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February 2013

ACE Smoke Signals


Valentine’s Colors next week at ACE (Feb. 4th- 10th ):

Athletes are free to wear, you probably guessed it, RED and PINK to practice Feb. 4th- 10th… please continue to wear the appropriate practice clothes if you choose not to wear Valentines colors.

Normal Practice attire:

Weekday practices: Red tank, black shorts, yellow ribbon

Weekend practices: Black tank, red shorts, yellow ribbon

  • Those teams who practice only 1x/wk, February is “BLACK MONTH”. You wear BLACK tank, RED shorts, yellow ribbon.


It is not too late to order your “ONE TEAM” t-shirt and support Sequoyah’s effort to earn money for Worlds. The deadline is Thursday, January 31st and they will be delivered before Cheersport. This is a great Friday travel shirt to Atlanta!!! Please log on to http://jaxwearinc.storenvy.com/ to order!

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gctftnxl3_bpxojmmzpjatb8ps9lqwjyupuyd_bpteue_1eq8s0u Ever wanted your own cheese wedge mat to practice tumbling at home???

  • Test your luck in our gym Raffle hosted by Sequoyahs! You have from now until March 9th to purchase your raffle tickets (the more you buy, the cheaper it is!). We will have the raffle drawing at the Cheer Clinic held on March 9th (you do not have to be present to win.). Tickets are at front desk:

1 ticket - $5.00

3 tickets - $10.00

10 tickets - $20.00

Descriptions of the cheese mat:

  • 30” wide x 72” long working surface.

  • Inclines from 1” high up to 12” in height.

  • Folds in half for versatility and easy storage.

  • Firm polyurethane foam core.

J.R.‘s February Tumbling Clinic:

Saturday, Feb. 23rd in Franklin

Time for the Franklin Clinic:

9-11a Level 1,2

11-1p Level 3,4 & 5
JR wanted to let everyone know that we have clinics in other site (out of state) that you may attend. These are built into most athletes packages. If you have questions, please see the front desk. There is a tumble clinic in Atlanta on Feb 2 and one in Birmingham on March 16th.  

** You must sign up at the front desk to attend!

Amy (Franklin) at amccloud@premierathetics.com or with Lisa at ldavis@premierathletics.com

COMPETITION SCHEDULE for the remainder of the year:

Jamfest Nashville: Feb. 2nd

CheerSport Altanta: Feb. 15th-17th

NCA Dallas: March 2nd-3rd (Gold packages only)

Mardi Gras: March 16th (Wataugas only!)

One Up: April 6th-7th (All teams including exhibition, half year teams, and special needs)




Team attending: Tee-Pees, Watuagas, Sioux, Shawnee, Yuchi, Dakotas, Mohaves, Navajos, Comanches, Raiders, Moccasins, and Indian Outlaws.


Feb 8th- Exhibition at Lipscomb University

Teams attending: Tiny Tee-Pees, Tom-Toms, and Eutahs


CheerSport Nationals: Feb. 16th and 17th- Georgia World Congress Center

Teams attending: Navajohs, Dakotas, Mohaves, Comanches, Raiders, Warcats, Red Warriors, Sequoyahs, Indian Outlaws

Friday night at Cheer Sport: Please note, some teams may choose to practice Friday night in Atlanta. Please check with your coach/team rep for details. Also, THERE WILL BE AN ACE PALS MEETING ON FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE GWCC FROM 7:30-8:30P. For those parents that are ACE PALS, Please make arrangements to be there. For parents who have concerns/ positive suggestions for improvement in our program, please contact me for more details so that I can have you attend as well.

Cheersport Theme: "TRIBE DYNASTY" (Playing off of the show Duck Dynasty) for February 16 and 17th

  • Saturday Dress: Camouflage/Black ACE Dynasty T-Shirt (accessorize with camo in as many ways possible!) -or- Red Program Tee.

  • Sunday Dress: Black Program Tee -or- Team T-Shirt (from this season)

  • Shirts: Black-$15 Camouflage-$18 (Plus Shipping)

 We encourage all ACE parents and athletes to order either the Black or the Camo version to show your support. This is going to be an awesome dress-up day!!! Please follow the steps below on how to order your shirts.

  How to Order:

1. www.raglandscreenprinting.com

2. Click the 'ACE Pro Shop' Link

3. Click the 'Shirts' Link

4. Scroll through the Pages to locate the shirt

5. Add to Cart

6. Check Out

It's that easy!

 Coming in march & April:

  • March 1st-3rd: NCA Dallas for gold packages only!

  • March 9th: Cheer Tryout clinic hosted by Sequoyahs.1:00-3:00pm. $30pp.

  • March 16th: Mardi Gras in Nashville for Wataugas ONLY!

  • April 6th and 7th- ONE –UP Championship- EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next season! Mark your calendars

  • Evaluation/team selections will be held Sat., May 11th.

  • Skills camp in Birmingham! June 22nd-23rd

Download 23.31 Kb.

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