Oxytocin Summary Data Team Name

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Oxytocin Summary Data

Team Name________________________________

#Deliveries per year__________ Teachingā–” Privateā–”

Time in IMPACT Perinatal Community ________________

2008 Structure



  1. Interdisciplinary Fetal Monitoring Education

  1. Documentation tools consistent with NICHD terminology (September 2008)

3.Weekly fetal monitoring strip and case reviews

4. Monthly fetal monitoring strip and case reviews

5. Standard mixture and policy for oxytocin administration

6. One standard administration order set

7. NO Individual provider administration order set

8. Team definition for tachysystole

9. Clinical algorithm for identification and management of tachysystole

10. Clinical algorithm for management of abnormal/indeterminate FHR patterns

11. RN empowered to call cesarean team

12. RN empowered to call neonatal team

13. Consistent handoff tool {SBAR, etc} specify

14. Informed Consent for oxytocin administration

15. Individual Provider data published about induction/augmentation rates?

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