Post Office Box #515 Highland Park, Illinois 60035

LPO. [two reels, each in its own box] Angel R11/2-537733/4(2). 18.00 126.*TILSON THOMAS: Debussy - La Mer; Nocturnes (with Ambrosian Singers

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LPO. [two reels, each in its own box] Angel R11/2-537733/4(2). 18.00

126.*TILSON THOMAS: Debussy - La Mer; Nocturnes (with Ambrosian Singers). PO. [digital recording; c.1983: this must have been a VERY short-lived issue - mwsy only other copy sold in 1996!] Col 1R1-7608. 25.00

Open Reel's: Tape Catalogs
127. COLUMBIA 1962/06 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels to June, 1962. [16 pages] 4.00

128. COLUMBIA 1963/05 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels to May, 1963. [27 pages] 5.00

129. COLUMBIA 1966/01 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels to January, 1966. [37 pages] 8.00

130. EPIC 1963 STEREO TAPES: 4-track open-reels to February, 1963. [12 pages] 5.00

Open Reel's: Film Music
131.*ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS: (Georges Delerue). Decca ST74-9174. (my 1st copy) 14.00

132.*CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG: (Sherman & Sherman). Van Dyke. United Art UAC-5188. 10.00

133.*COME BLOW YOUR HORN: (Nelson Riddle). Reprise S9-6071. (first copy I've seen!) 16.00

134.*DOCTOR DOOLITTLE: (Bricusse). 20th Cen Fox TWC-5101. 12.00

135.*EXODUS: (Ernest Gold). RCA FTO-5007. 12.00

136.*EXODUS: And Other Great Movie Themes: The Alamo; The Apartment; Warsaw Concerto from Dangerous Moonlight; The Sundowners; Greensleeves from Moment of Love. 101 Strings. [In keeping with Audio Spectrum's dedication to educating listeners, the 101 Strings are described as "The World's First Stereo Scored Orchestra."] Audio Spectrum AST-116. 12.00

137.*HOW THE WEST WAS WON: (Alfred Newman). MGM STC-4201. 12.00

138.*JOANNA: (Rod McKuen). 20th Century Fox TWC-4202. 12.00

139.*NEVER ON SUNDAY: (Hadjidakis). United Art UATC-2225. (very minor box scuffs) 11.00

140.*SOUND OF MUSIC: (Rodgers; Hammerstein). Andrews; Plummer. RCA FTO-5033. 8.00

141.*SOUTH PACIFIC: (Rodgers & Hammerstein). Brazzi (Giorgio Tozzi sings his part); Gaynor; Kerr. [3 3/4 ips] RCA TO3-1018. (minor box scuffs) 9.00

142.*SOUND OF MUSIC: (Rodgers; Hammerstein). Andrews; Plummer. RCA ERPA-2005-A. 12.00

143.*ZORBA THE GREEK: (Mikis Theodorakis). 20th Century Fox TCC-4167. 11.00
Open Reel's: Musicals - Original Cast
144.*CAROUSEL: (Rodgers & Hammerstein) - Raitt; Clayton; Darling. Decca ST74-9020. 10.00

145.*KING AND I: (Rodgers & Hammerstein). 1977 Broadway production: Brynner; Towers. [D] RCA EBP1-2610-A. (I haven't seen this since 1997) 12.00

146.*MAME: (Broadway Cast). Lansbury, et. al. Col OQ-853. (my 1st copy since 1995!) 11.00

147.*MAN OF LA MANCHA: (Leigh; Darion). Kapp KTA-41109. 9.00

148.*PURLIE: Original Broadway Cast. Ampex N-101. 11.00

149.*THE FANTASTICKS: (original off-broadway cast). MGM STC-3872. 12.00

150.*TWO BY TWO: (Rodgers; Stone; Charnin). Kaye; Madeline Kahn. Col SR-30338. 7.00

151.*WEST SIDE STORY: (Bernstein; Sondheim). Lawrence; Kert; Goberman. Col OQ-345. 12.00

Open Reel's: Miscellaneous Non-Classical
152.*50 GUITARS OF TOMMY GARRETT: Maria Elena. Liberty STL-14030-C. 11.00

153.*ALL STAR FESTIVAL: 12 Great Popular Stars: Brothers Four, Brubeck, Conniff, De Vol, Percy Faith, Andre Previn, Mitch Miller, Kostelanetz, L, 4 more. Col SQ-2. 11.00

154.*ALVIN LEE & COMPANY: Ten Years After. Deram M-77064. 12.00

155.*BAGPIPES & DRUMS: Twelve works performed by Ninth Regiment, New York State Guard Pipe Band. Fidelity AFST-1857. 12.00

156.*BENT FABRIC: Alley Cat. [3 3/4 ips] Atco 148. 9.00

157.*BENT FABRIC: Organ Grinder's Swing. [3 3/4 ips] Atco 164. 9.00

158.*BOBBY GOLDSBORO: Honey. United Artists UST-6642-C. 11.00

159.*DOROTHY DONNEGIN: "LIVE". Ten selections; tape claims one hour of play, so they must stretch out a bit. [3 3/4 ips] Tape-Mates TMS-60-01. 9.00

160.*FRANK CHACKSFIELD: The Best of Cole Porter. Richmond RPE-45005. 10.00

161.*FRED HARTLEY: His Twin Pianos. Richmond RPX-49003. 11.00

162.*GUITARS UNLIMITED: Tender is the Night. [3 3/4] Capitol Y1T-173. 9.00

163.*HARA'S BIG BAND: Hold On! [3 3/4 ips] Superscope 3-A012-N. 9.00

164.*JACK JONES: Lady. Kapp KT-3511. 12.00

165.*JANIS JOPLIN: Joplin in Concert. [3 3/4 ips] Col C2R-31160. 10.00

166.*LENA HORNE: Merry from Lena. [3 3/4 ips] United Art UAX-6546. 10.00

167.*LENA HORNE: Soul. [3 3/4 ips] United Art UAX-6496. 10.00

168.*LONDON POPULAR SAMPLER: 10 selections; 2 each by Heath, Chacksfield, Mantovani, Stanley Black & Edmundo Ros [FFST spine] London LPQ-66000. 10.00

169.*MANTOVANI: Broadway Themes. Inc West Side Story, Carnival, Music Man, King & I, Camelot, Flower Drum Song, Fiorello, My Fair Lady, etc. London LPM-70047. 12.00

170.*MANUEL AND HIS STRINGS: Latin Sounds and Spanish Harlem. [double-play reel; 3 3/4 ips] MGM STA-4299(2). 10.00

171.*MEMBERS OF SHAW ORCHESTRA: Tribute to Artie Shaw. Crown ST-107. 11.00

172.*MEMORIES OF THE ROARING 20S: Carol Channing; The Ragtime Rascals; The Collegians. Society LSS-1000-4T. 11.00

173.*PERCY FAITH: Viva! - The Music of Mexico. Col CQ-321. 10.00

174.*RAY CHARLES: Songs for Lonesome Lovers. Command RS 4T-874. 12.00

175.*ROGER WILLIAMS: I'll Remember You. Kapp KTC-41111. (minor box scuffs) 9.00

176.*THE SANDPIPERS: Child of Clay. A&M OR-4130. 12.00

177.*THE SANDPIPERS: Softly. A&M OR-4147. 12.00

178.*THE SANDPIPERS: The Sandpipers. A&M OR-4125. 12.00

179.*THE SANDPIPERS: The Wonder of You. A&M OR-4180. 12.00

180.*TWIN STRING ORCHS: Gershwin - 10 pcs. Vincent, conductor. Pickwick P4T-403. 11.00

181.*THE VOGUES: Till. Reprise RST-6326-C. 11.00

182.*TIJUANA BRASS: Greatest Hits. A&M OR-4245. 12.00

183.*TIJUANA BRASS: Whipped Cream & Other Delights. A&M OR-4110. 12.00

That's it for the tapes: the rest of the catalog is devoted to LP's.
LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire
Operatic and choral listings include libretti unless noted NL for "No Libretto."
184. BACH: Cantata #4; Motet #3. Shaw/His Chorale; RCA Victor Sym. [only in print January 1954 to July/August 1957] RCA LM-9035. B+/B(earliest labels) 9.00

185.*BACH: Christmas Oratorio. Baumann; Sahesch-Pur; Hoffman; Hopfner; Hillebrand; Schneidt/Collegium St.Emmeram; Regensburger Domspatzen. Archiv 2723 057(3). A- to A(c/c) 12.00

186.*BACH: Easter Oratorio. Forrester; Raskin; Lewis; Beattie; Ormandy/Phila; Temple University Cho. Col MS-6539. A-(c/c) 9.00

187.*BACH: Motets, BWV 225-231; BWV Anhang 159. Schneidt/Regensberger Domspatzen; Capella Academica Wien. Archiv 2708 031(2). A- to A 8.00

188.*BACH: St. Matthew Passion. Ludwig; Janowitz; Schreier; Laubenthal; Fischer-Dieskau; Berry; Diakov; Karajan/BPO; Vienna Singverein. DGG 2864 017(4). A- to A(lovely Italian pressings) 18.00

189. BARBER: Hermit Songs. Leontyne Price; Composer, piano. ALEXEI HAIEFF: String Quartet #1 (Juilliard Quartet). Columbia Special Products CML-4988. A- 12.00

190. BARTOK: Bluebeard's Castle (sung in German). Nilsson; Sonnersted; Friisholm/Danish Radio. [broadcast, 1953; NL] HRE 225. A- 8.00

191. BARTOK: Bluebeard's Castle. Hellwig; Koreh; Susskind/New Symphony Orchestra of London. Bartok BR-310/11(2). A- 18.00

192.*BEETHOVEN: Christ on the Mount of Olives. Raskin; Lewis; Beattie; Ormandy/Phila; Temple University Choirs. Col MS-6841. A-("2-eyes" labels; s/s) 10.00

193. BEETHOVEN: Egmont (complete). Laszlo; Liewehr; Scherchen/VSOO. West WL-5281. B 7.00

194.*BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Behrens; Hofmann; Adam; Sotin; Ghazarian; Kuebler; Howell; Solti/CSO & Cho. [dig] London 3LDR-10017(3). A- to A 12.00

195. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Jurinac; Peerce; Stader; Dickie; Neidlinger; Ernster; Knappertsbusch/BVRS & Cho. West XWN-3318(3). A- 32.00

196. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Nilsson; Wengler; Hopf; Schoeffler; Frick; Unger; Erich Kleiber/unindentified company. [Live, 1956; NL; blank covers] Unique Opera UORC-327(2). A- 18.00

197. BELLINI: Il Pirata. Callas; Safarty; Miranda-Ferraro; Rescigno/American Opera Society. [Live, 1959; NL; blank jackets] FWR 641(2). A- 12.00

198.*BERG: Five Songs, Op.4; Lulu Suite (Margaret Price); Three Orchestral Pieces. Abbado/LSO. DGG 2530 146. FS(c/c) 9.00

199.*BERLIOZ: Beatrice & Benedict. Veasey; Cantelo; Watts; Mitchinson; Cameron; Shirley-Quirk; Davis/LSO; St. Anthony Singers. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-256/7(2). A- 11.00

200.*BERLIOZ: Benvenuto Cellini. Gedda; Bastin; Massard; Soyer; Blackwell; Lloyd; Davis/ROHCG. [TAS 42:115-16] Philips 6707 019(4). A- to A 11.00

201. BERLIOZ: Les Troyens. Ferrer; Gambon; Giraudeau; Beecham/RPO; BBC Theatre Chorus. [Live broadcast, 1947; no notes; NL] Melodram MEL-303(5). A- to A 34.00

202. BERLIOZ: Romeo & Juliet. Swarthout; Garris; Moscona; Toscanini/NBC; Cho. [Live, February 1947] [WD labels] RCA LM-7034(2). A- 28.00

203. BERLIOZ: Romeo et Juliette. Resnik; Turp; Ward; Monteux/LSO & Cho. [Fold-open album; notes page AUTOGRAPHED in bold black marker by Resnik & Ward] West XWN-2233(2). A- 18.00

204. BERLIOZ: Te Deum. Young; Beecham/RPO; LPO Choir. Col ML-4897. B 9.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
205.*BERNSTEIN: West Side Story. Te Kanawa; Carreras; Troyanos; Ollmann; Bernstein/Orch & Cho. [dig] DGG 415 253-1(2). A- to A 16.00

206. BIZET: Carmen. Destinn; Nast; Jorn; Bachmann; Dahn; Lieban; Krasa; Unidentified conductor/company. [recorded 1908; no notes or libretto included - as issued, I believe] Discophilia KS-1/3(3). A- 22.00

207. BIZET: Carmen. Borisenko; Shumskaya; Nelepp; Belov; Nebolsin/Bolshoi Theatre. [The box has been wrapped in brown paper and then tied with twine; I can't be sure, but my guess is that this is what passed as "factory sealed" in the USSR when this was issued!] Melodiya 05985-90(3). "FS"(see preceding notes) 32.00

208.*BIZET: La Jolie Fille de Perth. Young; Eda-Pierre; Hayter; Rippon; Lloyd-Jones/Northern Sym & Cho. [Live; England; 1973] MRF S-160(3). A- 17.00

209.*BLOCH: Sacred Service. Merrill; Bernstein/NYP; Chos. Col MS-6221. A-(very early "6-eyes" labels) 12.00

210.*BLOW: Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell; Bring Shepherds, Bring the Kids & Lambs; Cloe Found Amintas Lying; Sing, Ye Muses. Deller Consort; Stour Festival Chamber Orch. RCA VICS-1276. FS 8.00

211. BOIELDIEU: La Dame Blanche. Louvay; Doniaz; Baudoz; Berbie; Legros; Heral; Stoll/Raymond Saint-Paul Orch & Cho. [With lovely Soria-like illustrated booklet, but with French-only notes & libretto] Vega VAL-23(3). A- 27.00

212.*BOITO: Mefistofele. Siepi; Tebaldi; Del Monaco; Serafin/ASCR. Decca GOS-591-3(3). A- 25.00

213.*BOUGHTON (Rutland; 1878-1960): Immortal Hour. Dawson; Taylor; Davies; Bryson; Wilson-Johnson; Melville/ECA; Cho. [dig; DMM] Hyperion A-66101/2(2). A- 18.00

214.*BOYKAN: (Martin; b.1931): Elegy (Bryden, soprano; Hoose/Brandeis Contemporary Ch Players); Epithalamion (Maddalena, baritone; Cirillo, vln; Crumb, harp). [dig] CRI SD-566. A- to A 8.00

215.*BRITTEN: Cantata Misericordium (Pears; Fischer-Dieskau; Composer/LSO & Cho.); Sinfonia da Requiem (Composer/NPO). London OS-25937. A- 9.00

216.*BRITTEN: Curlew River. Pears; Shirley-Quirk; Blackburn; Composer & Tunnard/English Opera Group. London OSA-1156. A- 7.00

217.*BRITTEN: Peter Grimes. Vickers; Harper; Summers; Davis/ROHCG. Philips 6769 014(3). A- to A 11.00

218.*CASALS: El Pessebre. Forrester; Iglesias; Saharrea; Elvira; Serrano; Casals/Festival Casals Puerto Rico Orch; Cho. Col M2-32966(2). A- 14.00

219. CATALANI: La Wally. Tebaldi; Tozzi; Scotto; del Monaco; Gardino; Guelfi; Giulini/La Scala. [issued with no notes and NL - but Opera Orchestra of NY notes/libretto booklet included in this copy; Live: 12-7-53] HRE 382(2). A- 18.00

220. CHARPENTIER: Louise (in composer's abridged version). Vallin; Thill; Lecouvreur; Pernet; Gaudel; Bigot/Raugel Orch & Cho. [original oversized album in fine condition with only slight wear; deleted 3/57] Entre EL-7(2). B+ 25.00

221. CHERUBINI: Medea. Caballe; Lima; Weidinger; Candida; Zaccaria; Gatto/unidentified company. [Live, 1977; NL - as issued] HRE 411(3). A- 15.00

222. CILEA: Adriana Lecouvreur. Olivero; Simionato; Corelli; Bastianini; Rossi/Teatro San Carlo di Napoli. [Live, 11/28/59] [Notes inc English translation, but libretto is in Italian only] Fonit Cetra DOC-19(3). A- 27.00

223. DELLO JOIO: A Psalm of David. Crane Chorus & Orch of NY State University/Helen Hosmer, director. [10-inch] Concert Hall Society CHS-1118. A- 11.00

224.*DONIZETTI: Anna Bolena. Sills; Verrett; Burrows; Plishka; Rudel/LSO; Alldis Cho. Audio Treas ABC-ATS-20015(4). A- 12.00

225. DONIZETTI: Don Sebastiano. Poggi; Barbieri; Mascherini; Neri; Giulini/Teatro Comunale di Firenze. [Live; Salzburg Festival, 1954; Italian-only notes and libretto] Cetra LO-20(3). A-(very slight water dam to box; LP's fine) 15.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
226. DONIZETTI: L'Elisir d'Amore. B.Gigli; Rina Gigli; Taddei; Tajo; Gavazzeni / unidentified orch. [Live, 1953; NL; bl cov] Golden Age of Opera EJS 354(2). B/B+ 15.00

227.*DONIZETTI: La Favorita. Pavarotti; Cossotto; Bacquier; Ghiaurov; Cotrubas; Bonynge/Teatro Comunale, Bologna. London OSA-13113(3). A- 13.00

228.*DONIZETTI: Lucrezia Borgia. Caballe; Verrett; Kraus; Flagello; Perlea/RCA Italiana. [Mohr; Salvatore] RCA LSC-6176(3). A- 24.00

229.*DONIZETTI: Maria Padilla. Janet Price; Du Plessis; Elkins; Drago; Caley; Montgomery/Bournemouth Sinfonietta; Opera Rara Cho. [very nice booklet with notes and complete libretto] BJR S-135(3). A- 23.00

230.*DONIZETTI: Maria Stuarda. Sills; Farrell; Burrows; Quilco; Kern; du Plessis; Ceccato/LPO; Alldis Choir. Audio Treas ABC-ATS-20010(3). A- 11.00

231.*DUFAY: Music from the Court of Burgundy. Beckett/Musica Reservata. Philips 6500 085. FS 8.00

232.*ERKEL: Hunyadi Laszlo. Simandy; Dery; Orosz; Jambor; Komor/Budapest Phil. Qualiton SLPX-1040/42(3). A- 12.00

233.*FALLA: Atlantida (realized and completed by Halffter). Tarres; Gimenez; Sardinero; Fruhbeck de Burgos/Spanish National Orch & Cho. [quad] Angel SBLX-3852(2). A- 25.00

234.*FAURE: Penelope. Norman; Taillon; Vanzo; Van Dam; Huttenlocher; Dutoit/Monte Carlo Philharmonic; Jean Laforge Vocal Ens. Erato STU-71386(3). A- to A 13.00

235.*FAURE: Requiem. de los Angeles; Fischer-Dieskau; Cluytens/PCO; Brasseur Cho. Angel S-35974. A- 9.00

236. FAURE: Requiem. Sautereau; Demigny; Leibowitz/Paris Philharmonic & Cho. [10-inch] Musical Masterpiece Society MMS 82. B+ 11.00

237. FAURE: Requiem. Alarie; Maurane; Fournet/Lamoureux Orch; Brasseur Cho; Durufle, organ. Epic LC-3044. A-- 12.00

238.*FOERSTER: Eva. Depoltova; Barova; Vodicka; Soucek; Vajnar/Prague Radio Orch & Cho. Supraphon 1116-3311-13(3). A- 13.00

239.*FOSS: Time Cycle. Addison, soprano; Improvisation Ch Ens; Bernstein/Col Sym. Col CMS-6280. A-(demo copy) 12.00

240.*GLUCK: Orfeo ed Euridice. Verrett; Moffo; Raskin; Fasano/Virtuosi di Roma; Collegium Musicum Italicum Ens. [Mohr; Salvatore] [WD labels] RCA LSC-6169(3). A- 25.00

241. GOETZ: The Taming of the Shrew. Trotschel; Teschemacher; Ahlersmeyer; S.Nilssen; Frick; Elmendorff/Dresden State Opera. Urania URLP-221(3). B(minor box damage & neat tape repair) 13.00

242. GOUNOD: Romeo & Juliette. Sayao; Benzell; Turner; Bjoerling; Hayward; Cooper/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; February 1, 1947; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 154(2). B+ 18.00

243.*GRIEG: Landkjenning; Olav Trygvason (excerpts). Hansli; Hanssen; Carlsen; Dreier/LSO; Oslo Philharmonic Cho. Unicorn RHS-364. A- to A 5.00

244.*HANDEL: Acis and Galatea. Sutherland; Pears; Brannigan; Galliver; Boult/Philomusica of London; St. Anthony Singers. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-60011/2(2). A- 8.00

245. HANDEL: Messiah. Marshall; Palmateer; Vickers; Milligan; Sir Ernest MacMillan/Toronto Symphony & Mendelssohn Choir. RCA LM-6134(2). A- 35.00

246.*HANDEL: Orlando. Sciutti; Bogard; Steffan; Greevy; Rintzler; Simon/Vienna Volksoper Orch. [1st recording] RCA LSC-6197(3). A- 12.00

247.*HAYDN: Cantatas: Arianna a Naxos; Scena de Berenice; Miseri Noi, Misera Patria. Bartfai-Barta, soprano; Petro/Savaria Sym. [dig] Hungaroton SLPD-12432. A- 8.00

248.*HAYDN: La Fedelta Premiata. Cotrubas; Von Stade; Valentini; Alva; Dorati/Lausanne Ch Orch; Swiss Radio Cho. Philips 6707 028(4). A- to A 14.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
249.*HAYDN: Lo Speziale. Fulop; Rozsoss; Kalmar; Kincses; Lehel/Liszt Chamber Orch. Hungaroton SLPX-11926/7(2). A- to A(slight box scuffs) 9.00

250.*HAYDN: Missa Sanctae Caeciliae. Popp; Soffel; Laubenthal; Moll; Kubelik/BVRS & Cho. [Live, 1982] [dig; DMM] Orfeo S-032822 H(2). A- to A 16.00

251.*HAYDN: The Seasons (sung in English). Morison; Young; Langdon; Beecham/RPO; Beecham Choral Soc. EMI SLS-5158(3). A- to A 23.00

252.*HAYDN: The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross. Babikian; Dressel; Alberts; van Kesteren; Wiener; Scherchen/VSOO; Academy Cho. West WST-17006. A- 12.00

253.*HAYDN (MICHAEL): Missa Sancti Aloysii; Offertorium pro Festo SS. Innocentium; Sequentia ad Festum S.P. Augustini; Offertorium pro Festo Cuiuscunque S'tae Virginis et Martyris. Marton; Nemeth; Szokefalvi-Nagy; Szabo/Gyor Philharmonic & Girls Choir. Hungaroton SLPX-11678. A- 7.00

254. HOIBY: (Lee; b.1926): Beatrice. Nossaman; Lohr; Thomas; Clenny; Moritz Bohmard/Kentucky Opera Association Members; Louisville Orchestra Members. [notes included, but no libretto (as issued, I believe; the opera is in English)] Louisville LOU-603(2). A-(in blank jackets) 25.00

255.*HONEGGER: Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher (in English). Zorina; Clunes; Harper; Annear; Watts; Young; Robinson; Ozawa/LSO & Cho. CBS 32 21 0004(2). A- 11.00

256.*HONEGGER: Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher. Borgeaud; Favory; Brun; Galliard; Chateau; Rodde; Brachet; Baudo/CPO & Cho; Children's Cho. Supraphon 112 1651/2(2). A- 12.00

257.*IRELAND: Songs, Volume 1: Songs of a Wayfarer; Five Poems by Thomas Hardy; Marigold; Three Songs; We'll to the Woods No More; Sea Fever; two more. Rowlands, piano. [fr Lyrita original] MHS 3333. A- 8.00

258.*KORNGOLD: Violanta. Marton; Jerusalem; Berry; Hesse; Laubenthal; Janowski/Munich Radio Orch. [TAS 44:159] Col M2-35909(2). A- 23.00

259.*KRENEK: Reisebuch aus den Osterreichischen Alpen (song cycle). Zednik, tenor; K.Leitner, piano. [Live; German-only notes] Preiser 120 728. A- to B+(occ lgt tks from sm scrs) 8.00

260.*KUHLAU: The Elf-Hill. Plesner; Schmidt-Johansen; Frandsen/Danish Radio Orch & Cho. [No texts] Dansk Musik Antologi EMI DMA-041. A- to A 8.00

261.+LALO: Le Roi d'Ys. Micheau; Gorr; Legay; Cluytens/ORTF & Cho. [NL; French-only notes] EMI 2C153-11068/9(2). A- to A 14.00

262.*LANGE-MULLER: (P.E.; 1850-1926): Songs (26). Cold; Moller; Hedegaard, vocalists; Bundgaard, Hedegaard & Gurtler, pianists. [Texts in Danish only] Dansk Musik Antologi EMI DMA-010. A- to A 5.00

263. LEHAR: Merry Widow. Gueden; Grunden; Kmentt; Loose; Donch; Stolz/VSOO; Cho. Lon A-4233(2). A- 11.00

264. LEHAR: The Land of Smiles. Schwarzkopf; Loose; Kunz; Gedda; Kraus; Ackermann/PO & Cho. [blue labels] Angel 3507(2). A-(c/c) 16.00

265.*LISZT: Don Sanche. Garino; Hamari; Gati; Farkas; Komlosi; Pal/Hungarian State Opera Orch; Radio-TV Cho. [dig] Hungaroton SLPD-12744-45(2). A- 11.00

266.*LISZT: Missa Choralis. Laszlo; Barlay; Bartha; Palcso; Bende; Nadas; Forrai/Budapest Cho. Qualiton SLPX-1141. A- 8.00

267.*LORTZING: Undine. Rothenberger; Putz; Gedda; Schreier; Prey; Frick; Heger/Berlin Radio Orch & Ch Cho. [Includes English synopsis, but German-only notes & libretto] Electrola 1C183-30 218/20(3). A- to A 12.00

268.*MARTI (Josep; 1719-63): Silencio; O Magnum Mysterium. Basora; Estrada; Segarra/Capella de Musica i Escolania de Montserrat; Barcelona Ens. [German-only notes] Schwann Musica Sacra AMS-42. A- 7.00

269.*MARTINU: The Greek Passion (English text by composer). Mitchinson; Field; Tomlinson; Lawton; Mackerras/Brno State Phil; CPO Cho; Kuhn Childrens' Cho. [dig] Supra 1116-3611/12(2). A- to A 16.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
270. MASCAGNI: Iris. Olivero; Puma; Neri; Oliva; Questa/RAI Orch & Cho. [Live; Turin, 9-6-56] Side 6: Excerpts from Iris (Petrella; Di Stefano; Christoff; Meletti; Gavazzeni/Unnamed Company). [Live; Rome, 12-26-56] [Booklet, but NL] MRF 29(3). A-(mod to loud tks 3/8-inch sd 4) 20.00

271. MASCAGNI: Iris. Christoff; Petrella; di Stefano; Meletti; De Palma; Gavazzeni/Rome Opera. [Live; December 26, 1956; with English notes, but Italian-only libretto] Movimento Musica 03 023(3). A- 18.00

272.*MASCAGNI: L'Amico Fritz. Freni; Pavarotti; Sardiniero; Gavazzeni/ROHCG. [blue labels] Angel SBL-3737(2). A- 12.00

273. MASSENET: Jongleur de Notre Dame. Villars; Combe; Pereik; van der Hask; Wolff/Netherland Radio Orch & Cho. [Live; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 361(2). B- to B+(varies) 12.00

274.*MASSENET: Manon. Cotrubas; Kraus; Quilco; Van Dam; Plasson/Orch & Cho of Capitole de Toulouse. [dig] Angel DSCX-3946(3). A- 12.00

275. MASSENET: Manon. Feraldy; Rogatchewsky; Guenot; De Creus; Gaudin; Vavon; Rambert; Bernadet; Vieuille; Cohen/Paris Op Comique. [original oversize album excellent condition; libretto added] Entre EL-6(3). B+ 30.00

276. MASSENET: Werther. Kraus; Rota; Mazza; Bordoni; Barbieri/Teatro Municipale Piacenza. [Live, 1966; apparently Kraus' debut in the role; NL] Great Opera Performances GOP-11(2). A- 18.00

277.*MCKUEN: The City (McKuen, narr); I Hear America Singing (Seibel, soprano; McKuen, narr). Mester/Louisville Orch (in both). Louisville LS-732. A- 12.00

278. MEHUL: Uthal. Sarti; Wakefield; Dickerson; Neilson; Fyson; Robinson/unidentified company. [live, 1972; bl cov; NL] Unique Opera UORC-227. A-- 25.00

279. MENDELSSOHN: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Original cast recording of 1954 Old Vic production of the whole play, incorporating Mendelssohn's full score of incidental music performed by Sargent/BBC Sym. Cast includes Moira Shearer, Robert Helpman & Stanley Holloway. RCA LM-6115(3). A--(side 3 is B+) 65.00

280. MENOTTI: Maria Golovin. F. Duval; Cross; Neway; Las; Chapman; Handt; Peter Herman Adler/Orch & Cho. [First class copy of very rare and sought-after recording; in mono only, though recorded in 1958; issued January 1959, but deleted in October 1960. Recorded in Rome with unnamed orchestra/chorus and neither producer nor engineer listed (Rome was Mohr/Layton's turf at the time). I wonder what the story was...? SD pressings; all 1S stampers; still in the original glassine sleeves. My only other copy sold in 1992 for $568!] [SD labels] RCA LM-6142(3). A- 245.00

281. MENOTTI: The Saint of Bleeker Street. Poleri; Lane; Ruggiero; Akos; Schippers/Orch & Cho. RCA LM-6032(2). A-- 25.00

282.*MERCADANTE: Orazi e Curiazi. Janet Price; Greager; du Plessis; King; Montgomery/Bournemouth Sinfonietta; Cho. [Live; April 23, 1975] MRF S-120(3). A- 25.00

283. MEYERBEER: Gli Ugonotti. Sutherland; Corelli; Simionato; Ghiaurov; Cossotto; Tozzi; Gavazzini/Milan. [Live; 6/7/1962; includes booklet with synopsis, notes & production photos; but NL] MRF 18(3). A- 26.00

284. MONIUSZKO: (Stanislaw; 1819-72): Straszny Dwor ("The Haunted Manor"). Paprocki; Kossowski; Kawecka; Wosniczko; Bierdiajew/Poznan State Moniuszko Opera. [With notes & synopsis in English, but NL] Muza XEPN-0109/0112(4). A- to B+ 22.00

285. MONIUSZKO: Halka. Sokolova; Nelepp; Maslennikova; Lisitsian; Kondrashin/Bolshoi Theatre. [Russian-only notes; NL] Melodiya 013687/90(2). A- 13.00

286. MOROSS: (Jerome): The Scandalous Life of Frankie & Johnny (ballet) (Hendl/Vienna Sym). MacDOWELL: Suite #2, "Indian" (Dixon/Vienna Sym). Desto D-408. A- 9.00

287. MOZART: Cosi fan Tutte (in English). Peters; Steber; Thebom; Tucker; Guarrera; Stiedry/Metropolitan Opera. Odyssey Y3-32670(3). A-(NL) 12.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
288. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Gobbi; Junz; Greindl; Dermota; Welitsch; Schwarzkopf; Seefried; Furtwangler/VPO; VSO Cho. [Live, 1950; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 419(3). B+(fine pressing for EJS!) 23.00

289. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Souez; Helletsgruber; Mildmay; Baccaloni; Brownlee; Busch/Glyndebourne Festival, 1936. RCA LCT-6102(3). B 18.00

290.*MOZART: Magic Flute. Lear; Peters; Otto; Fischer-Dieskau; Crass; Hotter; Wunderlich; Bohm/BPO. [In deluxe oversize box] [tulip labels] DGG 138 981/83(3). A- to A 24.00

291.*MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godounov. Christoff; Katzarsky; Hadjikoleva; Kosseva; Lanigan; Mars; Cluytens/PCO; Sofia Opera Cho. Angel S-3633(4). A- 15.00

292.*NENNA: (Pomponio; 1555-1615): Madrigals & Motets. Instrumental pieces by Nenna & Gesualdo. Stevens/Accademia Monteverdiana; etc. None H-71277. FS 8.00

293.*NIELSEN: Saul & David (in English). Christoff; Young; Soderstrom; Hartmann; Borg; Langdon; Horenstein/Danish Radio; Cho. Unicorn RHS-343/5(3). A- 17.00

294.*NOA: (Peter): Wege zum Menschen (twenty-six songs & instrumental pieces). Giebel, soprano; Schortemeier, baritone; Neuhaus, piano; Gudel-Spittler, cello; Kolner Vocal Consort. [German-only notes & texts] Aulos FSM-53561. A- to A 8.00

295.*OFFENBACH: La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein. Crespin; Vanzo; Burles; Meloni; Massard; Mesple; Plasson/Toulouse Orch & Cho. Col M2-34576(2). A- 11.00

296. OFFENBACH: La Perichole. Munsel; Ritchard; Uppman; Elias; Marsh; Morel/Metropolitan Opera. [In English, but in pretty box with full libretto booklet included] RCA LOC-1029. A-(superb - still in original glassine sleeve!) 20.00

297. OFFENBACH: Le Pont des Soupirs. Capderou; Stiot; Demigny; Dachery; Mallabrera; Alpress/ORTF Orch & Cho. SIDE 4: OFFENBACH: Le Violoneux. Moizan; Lubin; Senechal; Depraz; Jollis; Allener/ORTF. [Live; NL; bl cov] ANNA 1022(2). A- 18.00

298.*ORFF: Carmina Burana. Janowitz; Stolze; Fischer-Dieskau; Jochum/Berlin Opera Orch & Cho. [in fold-open album] DGG 139 362. A- to A 12.00

299.*ORFF: Der Mond. Buchner; Teschler; Lunow; Klotz; Terzibaschian; Kegel/Leipzig Radio Orch & Cho. Philips 6700 083(2). A- to A 18.00

300. PAISIELLO: The Barber of Seville. Sciutti; Monti; Panerai; Capecchi; Petri; Fasano/Virtuosi di Roma. [First recording] Mercury OL2-110(2). A-(very fine, still in original glassine sleeves) 32.00

301.*PETERSON-BERGER (Wilhelm): Songs (25). Jonth, sop; Brilioth, ten; Alin, piano. Bis LP-42. A- to A 8.00

302.*PLANQUETTE: Les Cloches de Corneville. Mesple; Sinclair; Stutzmann; Burles; Giraudeau; Benoit; Doussard/Paris Comic Opera. [with folder including notes and synopsis, but NL - apparently as issued] Conn Soc CS2-2107(2). A- 12.00

303. PROKOFIEV: Alexander Nevsky. Ariarte, mezzo; Rossi/VSOO & Cho. Fontana BIG-331-L. A- 12.00

304. PROKOFIEV: The Flaming Angel. Rhodes; Depraz; Kolassi; Collard; Giraudeau; Bruck/Paris Opera. Westminster OPW-1304(3). A- 12.00

305.*PUCCINI: Fanciulla del West. Nilsson; Mongelli; Gibin; Ercolani; Cassinelli; Sordello; Von Matacic/La Scala. [issued NL, but a lovely Ricordi libretto has been added here] Sera SCL-6074(3). A- 11.00

306. PUCCINI: Gianni Schicchi. Elmo; Albanese; Tajo; di Stefano; Votipka; Antonicelli/unidentified company. [live, 1949] Archives OPA-1024. B/B+(NL) 9.00

307.*PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly. Bieshu; Fedoseyev; Novoselova; Borisova; Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre. [notes in Russian only; NL] Melodiya 33CM-03905/10(3). A- 15.00

308. PUCCINI: Tosca. Milanov; Corelli; Guelfi; Landon; Tree; Robinson; Gibson/ROHCG; [Live, 1957; blank jackets; NL] Unique Opera UORC-157(2). A- 19.00

309.*PUCCINI: Tosca. Ricciarelli; Carreras; Raimondi; Corena; Karajan/BPPO; Berlin Opera Cho. DGG 2707 121(2). A- to A 12.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
310.*PUCCINI: Turandot. Caballe; Freni; Carreras; Plishka; Senechal; Lombard/Strasbourg Phil; Cho. [quad] Angel SCLX-3857(3). A-(c/c) 11.00

311. PURCELL: Come Ye Sons of Art. Ritchie; Deller; Whitworth; Boyce; Lewis/Oiseau-Lyre Ens; St.Anthony Singers. [10-inch] Oiseau-Lyre DL-53004. A- 11.00

312.*PURCELL: King Arthur. Smith; Fisher; Priday; Ross; Stafford; Gardiner/Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists. [dig] Erato NUM-751272(2). A- 11.00

313.*PURCELL: The Fairy Queen. Sheppard; Knibbs; Clarke; Dellers; Jenkins; Bevan; Deller/His Consort; Stour Music Festival. Van SRV-311/12(2). A- 9.00

314.*REINTHALER (Karl Martin; 1822-96): Jephtha and His Daughter. Langshaw; Schlick; Juckel; Harder; Nagashima; Helbich/Bremen Staatsorchester, Cho. [1st rec; DMM] Schwann AMS-4526(2). A- to A 10.00

315. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Mozart & Salieri. Gmyrya; Ognevoi; Grikurov/Leningrad Phil; Radio Cho. [live, 1963; with notes in English but NL] Melodiya 33M40-40935-36. A- 12.00

316. ROCCI: (Luigi & Federico): Crispino e La Comare. Chiappi; Ravaglia; Corbelli; Nosotti; Chiesa/Unnamed Orch & Cho. [Live; NL; blank jackets] Unique Opera UORC-342(2). A- 18.00

317. ROSSINI: Barber of Seville. Cappuccilli; Kraus; Casoni; Washington; Campi; Baucis; Sanzogno/unidentified company. [Live, 1969; NL] HRE 309. A- 12.00

318. ROSSINI: L'Italiana in Algeri. Berganza; Petri; Falachi; Palombini; Meucci; Sanzogno/RAI Milan. [Live, 1957; probably w/English notes, Italian-only libretto] Movimento Musica 03 006(3). FS(plastic frayed, but box unopened) 18.00

319. ROSSINI: La Cambiale di Matrimonio. Scotto; Panerai; Capecchi; Monti; Petri; Fioroni; Fasano/Virtuosi di Roma. Mercury OL2-109(2). A- 20.00

320.*ROSSINI: La Donna del Lago. Horne; von Stade; Blake; Raffanti; Zaccaria; Scimone/Unidentified company. [with synopsis & notes, but NL] Voce 64(3). A- 13.00

321. ROSSINI: La Gazzetta. Tajo; Tuccari; Borriello; Galli; Caracciolo/A. Scarlatti Orchestra of RAI Naples. [Issued with synopsis, but NL] Voce 12(2). A- 10.00

322. ROSSINI: Le Comte Ory. Oncina; Barabas; Canne-Meijer; Roux; Wallace; Gui/Glyndebourne Festival. [sung in French] Italian Odeon QALP-10200/01(2). A-(lovely copy) 16.00

323. ROSSINI: Matilde di Shabram. Valdenassi; Bottazzo; Panerai; Casula; Ferrin; Martinotti/Teatro Comunale dell'Opera, Genoa (March 27, 1974). Side 6: A PIETRO BOTTAZZO CONCERT: Arias from Conte Ory, Semiramide, Italiana & Don Pasquale; Bellini - Tre Arie da Camera. [rec 1962-71] MRF 108(3). A- 20.00

324. ROSSINI: Semiramide. Sutherland; Simionato; Raimondi; Ganzarolli; Santini/La Scala. [Live, 12/19/62][NL & plain box - as issued] EJS 259(3). B to B+ 18.00

325.*ROUSSEL: Evocations. Mrazova; Svehla; Jindrak; Kosler/CPO & Cho. Supraphon 1112 2454. A- 12.00

326.*SALE: (Francois; c.1540-99): Musica Sacra; Vilanelle Neapolitane "Per Cantare e Sonare." Camerata Nova & Symposium Musicum de Prague. Musique en Wallonie MW-80038. A- to A 8.00

327.*SCHONBERG: Gurrelieder. Borkh; Topper; Engen; Fehenberger; Schachtschneider; Fiedler; Kubelik/BVRS. [live performance] [tulip labels] DGG 138 984/5(2). A- to A 18.00

328. SCHUBERT: Mass #2 (Dutoit; Planiavsky; Buchsbaum; Grossman/Vienna Sym); Gesang der Geister Ueber den Wassern (Krauss; Vienna Sym; VSO Cho). Lyrichord LL-93. A- 8.00

329. SCHUBERT: Mass #4. Dutoit; Bahl; Equilux; Ohashi; Barati/VSOO; Academy Ch Cho. Lyrichord 101. A- 7.00

330.*SCHUBERT: Mass #5. Stader; Hoffgen; Haefliger; Uhde; Ratzinger/BVRS; Cho. DGG 139 108. A- to A 9.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
331. SCHUBERT-BERTE: Das Dremaederlhaus (Operetta in 3 Acts). Meyer-Welfing; Borsos; Oeggl; Wiener; Seidl; Pauspertl/Vienna State Philharmonia; Akademie Ch Cho. [w/notes but NL] Vox PL-20800. B+(occ tks) 12.00

332.*SCHUMANN: Das Paradies und die Peri. Moser; Fassbaender; Gedda; Tripp; Marheineke; Czyz/Dusseldorf Sym; Cho. [quad; Grand Prix du Disque] Electrola 1C193-30187/88(2). A- to A 21.00

333.*SMETANA: Libuse. Kniplova; Berman; Soukupova; Bednar; Kroupa; Zidek; Subrtova; Krombholc/Prague National Theatre. Supraphon SUAST-50701/4(4). A- 17.00

334. SPONTINI: La Vestale. Callas; Corelli; Stignani; Rossi-Lemeni; Votto/La Scala. [Live, 1954; includes booklet with production photos (including one of Toscanini at rehearsal talking with de Sabata), but NL] Cetra LO-33(3). A- 17.00

335.*STRAUSS: Der Rosenkavalier. Schwarzkopf; Ludwig; Stich-Randall; Edelmann; Waechter; Karajan/PO. Angel S-3563(4). A-(lovely copy with early U.S. red labels) 27.00

336.*STRAUSS: Der Rosenkavalier. Jones; Fassbaender; Popp; Ridderbusch; Carlos Kleiber/Unidentified company. [Live, 1977; NL - as issued] Legendary LR-179(4). A--(c/c; tks 1/4-inch, beg sd 8) 20.00

337. STRAUSS: Egyptian Helen. Rysanek; Aldenhoff; Kupper; Uhde; Keilberth/Munich Opera. [Live, August 10, 1956; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 268(2). A- to B+ 13.00

338. STRAUSS: Electra. Schluter; Welitsch; Hongen; Schoeffler; Widdop; Beecham/Unnamed Orch. STRAUSS: Intermezzo (excerpts: Skat Scene & Final Duet). Scheidl; Merrem-Nikisch; Schutzendorf; Fleischer; Henke; Helgers; no conductor or orchestra identified. [NL] Rococo 1005. A- 11.00

339.*STRAUSS: Elektra. Varnay; Wegner; Hoengen; Svanholm; Schoeffler; Reiner/Metropolitan Opera. Broadcast performance, February 23, 1952. STRAUSS: Salome. Welitch; Hoengen; Svanholm; Hotter; Sullivan; Reiner/Metropolitan Opera. Broadcast performance, January 19, 1952. [Deluxe Soria Series limited edition; the 9th (1981) in the Met's Soria Series of Historic Performances, available only to generous donors; in sturdy black plush slipcase with 26-page book including articles and many photos of Met productions of the works; plus libretti, of course] Metropolitan Opera-MET--9(4). A-(velvet box also in superb condition) 64.00

340.*STRAUSS: Elektra. Borkh; Fischer-Dieskau; Schech; Madiera; Bohm/Staatskapelle Dresden. [Grand Prix du Disque] [tulip labels] DGG 138 690/91(2). A- to A(in early, sturdy oversized box) 18.00

341. STRAUSS: Elektra. Varnay; Nikolaidi; Jessner; Janssen; Mitrolpoulos/NYP. [Live; Christmas Day, 1949; NL] Robin Hood RHR-510(2). A- 16.00

342. STRAUSS: Frau ohne Schatten. Rysanek; Hopf; Benningsen; Bohme; Koth; Metternich; Kempe/Bayerischen Staatsoper. [Live; Munich Festival, August 31, 1954; with English notes but NL] Melodram MEL-S-108(4). A- to A 20.00

343.*STRAVINSKY: Pulcinella (complete). Kenny; Tear; Lloyd; Marriner/ASMF. [also includes the two Suites for Small Orchestra] Angel DS-37899. A- 9.00

344. STRAVINSKY: The Rake's Progress. Schwarzkopf; Arie; Rounseville; Kraus; Composer/La Scala. [Live; September 11, 1951; with English notes and libretto] Fonit Cetra DOC-29(3). A- to A 30.00

345.*SUTER: (Hermann; 1870-26): Le Laudi di San Francesco d'Assisi. Mathis; Procter; Tappy; Corena; Hans Munch/Basle Orch/Cho. Communaute de Travail Pour la Diffusion de la Musique Suisse CTS 36/7(2). A- 22.00

346.*TELEMANN: Arias from The Constant Music-Master. Mathis; Topper; Haefliger; Unger; McDaniel; Ulsamer/Archiv Ens. DGG Musique Royale 199 019. A- to A 8.00

347.*TELEMANN: Pimpinone. Spreckelsen; Nimsgern; Hirsch/Ensemble Florilegium Musicum. Telefunken 6.35285(2). FS 15.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
348. TIGRANIAN: (Armen; 1879-1950): Anush. Gasparian; Petrosian; Grigorian; Markosian; Tavrizian/Armenian State Theatre. [with synopsis, but NL] Monitor MC-2081/83(3). A-(box says stereo; truly mono; minor box dam) 12.00

349.*TIPPETT: Choral Music - 4 Songs from the British Isles; 5 Negro Spirituals from "A Child of Our Time;" nine more short works. Soloists; Cleobury/Schola Cantorum of Oxford. Oiseau-Lyre DSLO-25. FS 7.00

350.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Five Tudor Portraits. Bainbridge; Case; Willcocks/NPO; Bach Choir. Angel S-36685. A- 7.00

351. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Five Tudor Portraits. Rankin; Anderson; Steinberg/Pittsburgh Sym; Mendelssohn Cho. [Live] Cap P-8218. B+ 9.00

352.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Hodie. Baker; Lewis; Shirley-Quirk; Willcocks/LSO; Bach Choir; Westminster Abbey Choristers. [blue labels] Angel S-36297. A- 7.00

353. VERDI: Aida. Arangi-Lombardi; Capuana; Lindi; Borgioli; Pasero; Baccaloni; Molajoli/La Scala. [original oversized album is sturdy thanks to tape repair] Entre EL-3(3). A--(bit more snd start sd 6, but very fine) 30.00

354.*VERDI: Ernani. Caballe; Prevedi; Christoff; Glossop; Gavazzeni/Unnamed Company. [Live; Italy; November 26, 1968; with notes & synopsis, but NL] BJR S-110(2). A- 23.00

355. VERDI: Falstaff. Rimini; Tassinari; Tellini; Baudes; Monticone; Molajoli/La Scala. [original oversized album in excellent condition; added libretto] Entre EL-8(2). B++ 32.00

356. VERDI: Falstaff. Stabile; Biasini; Borgioli; Nessi; Lazzari; Tedeschi; Toscanini/Salzburg Festival; live; July 26, 1937. Filler: Aida Overture (first public performance; March 30, 1940; no artist details here, but this was Toscanini/NBC; there was apparently only one other performance of the work before the Verdi family locked the score away again, though Abbado has recorded the score from a transcription made by listening to the Toscanini performance). [NL] Penzance 37(3). A- 21.00

357. VERDI: Giovanna d'Arco. Tebaldi; Bergonzi; Panerai; Susca; Scarenci; Simonetto/Venice Fest, 1951. [Live; bl cov; NL] Golden Age of Opera EJS 125(2). B- 12.00

358.*VERDI: I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata. Domingo; Deutekom; Raimondi; Lo Monaco; Malvisi; Dean; Gardelli/RPO; Ambrosian Singers. Philips 6703 032(3). A- to A(c/c) 20.00

359. VERDI: Il Trovatore. Bjoerling; Greco; Castagna; Stellman; Calusio/Unnamed Company. [Live, 1941; bl cov; NL] Unique Opera UORC-115(2). A-(very fine copy) 13.00

360. VERDI: La Battaglia di Legnano. Corelli; Stella; Bastianini; Maionica; Zerbini; Gavazzeni/La Scala. [Live, 1961/62 season; with English synopsis, but NL] Raritas 2(2). A--(very minor box dam) 18.00

361. VERDI: La Forza del Destino. Cerquetti; Corena; Labo; MacNeil; Zaccaria; Woodrow; Marducci/unidentified company. [Live, 1958; NL] HRE 370. A-(final 1/8-inch of side 2 is ticky) 12.00

362. VERDI: La Forza del Destino. Caballe; Carreras; Cappuccilli; Ghiaurov; Bruscantini; Foiani; Patane/Unnamed company. [Live; Italy, 1978] Side 8: Excerpts from original (1862) version of Forza with Van Der Luct; Babini; Verbruccan; Simonetto/Unnamed company. HRE 255(4). FS(plastic frayed, but box unopened) 12.00

363. VERDI: La Traviata. Callas; Di Stefano; Bastianini; Giulini/La Scala. [Live; May 28, 1955; no libretto, but lovely 8 1/2 x 11' booklet includes synopsis and three or four dozen terrific production photos, most including Callas] MRF 87(2). A- 27.00

364. VERDI: La Traviata. Callas; Raimondi; Bastianini; Zanolli; La Porta; Giulini/La Scala. [Live; January 19, 1956; NL - as issued] HRE 272(2). A- 15.00

365.*VERDI: La Traviata. Stratas; Domingo; MacNeil; Levine/Metropolitan Opera. [Soundtrack from the Franco Zaffirelli film; fold-open album has many fine photos from the film; notes are in Italian only; NL] WEA 25 0071-1(2). A- 18.00

366. VERDI: Luisa Miller. Stella; Di Stefano; MacNeil; Arie; Dominguez; Sanzogno/unidentified company. [Live, 1963; NL - as issued] HRE V-814(3). A-(pressing defect causes mod snd 3/4-in side 3) 13.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
367.*VERDI: Macbeth. Ahlersmeyer; Hongen; Alsen; Witte; Bottcher; Bohm/Vienna State Opera. [Apparently a broadcast performance recorded 1943(?); in German; NL] Melodiya M10-47469 004(2). A- 14.00

368. VERDI: Otello. Vinay; Albanese; Warren; Moscona; Lipton; Garris; Hayward; Busch/unnamed orch. [NL; Live; 12-18-48] Penzance 18(2). A- 21.00

369.*VERDI: Requiem. Vartenissian; Cossotto; Fernandi; Christoff; Serafin/Rome Op. EMI SXDW-3055(2). A- 8.00

370.+VERDI: Rigoletto. Stracciari; Capsir; Borgioli; Bassi; Mannarini; Molajoli/La Scala. [libretto Italian only] EMI 3C053-17081/82(2). A- 14.00

371. VERDI: Stiffelio. Limarilli; Dominguez; Alberti; Prior; Maag/Teatro Regio, Parma. [Live; 12-29-1968; with nice booklet including notes, production photos & synopsis; THIS COPY ALSO HAS LIBRETTO, usually absent] MRF 32(2). A- 16.00

372.*VERDI: Un Ballo in Maschera. Price; Bergonzi; Verrett; Merrill; Grist; Flagello; Leinsdorf/RCA Italiana. [Mohr; Salvatore] [WD labels] RCA LSC-6179(3). A- 25.00

373. WAGNER: Das Rheingold. Hotter; Suthaus; Kuen; Neidlinger; van Mill; von Milinkovic; Grummer; Ilosvay; Knappertsbusch/Bayreuth Festival. [Live, 1957; issued with booklet including production photos, but NL] Cetra LO-58(3). A- 22.00

374. WAGNER: Das Rheingold. Frantz; Treptow; Weber; Pernerstorfer; Hongen; Wegener; Gabory; Furtwangler/La Scala. [Live, 1950; no notes or libretto] Discocorp RR-420 Vol 1(3). A- 16.00

375. WAGNER: Die Feen. Schwartzbeck; Schwartzbeck; Rumovska; Korff; Martin; Frydlewicz; Gaillard/Unnamed Orch & Cho. [Live; NL; blank box] Golden Age of Opera EJS 433(2). B+ 12.00

376. WAGNER: Die Meistersinger (Nissen; Reining; Thorborg; Dermota; Toscanini/Salzburg Festival, 1937; live). Side 10: VERDI - Falstaff: Act I (Stabile; Borgioli; Nessi; Lazzari; Biasini; Toscanini/Salzburg Festival, 1936; live). Private Edition MR-2003(5). A-(NL) 32.00

377.*WAGNER: Die Walkure. Hoffman; Jones; Altmeyer; McIntyre; Schwarz; Killebrew; Reppel; Boulez/Bayreuth Festival. [Live; dig] Philips 6769 071(4). FS 13.00

378. WAGNER: Die Walkure. Flagstad; Treptow; Weber; Frantz; Konetzni; Hongen; Steingruber; Furtwangler/La Scala. [Live, 1950; no notes or libretto] Discocorp RR-420 Vol 2(5). A- 23.00

379. WAGNER: Flying Dutchman. Uhde; Varnay; Weber; Windgassen; Knappertsbusch/Bayreuth Festival. [live, 1955; with illustrated booklet, but NL] Cetra LO-51(3). A- 18.00

380. WAGNER: Gotterdammerung. Flagstad; Lorenz; Herrmann; Konetzi; Weber; Hongen; Pernerstorfer; Furtwangler/unidentified company. [Live, 1950; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 538(4). B to B+ 18.00

381. WAGNER: Gotterdammerung. Lorenz; Herrmann; Weber; Hongen; Flagstad; Konetzni; Pernerstorfer; Furtwangler/La Scala. [Live, 1950; no notes or libretto] Discocorp RR-420 Vol 4(5). A- 23.00

382. WAGNER: Liebesverbot (exc). Lang; Schlosser; Fanger; Telasko; Fehehberger; van Zallinger/Beromunster Radio Orch; Bern Radio Cho. [Live; NL; blank jacket] Golden Age of Opera EJS 273. B/B- 8.00

383. WAGNER: Lohengrin. Steber; Windgassen; Varnay; Uhde; Keilberth/Bayreuth Festival. Richmond RS-65003(5). A- 30.00

384. WAGNER: Parsifal (Act II only, sung in Italian). Callas; Baldelli; Modesti; Pagliughi; Gui/unidentified company. [Live; November 20, 1950; NL] Penzance 10. A- 18.00

385. WAGNER: Parsifal. Windgassen; Modl; London; Weber; Van Mill; Uhde; Knappertsbusch/Bayreuth Festival. [live, 1951] Richmond RS-65001(5). A- 30.00

386. WAGNER: Rienzi (abridged). Lorenz; Klose; Scheppan; Prohaska; Schuler/Berlin State Opera. [German-only notes; NL; recorded 1942] Top Classic H-657/8(2). A- 13.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire - continued
387. WAGNER: Siegfried. Flagstad; Melchior; Thorborg; Laufkoetter; Schorr; Bodanzky/Unidentified orch. [Live, 1937; NL - as issued] Discocorp IGI-373(3). A- 23.00

388. WAGNER: Siegfried. Svanholm; Markwort; Pernerstorfer; Herrmann; Weber; Hongen; Flagstad; Moor; Furtwangler/La Scala. [Live, 1950; no notes or libretto] Discocorp RR-420 Vol 3(5). A- 23.00

389. WAGNER: Tannhauser. Muller; Pilinsky; Jost-Arden; Janssen; Andresen; Elmendorff/Bayreuth Festival Orchestra. [recorded 1930; includes English notes, but NL] Electrola 1C137-03 130/32(3). A- to A 22.00

390. WAGNER: Tannhauser. Svanholm; van Mill; Wilfert; Imdahl; Blessin; Rodzinski/Teatro Communale di Firenze. [Live; 11-28-1953; probably has booklet, but NL] Melodram MEL-423(3). FS! 23.00

391.*WAGNER: Tannhauser. Windgassen; Silja; Waechter; Bumbry; Greindl; Stolze; Crass; Nienstadt; Sawallisch/Bayreuth Festival. [Live, 1962] Philips SAL-3445-7(3). A- 25.00

392. WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde. Graarud; Larsen-Todsen; Helm; Bockelmann; Andresen; Rodin; Elmendorff/Bayreuth Festival Orch & Chorus. [recorded in Bayreuth Festspielhaus, 1928; includes some notes in English, but NL] Electrola 1C181-03 031/33(3). A- to A 27.00

393. WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde. Flagstad; Suthaus; Thebom; Greindl; Fischer-Dieskau; Schock; Furtwangler/PO; ROHCG Cho. [Illustrated notes booklet is in German only, but former owner also inserted the notes/libretto booklet from the American Angel issue] RCA LM-6700(5). A-(slight box scuffs) 45.00

394.*WOLF-FERRARI: Sly. Bader; Polaski; Reeh; Haertel; Maxym/Niedersachsischen Staatsoper, Hannover. [dig; DMM; includes notes & synopsis in English, but NL - as issued] Acanta 40.23 501(3). A- to A 23.00

395. ZANDONAI: Francesca da Rimini. Gencer; Colzani; Cioni; Capuana/Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Trieste. [Live; 3-16-61; with brief English notes; ibretto Italian only] Fonit Cetra DOC-14(3). A- 36.00
LP's: Operatic & Choral Highlights
396. BIZET: Carmen (exc). Rhodes; Lance; Massard; Guiot; Benzi/Paris Opera. [notes in French only] Philips L-02053. B+ 12.00

397. BIZET: Carmen - "Gems from Carmen" - Card Scene; Gypsy Song; Death Duet. Stevens; Peerce; Reiner/RCA Victor Orch; Shaw Chorale. [10-inch] RCA LRM-7011. B to B+ 9.00

398.*BRITTEN: A Midsummer Night's Dream (exc). Deller; Harwood; Pears; Harper; Shirley-Quirk; Watts; Brannigan; Tear; Composer/LSO. London OS-26097. A-(c/c) 8.00

399.*BRITTEN: Albert Herring (exc). Pears; Fisher; Brannigan; J. Peters; Noble; Cantelo; Ward; Composer/ECO. London OS-26165. A-(c/c) 8.00

400.*CATALANI: La Wally (exc). Tebaldi; Del Monaco; Cappuccilli; Diaz; Cleva/Monte Carlo Opera. London OS-26202. A- 8.00

401. CILEA: Adriana Lecouvreur (exc). Pobbe; Barbieri; Filacuridi; Simionetto/RAI Milan. [Live, 1958; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 56. A- 8.00

402. EGK: The Magic Violin (exc). Cordes; Koth; Frick; Lindermeier; Holm; Composer/Bavarian State Opera. Decca DL-9825. A-(fine copy for early Decca!) 20.00

403.*ERKEL: (Ferenc; 1810-93): Bank Ban (exc). Simandy; Agay; Komlossi; Reti; Ferencsik/Budapest Philharmonic; Hungarian Opera Cho. Hungaroton SLPX-11535. A- 6.00

404.*GOUNOD: Romeo & Juliette (exc). Carteri; Gayraud; Gedda; Dens; Rouleau; Lombard/French National Opera. [blue labels] Angel S-36287. A- 8.00

405.*LEHAR: Merry Widow (exc). Schwarzkopf; Gedda; Steffek; Knapp; Waechter; Von Matacic/PO. [blue labels] Angel S-36340. A- 8.00

LP's: Operatic & Choral Highlights - continued
406. MASSENET: Manon (exc). Carteri; Filacuridi; Simionetto/RAI Turin. [Live, 1959; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 42. A-(this copy includes notes insert in English) 8.00

407. MOUSSORGSKY: Boris Godounov (exc). Christoff; Bielecki; Gedda; Zareska; Dobrowen/ORTF. [only in print from 12/53 or 1/54 to 3/56] RCA LHMV-1052. B+ 12.00

408.*MOZART: Don Giovanni (exc). Prey; Wunderlich; Grummer; Koth; Kohn; Hillebrecht; Stewart; Wiemann; Zanotelli/Blerin Sym. Electrola 1C061-28 418. A-to A 5.00

409. MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godunov (exc). Kipnis; Tamarin; Berezowsky/RCA Sym; Shaw Cho. RCA LBC-1082. A-- 11.00

410. PUCCINI: La Boheme (exc). Albanese; Bergonzi; Sereni; Scott; Schippers/Metropolitan Opera. [Live, 1958; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 35. A-(this copy has English notes insert) 8.00

411. PUCCINI: Tosca (exc). Tebaldi; Tucker; Warren; Mitropoulos/Metropolitan Opera. [Live, 1955; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 17. A-(this copy has English notes insert) 7.00

412. PUCCINI: Turandot (exc). Nilsson; DiStefano; Carteri; Votto/La Scala. [Live, 1958; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 40. A-(this copy has English notes insert) 8.00

413. SAINT-SAENS: Samson & Delilah (excerpts). Stevens; Peerce; Merrill; Stokowski/NBC Sym Members; Shaw Chorale. RCA LM-1848. A-- 12.00

414. STRAUSS: (Johann): Gems from Fledermaus - Overture; Czardas; Champagne's Delicious Bubbles; Brother Dear, Sister Dear. Munsel; Resnik; Stevens; Melton; Merrill; Reiner/RCA Victor Orch; Shaw Chorale. [10-inch; nice cover portrait of Reiner] RCA LRM-7026. B to B+ 12.00

415. STRAUSS: Elektra (exc). Goltz; Hongen; Frantz; Solti/Bavarian State Orch. Decca DL-9723. A-- 16.00

416. STRAUSS: Elektra (excerpts; Pauly; Boerner; Szantho; Huehn; Jagel; Rodzinski/NYP; live, 1937). WAGNER: Tannhauser - Venusberg Duet (Pauly; Laholm; Leinsdorf/Met; live, 1939). [bl covs; NL] Golden Age of Opera EJS 145(2). B-/B 11.00

417. VERDI: Ernani (exc). De Monaco; Cerquetti; Bastianini; Christoff; Mitropoulos/Teatro Comunale di Firenze. [Live, 1957; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 33. A- 7.00

418. VERDI: Il Trovatore (exc). Del Monaco; Gencer; Bastianini; Previtali/RAI Milan. [Live, 1957; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 4. A-(this copy includes English notes) 8.00

419. VERDI: Il Trovatore (exc). Sutherland; Obrazova; Pavarotti; Wexell; Grant; Bonynge/unidentified company. [Live, no date given; bl cov] Unique Opera UORC-281. 11.00

420. VERDI: Il Trovatore (exc). Callas (her first performance as Leonora); Feuss; Simionato; Baum; Warren; Moscona; Picco/Mexico City. [live, 1950] FWR 651. A- 15.00

421. VERDI: La Traviata (exc). Tebaldi; Magenta; Prandelli; Gallo; Giulini/RAI Milan. [live, 1956; Italian-only notes] I Gioelli della Lirica GDL 2. A- 8.00

422. VERDI: La Traviata (excerpts). Bjoerling; Schymberg; Hasslo; Grevillius/Stockholm Opera. [Live, 1941; NL; blank jacket; scarce disc] Golden Age of Opera EJS 406. B/B+ 11.00

423. VERDI: Macbeth (exc). Callas; Mascherini; Tajo; de Sabata/La Scala. [Live, 1952; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 38. A-(this copy has English notes insert) 8.00

424. VERDI: Otello (exc). Del Monaco; Cavalli; Gobbi; Capuana/Rome Opera. [Live, 1960; Italian-only notes] I Gioielli Della Lirica 15. A-(this copy inc English notes insert) 8.00

425. VERDI: Otello (exc). Record credits Bolshoi Theatre production; in fact this is apparently Del Monaco, De Los Angeles & Mitropoulos (with Met?). Everest 6183. A- 7.00

426. WAGNER: Die Walkure - Excerpts from Acts II & III. Flagstad; Franz; Treptow; Konetzi; Furtwangler/La Scala. [Live, 1950; bl cov; no notes] Golden Age of Opera EJS 327. B 8.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Collections
427.*A HUNDRED YEARS OF ITALIAN OPERA: 1800-1810. Twenty-four arias from obscure operas by Cimarosa, Avanti, Generali, Gnecco, Lavigna, Mayr(2), Mosca(2), Nicolini(2), Paer(4), Paisiello, Pavesi, Portogallo, Pucitta, Righini, Weigl, Winter(2) & Zingarelli. Many vocalists; David Parry/Philharmonia Orch. Recorded by Robert Auger in Henry Wood Hall, London; 1979-82; with 64-page book of extensive notes and fine illustrations] Opera Rara ORH-101(3). A- to A 45.00

428.*AN OPERA GALA: In Salute to George London. From June 16, 1982 television special; arias by Neblett (Mefistofele), Horne (Semiramide), Sutherland (Huguenots), Weltin (Sonnambula), Blake (Italiana), Stilwell (Ravel songs), Gedda (Onegin), King (Rienzi). Pianists include Rudel & Rostropovich. [oddly scarce - only my second copy ever] RCA ARL1-4667. A-(c/c) 12.00

429. BACH CANTATAS AND ARIAS: Cantatas #41, #42 & #60, complete; Arias, Recitatives & Duets from #47, #79, #99, #110, #127, #132 & #155. Eileen Farrell; Jan Peerce; Scheide/Bach Aria Group; Robert Shaw/Shaw Chorale. [scarce set in lovely condition] RCA LM-6023(2). A-(brief tks sd 4) 25.00

430. BAYREUTH FESTIVAL: 1951-1960: Selections from Tannhauser - Rysanek; Kupper; Windgassen; Greindl; Waechter; Windgassen; Cho. Meistersinger - Greindl; Cho. Walkure - Hotter. Siegfried - Windgassen. Gotterdammerung - Varnay; Windgassen; Greindl. Misc Orchs/Conductors. [British pressing; German-only notes] DGG 2721 111(2). A- to A 22.00

431. CANTORIAL GEMS: By Sirota(3), Rosenblatt(4), Kurtzer(2), Glanz, Kwartin(2), Borenstein & Roitman. Scala 860. A-- 8.00

432.*DIVA: SIX GREAT VOICES: Von Stade - Figaro, Semiramide, Cedrillon, Mignon, Werther, Grande Duchesse. Te Kanawa - Don Giovanni(2), Hansel & Gretel, Strauss Song, Pie Jesu from Durufle Requiem. Scotto - Norma, Otello, Adriana, Suor, Butterfly. Caballe - Gemma di Vergi, Aroldo(2). Horne - Prophete, Mignon, Sheherazade (one song), El Amor Brujo (one song). CBS M3X-36937(3). A- to A(lovely German pressing) 15.00

433. GREAT BRITISH SOPRANOS: Selections sung by Agnes Nicholls, Miriam Licette, Joan Cross, Eva Turner, Mary Garden (Debussy accompanies on piano), Maggie Teyte(2), Isobel Baillie, Elsie Suddaby(2), Dora Labbette(3: Beecham accompanies on piano) and Gwen Catley. EMI HLM-7033. A- 12.00

434. GREAT SINGERS IN COPENHAGEN: Historical Live Recordings from The Archive of Dannmarks Radio, 1931-39. Mostly Danish Radio Orchestra with VOCALISTS: Konetzni, Melchior, Zikova, Tango, Thygesen, Marchi, Steffensen, Kraft, Byrding, Kern, Patzak, Roswaenge, Gigli, Bruusgaard, Lomanto, Thill, Pernet, List; CONDUCTORS include Walter, Malko, Tango, Grondahl. Also: Excerpts (10+ minutes) from Magic Flute (Gerhardt; Mayr; Walter/VPO; Salzburg, 1931); and Tristan (11+ minutes; Larsen-Todsen; Pistor; Furtwangler/Bayreuth Festival, 1931). Danacord DACO-131-133(3). A- to A 16.00

435.*GREAT SOPRANOS & MEZZOS OF THE 1980s: Marton(Tosca); Stratas(Boheme); Dimitrova(Manon Lescaut); M.Price(Don Carlo); Fassbaender(Clemenza); Gruberova(Barber); Baltsa(Cenerentola); Varady(Eugene Onegin). [recorded live, misc places, 1970's] Legendary LR-103. A- 9.00

436.*HOMAGE TO GERALD MOORE: Songs & Ensembles by Haydn, Mozart, Rossini, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms & Wolf. de los Angeles; Schwarzkopf; Fischer-Dieskau; Moore, piano. [From live concert, Royal Festival Hall, 2-20-1967; includes Moore's farewell speech; Grand Prix du Disque (a fact noted on later pressings, but not on this early box] [blue labels] Angel SB-3697(2). A- 20.00

437. MOZART ARIAS: Walter Berry - Don Giovanni(2), Figaro(3). Anton Dermota - Don Giovanni(2), Magic Flute & Cosi. Bruckner-Ruggeberg/Hamburg Mozart Orch. World Record Club TP-77. A- 9.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Collections - continued
438. OPERATIC SCENES: From Rosenkavalier, Marriage of Figaro, Orfeo & Carmen. Stevens; Berger; Peerce; Reiner/RCA Victor Sym. [in print from c.10/52 - 3/56] RCA LM-9010. B+(earliest labels) 22.00

439.*ROYAL FAMILY OF OPERA: Thirty-one arias taken from a wide range of London opera issues with artists including Crespin, Tebaldi, Del Monaco, Corelli, Resnik, Weathers, Merrill, McCracken, Berganza, Zeani, Nilsson, Flagstad, Hotter, Prevedi, Ludwig, Krause, King, Ghiaurov, Sutherland, and many more. [With 45-page booklet] London RFO-S-1(3). A-(U.S. pressings) 14.00

440.*SETTINGS OF VERLAINE POEMS by FAURE & DEBUSSY (plus 1 each by G. Dupont & J. Szulc). Bogard, soprano; Moriarty, piano. Cambridge CRS-2774. A- 9.00

441.*SONGS OF LOVE & DEATH: Three Songs Cycles by Yrjo Kilpinen (1892-1959); Bartok - Five Songs, Op.16. R.Leanderson, baritone; H.Leanderson, piano. Bis LP-43. A- to A 7.00

442.*STARS OF THE BOLSHOI, VOL II: Shtokolov(Glinka); Petrov(Dargomizhky & Mussorgsky); Avdeyeva(Rimsky); Milashkina(Rimsky); Mazurok(Rubinstein); Vishnevskaya(Prokofiev); Obraztsova(Mussorgsky); Arkhipova(Tchaikovsky); Andzhaparidzye(Tchaikovsky). Misc orchs & conductors. EMI ASD-2688. A- to A 12.00

443.*THE ART OF COURTLY LOVE: Guillaume de Machaut and His Age; Late 14th Century Avant Garde (works of Solage, Grimace, Borlet, de Perusio, etc.); The Court of Burgundy (works of Dufay[8], Binchois[6] & Anon[2]). Munrow/Early Music Consort of London. Sera SIC-6092(3). A- 11.00


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