, Wreck Diver, Advanced Nitrox, Deep Tec and Sidemount. Ask about additional dive days.
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Download 4.92 Kb.

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