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Paul Halsall
2802College St, #3,

Jacksonville, FL 32205

(904) 327 4848

Ph.D. History : Fordham University May 1999

Comprehensive examinations passed May 1991 (High Pass)

Dissertation: "Women's Bodies, Men's Souls: Sanctity and Gender in Byzantium"

Mentors: Prof. John Meyendorff (+1992), Prof. Maryanne Kowaleski

MA Classical Civilisation : Birkbeck College, University of London 1986

Thesis: "How to Live after Alexander: Hellenistic Philosophers on the Good Life"

Mentor: Dr. Michael Trapp
Certificate in General Leadership Studies : Moray House College of Education : South East Scotland Training Association for Youth and Community Service : 1983
MA (Hons) History, Upper Second : University of Edinburgh 1982
Scholarships and Fellowships
Fordham University Senior Teaching Fellow 1996/97

Dissertation Fellowship 1995/1996

Presidential Scholarship 1987/88, 1988/89, 1989/90, 1990/91,


Teaching Fellowship 1988/89, 1989/90

Graduate Assistantship 1987/88

Honors and Awards
University of North Florida

SGA History Teacher of the Year 2002

University of North Florida

Teaching and Technology Grant Summer 2000

Fordham University Levac Prize 1999

Donnelly Memorial Prize in Medieval Studies 1993

Fordham University Teaching Fellow of the Year 1988/89

"The Life of St. Thomais of Lesbos," [annotated translation], in Holy Women of Byzantium, ed. Alice-Mary Talbot, (Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 1996), 291-322
"Review of Donald. M. Nicol, The Byzantine Lady, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994,)" in Medieval Feminist Newsletter, 1996
"Review of Derek Krueger, Symeon the holy fool: Leontius's Life and the late antique city, (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1996,)" Bryn Mawr Medieval Review 1996
"A Guide to Modern Byzantine Literature," [annotated bibliography] Australian Association of Byzantine Studies Newsletter, Spring 1997
"Review of Que(e)ring Religion: A Critical Anthology, ed. Gary David Comstock and Susan E. Henking, (New York: Continuum, 1997)", in CLGH: Committee on Lesbian and Gay History Newsletter, forthcoming
"Likely Queers: The Queer Middle Ages Conference, New York, November 5-7 1998," SSHMA Newsletter, (Winter 1999), 1-7
"Early Western Civilization under the Sign of Gender: Europe and the Mediterranean (4000BCE-1400CE)," in Blackwell Companion to Gender History, edited By Teresa A Meade and Merry E Wiesner-Hanks (Cambridge: Blackwell, 2005) 285-306.
Papers and presentations
"Balsamon's View of the Primacy of Constantinople," Byzantine Studies Conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, October 27th, 1989
"The Black Death in Byzantium," Fordham University History Lecture Series, April 1991, (was accepted for presentation at the XVIIIth International Congress of Byzantine Studies, University of Moscow, Moscow, August 8-14th, 1991, but not given due to interruption of travel plans)
"Cruising the Internet: Internet Resources for Medievalists and Other Humanists," Fordham University, 25th January 1993
"Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe: Evidence and Debates," Gay Greek Association, New York, October 1994; Dignity/New York, January 1995
"The History of Women in the Priesthood," Dignity/New York, May 1995
"Using the Internet Medieval Sourcebook in Teaching" at Session: "What Do You Do After You Say `Ghee Whiz': Teaching with the Internet," TEAMS at International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 1997
"Byzantine Studies on the Internet", Byzantine Studies Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 27 September 1997
"Wedded to Christ: Nuptiality and Gender Reversal in the Lives of Byzantine Male Saints," Byzantine Studies Conference, University of Wisconsin- Madison, 26 September 1997
"Byzantine Studies on the Internet", Byzantine Studies Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 27 September 1997
"Friendship and Homosexuality in the Lives of Byzantine Saints," Queer Middle Ages Conference, City University of New York, 6 November, 1998
"The Internet History Sourcebooks Project and Teaching Methodologies," American Association for History and Computing Conference, Temple University, Philadelphia, April 24, 1999
"Saints and Statistics," New York "Friends of the Saints" Hagiography Colloquy, New York, 15 January, 2000

World Wide WEB Sites
Editor and originator, The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook, a collection of translated primary source documents for teaching.
Editor and originator, The Internet Medieval Sourcebook, a widely used collection of over a thousand translated primary source documents for teaching.

Editor and originator, Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet, the most comprehensive site for Byzantine studies on the World Wide Web. It also contains pages commissioned by the International Congress on Byzantine Studies and the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies. /halsall/byzantium/

Contributing editor, Byzantium section, ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies, an online textbook of original articles directed at undergraduates.

Editor and originator, The Internet Modern History Sourcebook, a collection of over five hundred translated primary source documents for teaching.
Teaching Experience
Assistant Professor, University of North Florida, 1999-2005

Taught medieval and Byzantine history and core classes in western and world civilization. Courses: "Core I: Western Civilization to 1668," "Core II: Western Civilization Since 1668." "Medieval History," "Islamic History to 1799," "History of Sex and Gender," "The Crusades," "Saints and Sainthood," "Core Abroad," "Istanbul in History," "Myth, Epic, and Romance: Medieval History and Film," "Readings in European History I and II." Supervised up to twelve graduate assistants and adjunct faculty. Chaired College Curriculum Committee for three years. Organized and led 5 study abroad courses.

Lecturer (one year appointment), Brooklyn College, 1998/99

Taught core classes in western civilization and Chinese culture. Responsible for preparation of an online version of the "Shaping of the Modern World" for the Brooklyn College Virtual Core initiative.

Senior Teaching Fellow, Fordham University, 1996/97

"History 1300: Introduction to Medieval History"

Adjunct Lecturer, Fordham University, Fall 1995, Fall 1997-Spring 1998

"History 1202: The Shaping of the Medieval World"

"The West: Enlightenment to Present". Online syllabus
Adjunct Lecturer, Brooklyn College, Fall 1995-Spring 1998

"Core 9: African, Latin American and Asian Studies". Responsible

for section of course devoted to Chinese history and culture.
Adjunct Lecturer, City College of New York, Summer 1995

"History 102: World Civilization since 1500"

Adjunct Lecturer, Rutgers University, Spring 1995

"History 320: Classical World" (Roman and Late Antique

history - an upper level course)

"History 358: Modern Europe: War and Revolution" (European history

since 1918 - an upper level course)
Adjunct Lecturer, Brooklyn College, 1993/94, 1994/95

"Core 4: The Shaping of the Modern World"

Adjunct Lecturer, Queensborough Comm. College, 1992/93, Spring 1994, Fall 1994

"History 110: Ancient Civilizations"

Lecturer, Brooklyn College, Spring 1993

"Core 4: The Shaping of the Modern World"

"History 12: Europe from the Renaissance to the French Revolution"
Adjunct Lecturer, Brooklyn College, Fall 1992

"Core 4: The Shaping of the Modern World"

Adjunct Lecturer, Rutgers University, Fall 1992

"Europe Since 1945" (upper level course)

Adjunct Lecturer, Manhattan College, 1990/91, 1991/1992

"The Medieval World"

"The Ancient World"
Adjunct Lecturer, College of Mount St. Vincent, Spring 1991, Spring 1992

"Development of Civilization"

Teaching Fellow, Fordham University, 1988/89, 1989/90

"History 1000: The Development of the Modern World"

Education-Related Job Experience
Academic Computing Consultant, Brooklyn College, Fall 1997
Advised on establishment of History department World Wide Web site and virtual teaching methodologies.
Freshmen Registration Counselor, Brooklyn College, May 1993 to February 1998

Interviewed and advised incoming and transfer students on appropriate programs. Made preliminary assessment of transfer credits.

President, Graduate Student Association, Fordham University, June 1990 to June 1992

Elected twice as a stipended officer to run the graduate student government: scheduling academic, professional, and social events; administering a $40,000 budget; and providing advice of all sorts to graduate students.

Interviewer, Columbia University School of Public Health, June 1988 to Sept. 1991 (summers)

Interviewed over 120 homosexual men as part of a research project into the psychosocial effects of the AIDS epidemic.

Graduate Assistant to Dean, August 1987 to July 1988

Fordham University, Bronx, NY.

Press Office Worker, Greater London Council, January to April 1986

Wrote brief press releases, provided information to journalists regarding the break-up of local government in London, supplied a press-cutting service and administrative support to senior council officers.

Assistant Director, Catholic International Students' Hostel, London, Mar. 1984 to Sept. 1985

Supervised clerical and support staff in 140 bed hostel, coordinated payments and registration, organized social programs and provided counseling and supervision to students.

Other Work Experience
Nutrition Consultant (promotions), 141 Boomerang, Sept 2006 - ongoing

Promoting Eukanuba dog food.

Fact Checker, Encyclopeadia Britannica, May 2006 - ongoing

Independent contractor checking facts for Encyclopeadia Britannica articles.

Verizon Brand Ambassador, Gravitate/Marketing Works, June-9-August 4 2006

Promoting Verizon valued-added services at in-store locations.

Medicare Part D Educator, Encore Nationwide, April 10-May 15 2006

Explaining Medicare Part D (the drug benefits program) to potential beneficiaries in a variety of community venues.

Account Manager, City's Best Advertising, Feb-March 2006

Door to door b2b sales of Bellsouth services.

Clerical Officer, British Telecom, London, May 1986 to July 1987

Proofread and copy edited written material, maintained customer database using dBase III+, monitored budgets, prepared correspondence, trained employees on computing equipment, participated in telephone sales.

Figure-Worker, Manpower Ltd, London, September 1985 to January 1986

Assessed and calculated pay claims.

Fieldworker for Volunteers, YWCA, Edinburgh, April 1983 to March 1984

Recruited, interviewed, and placed volunteers in a variety of positions, maintained the records of volunteers, and publicized the work of the YWCA.

Student Jobs 1977-1982:

Bingo hall runner, supermarket storeman, security guard at the Royal Highland Show, beach worker/deckchair hirer, teacher of English to a seven year old French boy, catering assistant in school kitchens, barman.

Voluntary Work
St. Francis Soup Kitchen March 2006-

Countries Visited
[Lived in: England, Scotland, Wales, New York, Florida]. Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Vatican, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain (+ Catalunya, +Ibiza), Portugal, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Palestine (PLA), Canada, USA, and border posts of Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, and Iran.
American States: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, District of Columbia.
Office Skills/Experience
General Keyboard Skills, 45 wpm

MS-Word, WordStar, Decmate/WPS-PC, PFS, and PC-Write word-processing

Use of Apple Macintosh


Budget Monitoring

Claims processing

Telemarketing - with and without a script

Dealing with Customer complaints

Setting up new filing systems

Good reading knowledge of French

Press Interviews
On Homosexuality in Ancient Greece, WKCR, New York, July 2006

[ ]

On the Crusades/Kingdom of Heaven, National Public Radio, May 2005

[ ]

On the Crusades/Kingdom of Heaven, CNN International, May 2005
On the Internet History Sourcebooks Project, UNF Today, May 2004
Prof. David Courtwright,

John A. Delaney Presidential Professor

Dept. of History
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645
Home office: (904) 745 0530
University office: (904) 620-1872
Fax: (904) 620-1018
Prof. Dale Lothrop Clifford, University of North Florida (904) 620 2886

Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

University of North Florida
4567 St. Johns Bluff Road S.
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone (904) 620-2560  

Fax (904) 620-2929

Prof. Maryanne Kowaleski,

Director, Center for Medieval Studies,

Fordham University
441 E. Fordham Rd.,

FMH 405B

Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: (718) 817-4655

Fax: (718) 817-3987
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