One On One Physical Therapy Pilates Instructor  March 2015 – present

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Adria Wofford


To train circus artists in Pilates to generate core strength, promote injury prevention, and enhance performance, using my 12 years of teaching experience while pursuing a degree in physical therapy.


One On One Physical Therapy

Pilates Instructor  March 2015 – present

 Transition clients from rehabilitation to exercise using the Pilates Method (classical Pilates), Redcord (muscle-firing exercise on suspension equipment), and corrective (rehabilitative) exercises.

Atlanta Back Clinic

Pilates Instructor  November 2013 – May 2015

 Trained touring circus artists under Lisa Basarab and Lisa Baker in Atlanta, GA October – December 2014, particularly motivated any tentative artists to develop a consistent Pilates practice.

 Created interest in the Pilates private and semi-private program at the physical therapy practice, increasing the weekly recurring sessions by 12 hours (16 clients) while attending college full-time.

Studio Lotus

Pilates Instructor  2004 – August 2013

 Trained touring circus artists under Anouk Allard in Atlanta, GA December 2012.

 Promoted to Power Pilates teacher trainer in 2011 for high quality instruction, high client retention, and passion for mentoring new instructors.

 Made duet and semi-private sessions accessible for clients of varying physical abilities by customizing Pilates practices and teaching equipment independence (safety and individualized settings).

Sky Gym

Trapeze and Aerial Silks Instructor Assistant  2013 – 2014

 Taught beginner circus arts under supervision of lead instructor and created conditioning that aligned with instructor’s daily agenda.

The Georgia Ballet

Dancer  2004 – 2010

 Promoted to soloist 2004 and to principal ballerina 2008 for partnering experience, versatility, and artistry.

Centre Stage School of Dance

Ballet Instructor  2002 – 2008

 Created a high quality ballet program for a competition (jazz-focused) school.

 Taught winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Melanie Moore, specifically fostered partnering skills and ballet technique.

 Coached 9th place winner of Youth America Grand Prix 2003 Christie Doss, set and rehearsed choreography.


Certified Pilates Instructor, Power Pilates, Atlanta 2004.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Georgia State University, expected graduation date 2017 GPA 4.0.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, expected start date 2017.

Certified Suspension-Exercise Instructor, Redcord, Atlanta 2010.

Professional Division, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, Winnipeg, MB Canada 1995-1999.
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