Pilot tutorial – K200 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology

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PILOT Tutorial for K200 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology

PILOT Tutorial – K200 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology

By Margaret Lion

The PILOT Tutorial is designed to strengthen your skills in picking credible sources for your school work and life. The PILOT Tutorial is on a Website. You will work through the Website and take a short quiz. Read the instructions below for the steps you must take to complete the PILOT and what to submit for a grade.

You will take a screenshot of your quiz results and paste them into a Wordpad. Type your name on the document and then submit it to Pilot Tutorial in Assignments in Canvas. You MUST get 80% or higher on the TILT to receive full points. You must also have your name on the document or no points will be given. File Name: Lastname_Firstname_PILOT.docx

Instructions for completing the PILOT Tutorial:

  1. Go to the PILOT Website - http://pilot.scc.losrios.edu/pilot/.

  2. First, click on First Time Users.

  3. Register, no you will not be obligated to do or pay anything.

  4. Click the Register button.

  5. You will now be at the PILOT home menu page.

  6. Read and work through Module 1- Identify Sources ONLY! (Do not read the others unless you want. They are not required for K200.)

  7. When you get to the end of identifying sources you will see two people dancing and the word Congrats.

  8. Click on the quiz link and take the quiz. NOTE: You MUST score 80% or higher in order to receive your points!! If you do not score higher than 80%, take the quiz again.

  9. You can take the quiz as many times as you like.

  10. When you have finished the quiz, take a screenshot showing your score and answer breakdown.

  11. Open Wordpad or Microsoft Word. Type your name and "PILOT Score" at the top of the page.

  12. Paste your screenshot into the document.

  13. Save it as Lastname_Firstname_PILOT.

  14. Submit the document for grading in PILOT Tutorial in Assignments.

By Margaret Lion, Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University 2013© Revised 2016©

Download 6.06 Kb.

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