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Advanced Hoops Training Presents


Becoming a Threat Every Touch

A lost art in the game of basketball now at the recreation, middle, and high school levels, is the inability for players to be productive playing in the post. Kids don’t know how, or feel uncomfortable playing in the post. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low post? Most players simply don’t know what to do.

AHT Basketball is offering specific training on how post players can become more of a threat every time they touch the basketball. Learn post moves with back to the basket moves, moves off the face up, and learn how to make them double team you on every catch. High post moves, as well as low post moves will be covered in this 2 hour advanced class for post players. Passing out of the low and high post will also be covered.

This training is being offered to both boys and girls, middle school to high school ages, and will be offered May through August 2014. This is a 2 hour training clinic, and the cost per player is $50. AHT Basketball also offers other specific, position training, throughout the summer months.

The clinician for this post player development clinic is AJ Gwyn. Gwyn is a current AAU Boy’s Coach in North Georgia and has been training basketball players for over 25 years. He is a former player at the high school, collegiate, and professional level, and also coached professionally. He also works for the Atlanta Hawks helping conduct youth basketball clinics across Metro Atlanta, Georgia. He is considered one of the top basketball trainers and coaches in the country, and wants to bring this advanced type training to your area.

To schedule this training, a minimum of 5 players is required. We offer this training to all school programs and park and recreation departments, and can also be done on a private level. Players must bring a committed work ethic and be prepared to work hard. Conditioning work will also be included in this training.

Clinics are currently being scheduled, so don’t miss out on bringing this opportunity to your program. You can contact Coach AJ Gwyn at, or at 678-300-0453. Visit us on Facebook at Ahthoops.

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