O32 User Manual Ver. 0 1 Introduction

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Figure A-2 The Back of the Reflector

4. Loosen the four screws fastening the LNB.

5. Adjust the LNB clockwise or counter-clockwise, until the skew arrow on the LNB points to the skew angle that you determined earlier.


(+) direction

(-) direction

Figure A-3 LNB Skew Angle Adjustment
Caution – Be sure to keep the LNB fully inserted into the hall to ensure the optimum performance.

6. Tighten the four screws.

7. Reinstall the radome.

Directory: image -> catalog
image -> New embedded S
image -> Creating Buy-In – Building Relationships
image -> Deadline: Saturday, March 12th, 2016
image -> News items from Raising Our Voices
image -> Last year four of the best Afrikaans Christian singers joined forces to tour Down Under with the production ‘Manne wat Glo’
image -> World-renowned vocal ensemble sweet honey in the rock
image -> Peoples Voice Café History
catalog -> Text consolidated by Tulkošanas un terminoloģijas centrs (Translation and Terminology Centre) with amending regulations of
catalog -> Section The purpose of this Law is to determine the legal basis and range of subjects of detective activity as a special type of commercial activity and to regulate the rights and duties thereof. Section 2
catalog -> Road Traffic Regulations

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