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Enthusiastic for Seeking Assignments in Education Sector Preferably In the Teaching and Research Area.

Experience :

-eleven months in ugc major research project

-Thirteen Months in teaching at KITM Kurukshetra

- Attended Interview at IIMA for research associate post of prof. G. Raghu ram

- attended interview at iimc for teaching associate post.


  1. Pursuing M.Com From MDU Rohtak

  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Education.

  3. Masters in International Business & CC in French with 65 % from Commerce Dept., Kurukshetra University

  4. B.Sc. Computer Science & CC in German from U.C.K.

Kurukshetra University

  1. Plus Two (Science) (C.B.S.E) 2002-03 with 58 % marks.

  2. Matric (C.B.S.E.) 1999-00 with 71.3% marks.


strategies of recruitment:-.6 week training in Max New York life insurance at Kurukshetra.

Project work:-


“exchange rate volatility and India’s external sector: a Study in post reform era”.


role of microfinance in INDIA: Conversion of NGO to NBFCs


“INR/ US$ Bilateral Exchange Rate as Determinant Of Indian Import Destinations- An Analytical Study” Published and Presented in GJU 4th Conference in 2012.

“Effect of Organized retail on Unorganized Retail in Indian retail market: An Analytical Study” Published and Presented in MN College Shahabad in 2013.

“BOP Markets: An Approach to Inclusive and Sustainable Development” Presented in Seminar in Department of Commerce, KUK in 2013.

“FDI in Multi-brand Retail: Impact on Food, Agriculture & Agribusiness” Published and Presented in Babu Anant Ram College KAUL, Kaithal in 2013.

“Trend Analysis of Foreign Institutional Investors Investment in India of Monthly Flows during January 2006 - October 2012” Presented in Seminar in Guru Nanak Khalsa College Karnal in 2013

“Bottom of the Pyramid - A Power to the Poor for Inclusive Development” Published and Presented in RDMS 2013 in KITMKKR

“Corporate Entrepreneurship: An Approach to Implementation” Published and Presented in RDMS 2013 in KITMKKR

“Micromanagement of Microfinance: A Case Study of India” Published and Presented in NIT Kurukshetra Conference in 2013

the BOP strategy: A Mirage for Reducing Poverty” Published and Presented in NIT Kurukshetra Conference in 2013

FDI in Indian Retail Industry- An Analytical Study” Published and Presented in NIT Kurukshetra Conference in 2013

“Two day Workshop on Aakash Tablet in IIT Bombay in KITM Kurukshetra”

Organiser and Other activities
-Coordinator in MUN KITM 2012

-TPO Coordinator in KITMkkr & Commerce Department KUK

-Sports Coordinator in KITM

-Co Convener in Euphoria 2012 in KITM KKR

-Coordinator in Goonj 2013 in KITM KKR

-State Level Participation in Cricket for 8 years consistently

Advanced level of fluency and ability to read and write English and Hindi languages, intermediate level of ability to read and write German languages, and basic level of ability to understand and speak French language.

Computer Exposure:

Familiar with: C, C++, basics of C#.


Proficient:-Ms Office, Internet Explorer for educational, e-mail, and entertainment purposes

Familiar with:-Adobe Photoshop


Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 8

Interests & Activities : keen interest in teaching and research work.

Hobbies : Working on Fitness and Playing Cricket.




Dept of commerce

Kurukshetra University


I hereby declare that above mentioned information are true in the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: - Kurukshetra.


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