Northern Middle School Band Practice Record

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Practice Record 2021 (3)
Practice Record 2021 (14)

Northern Middle School Band
Practice Record
Student Name ________________________
DIRECTIONS: Practicing is your homework EVERY DAY. This chart will show your written evidence of practicing and will be collected every two weeks. Please write the date for the days you practice, what you practiced (Including titles, or concept you are working on), and the total time you played. Graded as follows: >200 Minutes 50/50. 175-199 minutes 45/50. 150-179 minutes 40/50. 125-149 minutes 35/50. 100-124 minutes 30/50. <100 minutes 25/50. Practice records WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE!!!


What was Practiced (be specific)

Time(in Minutes)

Total Minutes___________________
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