November-Saturday (1: 15-1: 35) Saima haroon

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Group1: 16th November—Saturday (1:15-1:35)


Saima haroon 

Hassaan nadeem 

Ahmed abdullah 

Umar nabeel akram 
company :Interactive 

Group2: 9th November—Saturday (12:25-12:45)

Amber Ali 
Farah hassan 
Shagufta Parveen

Allied Bank

Group3: 9th November—Saturday (12:50-1:10)

Ziad Bashir
Usama Nasir
Fariha Humayun

Company assigned: YUM restaurant

Group4: 9th November—Saturday (1:15-1:35)

Ammar Nazir

Aqib Riaz

Arslan Khan

Group5:  11th November—Monday (2:00-2:20)

Fahd Sabur
Taimoor Waqar
Waleed Bin Tariq

Company: Honda

Group6: 11th November—Monday (2:25-2:45)

Mustafa amir zia

Waleed Zakria

Haider nawab

Urwah khan 



Group7: 11th November—Monday (2:50-3:10)

Saman Haq

Natasha Haroon

Zainab Afzal

Company: PIA
Group8: 11th November—Monday (3:15-3:35)





Group9: 12th November—Tuesday (8:10-8:30)

Fizza Imran

Fatima Gull

Sana Tariq

Company:Pak Suzuki

Group10: 12th November—Tuesday (8:35-8:55)
Adil Irfan
Group11: 12th November—Tuesday (9:00-9:20)

Amna Asim 
Dawar Lashari 
Umer Saqib 

Company: Pepsi Co
Group12: 16th November—Saturday (12:25-12:45)

Adel Irfan
Ammar Nazir
Shah Abdul Aziz
Shah Abdul Jaleel

Pakistan tobbacco company.
Group13: 16th November—Saturday (12:00-12:20)

Hina Imran

Amina Hameed

Humza Syed

Company: P&G

Group14: 16th November—Saturday (12:50-1:10)

Fatima Syed
Hiba Kamran
Syed Sameer Rehman

Note: Please notify me in class if any of the groups’ details are wrong or need to be corrected. Changes cannot be made to group members or company names now. Also please don’t forget to mail your written report a day before your assigned time slot. Lastly, in case the muharram holidays fall on one of the assigned term project slot dates, groups whose presentation gets cancelled as a result, will be presenting on Sunday, the 17th of November, 3rd slot (12:00-2:00—AUD15) in the same sequence as assigned. All group members are required to present. Each group just needs to come for the time slots of the term project presentation and only needs to attend the session out of the four term project presentation slots in which they have presentation.

Rescheduled sessions:

1/11 Friday 8:00-9:45 AUD15 quiz3 and discussion case quiz-3

3/11 Sunday 12:00-1:45 AUD10 Chapter8 second half

5/11 Tuesday 4:00-5:45 quiz-4 and discussion case-4 aud 6

7/11 Thursday 4:00-5:45 AUD 7 Any questions on course, term project etc.

12/11 Tuesday 8:00-9:45 AUD6 Final project time slot

Final exam on Monday the 18th in class timings---

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