Now, just stand still, Chaotzu. If you move, you’ll probably die

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Written By: Gotenks311
Chapter 1: The Beginnings
“Now, just stand still, Chaotzu. If you move, you’ll probably die,” said Tien as he started to power up for an attack. Chaotzu stood a few yards away, standing completely still.

Tien put one hand out, with his palm down, and his thumb underneath it. “Quad-Dodonpa,” yelled Tien, as four beams of energy shot from his fingers. The beams flew straight at Chaotzu and missed him by a couple inches before destroying a nearby mountain.

“That’s pretty strong,” remarked Tien. “That technique could be good against the Androids.”

“Yeah,” answered Chaotzu. “You’ll have to teach me that. I’ll need a couple new tricks to stand a chance.”

“We’ll worry about some new attacks later. Let’s go home for now,” said Tien.

As Tien and Chaotzu flew off back to their home, a sudden explosion happened behind them. When they turned to look, they saw a giant crater where a field had once been. They immediately took off to find out what it was.

“It couldn’t be the Androids already, could it? They aren’t supposed to be here for another 2 years,” said Tien.

As they reached the crater, they saw a fairly large ship that was imbedded in the Earth. Standing outside of it was an older looking man with long robes and a staff.

“Hello, Tien. Could you come down here so I can speak with you?” asked the man.

“What? How do you know my name?” said Tien in disbelief. Tien lowered himself down next to the man as Chaotzu stayed above and watched. When he was close enough, Tien noticed that the old man also had a third eye.

“You’ll probably have a lot of questions, so let me answer a few of them,” started the man. “First of all, my name is Goshin. I came here to Earth to bring you back to your home planet and help me.”

“Home planet? Earth is my home planet,” Tien said.

“No, I’m afraid it isn’t. The planet you are from is called Triclid. Your parents sent you to Earth as a child much like your friend Goku. Unfortunately, your parents were very ashamed of you. At birth, you had almost no psychic power at all and were small in stature. They sent you to this planet so they wouldn’t have to face the embarrassment.”

“My own parents were ashamed of me? And how did you know about Goku?” questioned Tien.

“Because of my strong psychic powers, I can read your mind and all of the things that have happened in your past,” answered Goshin.

“Now, on to the more important part of why I’ve come,” Goshin continued. “A very strong evil presence has come to the planet Triclid. They have already destroyed half the population, including your parents, in only a couple of your Earth months. My daughter Miso was captured during one of the attacks. I need you to help me destroy this evil force and get back my daughter.”

“Why should I help you?” asked Tien.

“Well, it would help with your training and you could learn a lesson or two from the warriors on my planet,” answered Goshin.

Tien thought about it for several minutes before deciding. “I’ll go. I can bring many other great fighters with me, too.”

“Unfortunately, they can’t come with us,” Goshin said. “Don’t ask why, since you’ll know when you get there. So, do you still want to help?”

“I’ll do it. Chaotzu!” yelled Tien. “I’ll be going away for a while to train! You stay here and keep working and I’ll see you in a while!

“Ok, Tien,” Chaotzu yelled back.

Tien and Goshin both entered into the ship and within seconds were in space, heading for the planet Triclid.

“It’ll take us about 3 of your days to reach the planet. Rest on the way. You’ll need it.”

~*3 Days Later*~
As the ship started to land, Tien looked outside to see what kind of terrain he would have to fight on. The planet was almost the exact copy of earth. The sky was blue, the grass was green, except there weren’t any trees.

“Goshin, I think there’s gonna be a problem. There aren’t any trees here,” stated Tien.

“Oh, you don’t need oxygen. You’re a Triclid. We don’t breath with oxygen,” answered Goshin.

When the ship landed Tien and Goshin got out and headed to a nearby building. Two large guards that were easily a foot taller than Tien stood by the door, each of them also had 3 eyes. When they saw Goshin, they quickly opened the door, allowing them to enter.

“Welcome to the world of Triclid,” Goshin said grandly as Tien looked around at his surroundings. There were people all over the place! The entire building was packed full of people wandering around.

“All of these people are homeless thanks to the evil on this planet,” Goshin said before Tien could ask. “We built a big shelter and guarded it with our best warriors. Here comes a few of them now.”

Tien looked through the immense crowd and saw three people walking towards him. One was enormously tall, nearly touching the roof of the 8-foot tall building. The person next to him was the exact opposite. He was the only person there that was shorter than Tien. And the last person was just shorter than the first but twice as muscular. Each one of the warriors had three eyes.

“The tall one is Sojin, my son. The small one is Kito and the other one is Vindem. They are the strongest of the strong on this planet. You’ll find their powers to be very impressive,” Goshin explained. “Guys, this is Tien. He’s here to help us. As you can see by his appearance, he is one of us.”

After exchanging greetings with the other Triclids, Sojin began to explain what kinds of things Tien should expect from the fights.

“They are the most dangerous monsters we have ever had to fight,” Sojin remarked. “There are five that we know of, four henchmen and then the boss. Each one of these henchmen is extremely strong and should not be underestimated. The leader of them has never been seen to fight, but is believed to be the most skilled and powerful of them all.”

“Well, if you’re all such great warriors, why haven’t you been able to defeat them?” asked Tien.

“We may be great fighters, but they have always outnumbered us and use that to their advantage. With you here, that shouldn’t happen,” answered Vindem.

“If you guys are done talking, I’d like to show you some of the things you will be getting,” said Goshin as he led Tien and the others to a room separate from the main hall. Inside were large swords, axes, and other types of weapons. Goshin led them past all of these to the very back of the room. There, they saw 4 identical sets of clothing. Each of them contained a pair of long green pants, a green sash, red belt, and black boots.

“These are the mystical suits of Triclid,” Goshin explained. “Each of them has been given specific powers. They can never be destroyed, no matter what is done to them. Green and red are power colors of the Triclid. These colors increase our speed and strength.”

Each of the warriors took a suit and put it on. Right away Tien noticed an increase in his power.

“I also have this to give you,” said Goshin as he held out his hand. He held in his hand a small pouch with four beans in it. “These are called Cordis Beans. They are much like your Sensu Beans, Tien. They will restore your strength completely and keep you full for 10 days. These are the very last of them. Only use them if you are very desperate.”

Sojin took the pouch without any objections and tied it to his belt. Goshin led them all back into the main hall for the final good byes.

“I guess this is the last time I’ll see you for a while,” Goshin said as he led them all back to the door they had entered by. “Good luck and protect each other. As a team, you are the toughest I have ever seen.”

All of the warriors turned and walked to the door Tien had originally came in through. Sojin opened the door and walked outside. Tien, Kito, and Vindem followed him outside. None of them had any idea of the adventure they were about to have.

Authors Notes

You may be asking why Tien didn’t act extremely mad when learning of his parent’s death. This was done on purpose. He doesn’t care for those that don’t care about him. Further developments of Tien and his parents will be explained later.
Not much description was given of the characters Sojin, Kito, and Vindem. This, too, was done on purpose. Their different characteristics will be brought out in further chapters.
The special suits that are described are the same ones that Tien is shown wearing during the Android Saga. This gives a reason why he would change his clothing from the traditional shirt and pants.
This chapter didn’t feature any kind of fighting. It is merely to set up the story and what is about to take place. Don’t think that this is going to be a boring story with a bunch talk. The next couple of chapters are filled with tons of action and many new techniques.
New Attacks
Quad-Dodonpa: Four Dodonpas, one from each of the fingers. Palm is to the ground with the thumb underneath it.
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