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About Us

Company Overview

Established in 1981, Prime Automotive Corporation (d.b.a. Pacific Auto Company) is an ISO 9001 certified warehouse distributor of automotive body and cooling parts. Based in Los Angeles, Prime Automotive Corporation (PAC) has been a mainstay in the Southern California automotive repair community. For over 30 years, PAC has offered the experienced service and quality collision and cooling parts you need to build your business and satisfy your customers.

PAC carries a wide selection of aftermarket collision auto parts and cooling products for most makes and models. All parts in our inventory are certified to meet OEM replacement part standards. PAC products meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications, and are offered at significant savings. Our automotive lamps are Department of Transportation (DOT) and Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) certified. We also carry CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) certified automotive body parts.

PAC continuously works with insurance providers, estimation services, body shops, and jobbers to stay up to date with the business of auto repair. Though the practice of auto repair continuously changes, PAC’s mission remains the same— we are committed to providing our customers with extraordinary service, outstanding value, and industry-leading fulfillment rates.

Our Competitive Pricing

By actively pricing each order, PAC sales staff makes it their duty to give you the comfort of getting your part at the most competitive cost on the market. Not only does PAC offer volume discounts to most collision repair businesses, setting up an account with PAC requires no buy-in or contract. Setting up an account with PAC is as simple as calling or visiting one of our offices and providing us with your business information. Contact your local branch today to determine if you qualify for our significant cost savings programs.

Our Services

PAC’s five distribution centers are situated throughout Southern California and offer service to a coverage area that extends throughout eight counties: Santa Barbara, Kern, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange counties. If you’re within our coverage area, PAC will deliver your part within 24 hours on any business day to ensure your customers the fastest turnaround on their auto repairs. PAC maintains a large fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure you get your part on time.

Our Fill Rate

Boasting over 9 warehouses in Southern California, PAC’s supply network consistently allows us to fulfill our customers’ orders quickly and efficiently. Our procurement team actively reviews trends and data analytics to ensure we always have what you need when you need it. PAC’s quality administration and distribution management system makes the ordering process easy. As a Site Member, you only need to give us a call and let us know what part you need; it’s that simple. For all parts ordered, we confirm the delivery address and dispatch for delivery within the same business day.

Pacific Best Inc.

Pacific Best Inc. (PBI) is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of automotive cooling products. PBI offers the greatest selection of radiators, condensers, and fan assemblies for all makes and models. Our manufacturing plant uses the most advanced equipment and is operated by an experienced and professional team. Pacific Best Inc. also focuses heavily on process control, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Our manufacturing facility is ISO/TS16949 certified and emphasizes the production of premium quality products at the most competitive prices.

For over 10 years, PBI has manufactured and distributed our own line of PBI cooling products. Pacific Best also distributes many name brand cooling products to customers worldwide that cover more than 30,000 applications.

Our efficient distribution centers allow for fast delivery nationwide, as well. We offer free freight delivery service for orders of larger volumes. If you’re within our local coverage area, PBI has the ability to deliver your parts within 24 hours on any business day so that you can ensure a fast turnaround for your business operations. Our fleet of delivery vehicles will ensure you get your parts when you need it!

Our Commitment to Quality

Pacific Best Inc. (PBI) is committed to quality and adheres to a strict policy when it comes to our automotive cooling parts. PBI has manufactured Automotive Radiators and AC Condensers since 1995. Our research and development team endeavors to produce products that meet or exceed the Original Equipment standards and high performance ratings for heat transfer. We follow three simple rules of manufacturing: monitor your materials, follow concise manufacturing procedures, and secure fast shipping and handling. Additionally, while emphasizing quality, PBI brings you the best value in prices and customer service. Our 99% fill rate inventory suits all our distributors’ needs.


Pacific Auto Company is always looking for smart, talented people. A career at Pacific Auto Company is an opportunity to meet exciting and dynamic challenges while gaining invaluable experience in our industry.

We hire exceptional people who are kind, honest, accountable, motivated and hard working. We want people that will lead by example and will incorporate our mission as a part of their own career path.

Challenge yourself to grow beyond your expectations and begin your journey at Pacific Auto Company. Join our team and work in a fast-paced, supportive, and career-driven environment full of people committed to meeting the high expectations of our industry.

Send your resume to: hr@pacificbestinc.com

Our Products

Auto Body Parts


The hood is an integral part of a car that covers and protects the engine in a front-engine vehicle. While the outer panel acts as the car’s skin, the inner panel serves as a sound dampener that can eliminate or decrease typical engine noises. Pacific Auto Company carries OE quality steel, aluminum and sheet molding compound (SMC) hoods for hundreds of makes and models.


Fenders frame the body’s wheel wells and protect the car from dents and scratches from objects on the road that could be flung into the air by the tires. Our steel and SMC material fenders are manufactured with precision and quality, ensuring the most optimal fit and reliability.


Bumpers are the most damage prone part on a car. They are generally the first point of contact in a collision and absorb most of the shock and intensity of an impact minimizing damage to other parts. Pacific Auto Company supplies bumpers made of strong sheet metal or aluminum that help protect your car and all of its parts: headlamps, fenders, etc. We offer the most competitive pricing on all our bumpers, making it easy to find the perfect replacement bumper at the right price.

Bumper Covers

Bumper covers are typically constructed from ABS plastic and help to reinforce and strengthen a bumper by helping to absorb more of the impact and energy in a collision. They are the most prominently featured body part for most modern automobiles. At PAC, you can be assured that your bumper cover will not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also help support your bumper with high quality, durability, and reliability.

Replacement Lights

Pacific Auto Company carries an extensive line of automotive replacement lamps: head lamp assemblies, fog lamp assemblies, corner lamp assemblies, tail lamp assemblies, front and rear side markers, parking lamps and signal lamps and more for almost all makes and models. These lamps are manufactured and tested vigorously to ensure the best quality, safety, durability, and fit. PAC supplies most premium industry brands for aftermarket lamp replacement products, all of which meet SAE/DOT standards. We also carry a vast selection of CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) certified replacement lights to ensure that the products are OE comparable in form, fit and function. PAC works closely with our vendors to carry lights for the most current models to keep up with the ever-changing automotive industry.

Door Mirrors

Door mirrors are one of the most important safety features of a car. PAC offers a wide selection of replacement mirrors for all types of vehicles. Our door mirrors are OE quality and are available with both standard and premium features. Each replacement mirror has been manufactured to OE specifications using the most current manufacturing techniques and quality controls, including tests against glass vibration, to ensure optimal fit and performance.


A grille covers the opening at the front of your vehicle to allow airflow to the engine and is often used as a unique styling element. Grilles change from model to model as a simple way to update the design of the vehicle. Common locations for the grille include under the hood, in the front bumper, or in the cowl top for cabin ventilation. PAC offers an extensive inventory of grilles that have been manufactured to OE specifications in primed-black or chrome.

Other Products

Other replacement parts we carry include: Energy Absorbers, Bumper Reinforcements, Bumper Brackets, Bumper Ends, Bumper Fillers, Bumper Moldings, Inner Fender Aprons, Fender Liners, Fender Extension/Flares, Grille Shells, Grille Moldings, Header Panels, Headlamp Doors, Hood Moldings, Valances, Radiator Supports, Tailgates, Step Bumpers, Mounting Kits, Window Regulators, Mounting Brackets and more.

Cooling Products


Pacific Auto Company offers the greatest selection of radiators in the market. For over 10 years, Pacific Auto Company has manufactured and distributed our own line of PBI radiators and condensers. We believe in providing our customers with the best and continuously strive to improve our products. Aside from the PBI brand, we also stock an extensive variety of name brand cooling products including Hella, Delphi, Koyo, Nissens, Valeo, and Vista Pro. Pacific Best Inc. has the largest inventory for most makes and models and carries both OEM and aftermarket replacement cooling products.

AC Condensers

A Condenser, another heat exchange system, is an air conditioning system’s best friend. Just like our radiators, Pacific Auto Company’s own line of high quality AC Condensers is designed with the highest quality, fit, and function in mind. The vast majority of our condensers feature parallel flow construction, which offers superior heat transfer over serpentine flow designs. Our condensers are put through many rigorous tests in order to guarantee optimal performance.

Cooling Fan Assemblies

Pacific Auto Company carries a wide selection of radiator and condenser cooling fan assemblies to complement almost any automobile’s cooling system. These fan assemblies are built with high-grade ball bearings, magnets, and carbon brushes to ensure high quality, durability and reliability.

The PBI Brand

Our PBI Radiators undergo a robust quality assurance process that ensures our customers get the best product in the market. Designed and manufactured to OE standards, including materials, specifications, and measurements, PBI radiators offer optimal cooling efficiency and performance for all vehicles. Our plastic and aluminum core radiators cover more than 30,000 applications and are available for most make and model cars from 1960 to the present.


  1. What is the difference between CAPA certified parts and non-certified parts?

CAPA (The Certified Automotive Parts Association) is a non-profit organization that oversees a test program guaranteeing the suitability and quality of automotive parts. Many insurance companies require you use certified parts to repair collision damage. CAPA certifies parts for fitment, as well as composition of all materials. In addition, CAPA checks weld integrity. CAPA certified parts deliver the same high quality of original parts for a fair price.

To determine if a part is CAPA certified check to see if it has a yellow sticker attached to its underside. Just ask one of our customer service representatives to see if a CAPA certified part is right for you.

  1. Do you offer credit terms for new accounts?

Yes, we do offer credit terms. Simply fill out a credit application and mail it back to our accounting department as noted on the form. Once your application has been reviewed and processed, one of our accounting representatives will contact you.

  1. Are there order cutoff times for same-day delivery?

Yes. Prime Automotive Corp. can deliver on the same business day provided you place your order before 12:00pm. For deliveries to outlying counties such as Riverside, Oceanside, Bakersfield or Ventura County, we ask our customers to order their parts the day before, preferably before 5:00pm.

  1. What is Prime Automotive Corp’s return policy?

The nature of business-to-business transactions requires that all return credit is issued to the same buyer. There are no cash refunds for part returns, but credit or refund checks are given provided that the return is within 15 days of the purchase date. Any parts installed, painted, or otherwise altered are not eligible for return.

  1. What if the part is defective?

In the rare case that a body part is defective, whether it’s poor fitment, faulty electronics, or leaking radiators, we ask our customers to provide photo documentation of the defect. This documentation is, in turn, used to expedite the credit claim and improve the quality control of our company’s products.

  1. Do you sell to the public?

Yes. While the majority of our customers are collision repair businesses, individuals are also welcome to come visit one of our warehouse distribution centers. If you have a California reseller’s license, you may even buy our products free of tax!

  1. Do you deliver to residential homes?

Unfortunately, due to our commercial truck insurance stipulations, Prime Automotive Corporation cannot deliver to private residences or shops that do not have parking lots or receiving bays.


  1. What do I need to order a cooling part?

To ensure that the ordering process is as efficient and accurate as possible, make sure you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#) of the vehicle you’re inquiring about. This will let us determine the year, make, model and engine size of your vehicle. Knowing this information will allow us to accurately define the exact product you’re looking for. Otherwise, knowing a radiator or condenser’s DPI number facilitates the ordering process. DPI numbers are widely-used industry references used to match products to their proper applications.

  1. How long after I place an order is it shipped?

When an order is received, it is processed, picked, packed, and then shipped out from our warehouse within 24- 48 hours.

  1. What is my warranty on the parts?

All Pacific Best Inc. products have a limited 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.

  1. What if I receive my part damaged?

You will need to return the part with the carrier. Once the part has been returned, contact us for a replacement.

  1. What if I order the wrong part, can I still return it?

You will need to contact Pacific Best Inc. with the details of why the product you received is not correct. We will issue an RGA for return and offer the correct replacement.

  1. Where are your radiators and condensers manufactured?

Our high quality radiators and condensers are manufactured in our factories in China following accurate blue print specifications and measurements. Our PBI Radiators undergo a robust quality assurance process that ensures our customers get the best product in the market.

  1. Other than Prime Automotive Corp, who else sells PBI products?

A sample list of our customers that sell our products include 1800 Radiator, Auto Zone, PepBoys, O’Reilly Auto Parts, O.S.C. Distributing and many more.

  1. Are your cooling parts OEM quality?

Yes. We manufacture to the same specifications as original parts, meeting the criteria needed for functionality, workmanship, material and construction.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, company checks, and/or cash payments. We also offer credit terms. Simply fill out a credit application and mail it back to our accounting department as noted on the form. Once your application has been reviewed and processed, one of our accounting representatives will contact you.

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