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OBJECTIVE: To be part of a dynamic and growing translation agency that can allow me to prove that translation is my passion.



DATE OF BIRTH : 20th July, 1982


PLACE OF BIRTH: Benin Republic

NATIONALITY: Benin Republic & Nigeria (father being a Nigerian)

STATE OF ORIGIN: Porto Novo & Ogun State (fatherly)

ADDRESS: 101, Ogudu Road, Ojota Lagos

PHONE NO : +234 90 29 89 49 01/ 090 33 77 44 58

EMAIL : (checked daily)


  • Ability to relate and work with others

  • Goods initiatives towards construction

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Project deadline-oriented

EDUCATION: Qualifications:

Sept 20, 2009- Sept 23, 2009

  • Training on prevention, Control and Forensic Acc Investigation

August 25, 2009 – August 28, 2009

  • Training on Effective Cash handling skill & Security precaution

June16, 2009-June19, 2009

  • Bachelor degree in Finance 2012 – 2013

Licence Finance Comptabilite, (done in French)

  • HND in Accounting & Finance (done in French) 2003-2005

(BTS béninois et BTS Ivoirien en Finance Comptabilité)

  • OND in Accounting (BAC G2 (done in French) 2002-2003

  • Certificate of Professional Ability (done in French) 2000-2001

  • O’ Levels ( BEPC) (done in French ) 1998-1999

Schools attended with Date:

  • UCAO St Michel Dakar 2013 - 2014

  • UATM GASA Formation Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire 2003-2005

  • College Robert Djidonou Porto Novo Benin Republic 2002-2003

  • ECOTAM PRESTO, Porto Novo Benin Republic 2000-2001

  • Groupe Scolaire l’ELITE, Porto Novo Benin Republic 1998-1999


  • Application Programs like MS Word, Ms Excel,

  • Window Environment

  • Expertise in E-business


  • Contract for translating articles on the use of a computer (as a freelancer)

  • Translating for CABINET DE TRADUCTION BRIDGECOM , villa 19 b, Fass DAKAR since Nov 2013 and TRADUIRE INTERNATIONAL till Date

  • Conference Interpretation for IFRI ( An international NGO) Senegal at Novotel le 24/10/2012

  • Medical documents translation for ECOWAS Translation Agency

DANGOTE CEMENT NIGERIA 08/05/2009 – 23/06/2015

  • Translation of bank statement, financial statement from French to in English

  • Interpretation from French to English ( vice versa) at the cement plant site

  • Trip to Senegal Office for 2 years as a bilingual off / Accounts Off from 09/12

  • Translation of various documents for auditing purposes into English / French

  • Translation of procedure manual, company handbook

  • Translation of logistics, construction, documents etc into French.

  • Interpretation from English into French. Vice versa.

  • Taking of minutes of all meetings with Directors

  • Assistance for setting up DANGOTE Congo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Gabon, etc

  • Translation / Interpretation of received mail into French or English according to the need.

  • Receiving phone call in French and Interpreting into English

  • Cash handling, paying casual workers at plant.

  • Processing of bills for payment, trip expenses reimbursement

  • Assistance in the Preparation of Ledger

  • Bank reconciliation

Banque Atlantique Oct 2007-jan 2008

Cotonou, Benin Republic

Post Held: Foreign Transaction Agent Assistant

  • Translation of mail from English to French for transaction purposes

  • Dispatching of documents, filing

  • Use of money transaction software: ORION

WESTERN UNION SNC Oct 2006-April 2007

Abidjan , Cote d’ Ivoire.

Post Held: Customer Relation Officer

  • In charge of customer relation at one Western Union branch in Abidjan

  • Record of daily transaction in cashbook.

SIGEXCI Aug 2006- Oct 2006

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. (Chartered Accounting Office)

Post Held: Accounts Officer

  • Assistant in Audit Department

  • Book-keeping

  • Use of the accounting software QUICKBOOK

AUREX CONSEIL (Chartered Accounting Office) June 2006- Augt 2006

  • Book-keeping with SAGE SARI

SONACOP SA Sep 2005- Nov 2005

Cotonou, BENIN Republic

Post Held: Treasurer Assistant

  • Financial Balance sheet with its analysis.

INTERESTS: Internet, Wordpress site building, E-commerce site, Social Media analyst, writing,
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: French, English, Yoruba, Egun (Benin) , Fongbe (Benin), Mina (Togo), Arabic (reading and basic speaking), Wolof (Senegal),

BALOGOUN OCENI , Chartered Accountant in Ivory Coast +22505044067
ABIDEMI RUKA P.A. to the Vice President Dangote Group, +2348058549727
BOUSSARI AMIDOU Mechanical Engineering Consultant +221776322951

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