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Misc accompaniments. A-- 16.00

789. CAL-427: VIENNA IN 3/4 TIME - Miliza Korjus in vocal versions of Johann Strauss Waltzes: Tales from the Vienna Woods; Wine, Women & Song; Artist's Life; Blue Danube; Emperor; Treasure; Wiener Blut; 1001 Nights; Roses from the South. [misc conductors/orchestras; only in print from July 1958 to May 1961] A-- 16.00

790. CAL-438: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. Fiedler/BPS. A- 10.00

791. CAL-439: COPLAND - Billy the Kid Suite. Gershwin - American in Paris. Bernstein/RCA Sym. A-(very fine pressing; early cover) 10.00

792. CAL-439: COPLAND - Billy the Kid Suite. GERSHWIN - American in Paris. Bernstein/BCA Sym. A-(late cover) 12.00

793. CAL-451: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade. Monteux/SFSO. A-(by far the best copy I've had) 25.00

794. CAL-468: GROFE - Grand Canyon Suite. Fjeldstad/Oslo Philharmonic. A- 9.00

795. CAL-485: HELEN TRAUBEL IN OPERA & SONG: Arias - Alceste, Lohengrin, Tannhauser(2), Otello, Merry Widow. Songs of Lehar, Sullivan, Schubert, Malotte, Trad, Shilkret. [Fiedler conducts Willow Song from Otello! Wonder what orchestra?] 15.00

796. CAL-486: THE ART OF SERGEI RACHMANINOFF VOLUME II - Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Gluck, Schubert, Beethoven, Daquin, Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Liszt, Schumann, Henselt, Rachmaninoff. [Recorded 1921 - 1942] A-- 10.00

797. CAL-500: GERSHWIN - Porgy & Bess (excerpts). Tibbett; Jepson; Smallens/Orch & Cho. A- 12.00

798. CAL-518: THE ART OF FRITZ KREISLER - Kreisler arrangements of works by Albeniz (2), Debussy (2), Falla (2), Dvorak (4); one piece of his own. Lamson, piano. A- 16.00

LP's: RCA's - Camdens - continued
799. CAL-525: THE ART OF GALLI-CURCI, Vol 2: Arias from Sonnambula(4), Puritani(2), Lucia(2), Linda di Chamounix, Don Pasquale(2). A- 7.00

800. CAL-534: CHOPIN - Polonaise; Scherzo #2. Liszt - Mephisto; Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Brahms - Intermezzo; Rhapsody. Rachmaninoff - Prelude in c#. Lorin Hollander, piano. [Hollander's 2nd disc, c.1959, when he was 14 years old] A- to B+ 10.00

801. CAL-566: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Robert Riefling; Gruner-Hegge/Oslo Philharmonic. A-- 12.00

802. CAL-654: THE FIRST PIANO QUARTET PLAYS LECUONA (five pieces) AND GERSHWIN (seven pieces). B+(occ tks) 10.00

That's all for the Camdens! Standard-prefix RCA's follow 
803.*ARL1-0443: KORNGOLD - Symphony in F#. Kempe/Munich Philharmonic. [TAS 28:127] A- 16.00

804.*ARL1-1182: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade. Erich Gruenberg, solo violin; Stokowski/RPO. [Mohr; Christopher Parker] A- 12.00

805.*CRL3-2790(3): BORODIN - Complete Orchestral Music [The Three Symphonies; Prince Igor: Overture, March, Polovtsian Dances (Alldis Cho); Petite Suite; In the Steppes; Nocturne (arr. Gerhardt); Mlada: Final Dance]. Tjeknavorian/National Philharmonic. [TAS 13:93L; 14:218] A- 20.00

806.*CSC-302: LISZT - Rigoletto (Concert-Paraphrase); Trovatore - Miserere; Don Giovanni (Fantasy); Reminiscences of "Lucia di Lammermoor" and "Norma." Earl Wild, piano. [Living Stereo RCA Victor Record Club issue with club labels; rather obscure 1962 issue; Dellheim; Keville] [8S/7S] A- 22.00

807.*GL-25006 (British): ELIZABETHAN SERENADE:. Britten - Young Person's Guide. Arnold - Four Scottish Dances. Short works by Elgar(2), Binge, Walton & Tove. Charles Gerhardt/NPO. A- 16.00

808.*LDS-6409(4): HANDEL - Messiah. Vyvyan; Sinclair; Vickers; Tozzi; Beecham/RPO; Cho. [Inc 23-pg Skira libretto/book: one of limited 1st edition of 1000 copies printed August 1, 1959; wonderful big B&W portrait of Beecham conducting; SD labels: 1S/1S/4S/10S/4S/10S/3S/10S] A--(spine and slipcase excellent) 125.00

809. LM-1046: CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #2. Rubinsein; Steinberg/NBC Sym. [later jacket] [PD labels] A-/A--(brief tks mvt 3) 10.00

810. LM-1117: GREAT SACRED CHORUSES - Messiah, Creation, Mount of Olives, Elijah, Enfance, Crucifixion, Ave Verum, St. Cecilia (Gounod). Robert Shaw Chorale. [this copy has the later cover - Ben Rose photo of pigeons flying above the statue of an angel] [PD labels] A- 12.00

811. LM-1153: RUBINSTEIN - Encores Liszt, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Chopin(2), Schubert & Rachmaninoff. [PD labels] A-(later cover - color portrait) 11.00

812. LM-1167: PIANO REVERIES and VIRTUOSO PIANO MUSIC - Jose Iturbi plays short works of Albeniz, Debussy(4), Liszt(2), Beethoven, Schumann, Falla(2), Saint-Saens & Rachmaninoff. [early labels] B 9.00

813. LM-1203: MAHLER - Songs of a Wayfarer (Boult/Orch). Wolf - 8 Songs (William Hughes, pf). Blanche Thebom in both. [scarce; deleted March, 1956] [early labels] A--(occ tks & crkl, but very fine copy) 32.00

814. LM-1703: GREAT COMBINATIONS - Unique pairings specifically for this record: Anderson/Piatigorsky: My Old Kentucky Home; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. Merrill/Menuhin: Songs of Handel & Rachmaninoff. Peerce/Elman: Songs of Braga & Del Riego. Pinza/Milstein: Songs of Tchaikovsky & Bohm. Stevens/Elman: Songs of Offenbach & Massenet. [early labels] B to B+(varies) 32.00

815. LM-1761: PROKOFIEV - Peter & the Wolf (Alec Guinness, narr). SAINT-SAENS - Carnival of the Animals. Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] B to B+ 14.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
816. LM-1785: LOU HARRISON - Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra (Anahid Ajemian, violin; Maro Ajemian, piano). BEN WEBER - Symphony on Poems of William Blake (Galjour, baritone). Stokowski/His Symphony. [Notes by Peggy Glanville-Hicks] B+/B++ 12.00

817. LM-1969: TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Concerto #1. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [never in stereo until VICS, except for 2-track tape; fiery performance!] [PD; 8S/12S] B++ 8.00

818. LM-2039: VERDI-MACKERRAS - The Lady and the Fool. Mackerras/PO. [Ballet arr. Mackerras from music of various operas; mono-only issue] [PD; 1S/1S] A-- 9.00

819. LM-2103: STRAUSS - Sinfonia Domestica. Reiner/CSO. [Never in stereo on LP until VICS] [PD; 4S/4S] A--(superficial scr snds off & on, 1 inch, sd 1) 10.00

820. LM-2106: RACHMANINOFF - Symphony #2. Boult/LPO. [Recorded July 24-27, 1956; Walthamstow; but never issued in stereo until VICS] [SD; 23S/11S] B+ 9.00

821. LM-2107: DVORAK - Slavonic Dances #11 - #16. GRIEG - Lyric Suite. Malko/PO. [never in stereo to my knowledge, at least not in the U.S.] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

822. LM-2108: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Solomon; Menges/PO. [PD; 1S/1S] A-(neat jacket repair) 12.00

823. LM-2109: BLOCH - Schelomo. WALTON - Cello Concerto. Piatagorsky; Munch/BSO. [TAS re stereo issue: 36:123] [SD; 7S/5S] B(cover scuffs - different cover than stereo) 6.00

824. LM-2111: DEBUSSY - La Mer. IBERT - Escales. Munch/BSO, [Mohr; Layton; original deluxe issue w/fold-open cover & illustrated bound-in booklet (never in stereo with this packaging) inc writings about the sea by Rachel Carson, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Marcel Proust, etc.; TAS re stereo: 178: 144-6; 153:66] [SD; 4S/11S] A- 25.00

825. LM-2112: VIENNA. J.STRAUSS JR.- Morning Papers; Emperor Waltz; Blue Danube. WEBER - Invitation to the Dance. JOSEF STRAUSS - Village Swallows. RICHARD STRAUSS - Rosenkavalier Waltzes. Reiner/CSO. [Original mono-only issue in fold-open album with 11-page booklet (stereo issue was never available in this form) illustrated with lovely photos of Vienna and essay by Joseph Wechsberg; TAS re stereo issue: 75/76:176-7; album here is in fine condition except for minor tears in spine, which I will leave to the new owner's choice either to ignore or make careful repair with tape] [PD; 1S/5S] A-(see note preceding re spine) 12.00

826. LM-2115: BACH - Sonata #2; Partita #3. Heifetz, solo violin. [PD; 6S/3S] A- 20.00

827. LM-2117: SCHOENBERG - Transfigured Night. PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Stokowski/His Sym(in Night); NBC Sym Members(in Romeo). [I don't think the Schoenberg was ever in stereo, at least on LP; the Romeo eventually appeared in 1978 on ARL1-2715 in a different coupling] [PD; 6S/11S] A-- 16.00

828. LM-2118: MIKLOS ROZSA - Kipling's Jungle Book; Thief of Bagdad Suite. Leo Genn, narrator; Composer/Frankenland State Sym. [very obscure issue; mono-only; released September 1957 and deleted in April 1959; I've been told that Thief was later reissued in stereo on United Artists UAS-29725 in Britain] [PD; 5S/1S] A- 65.00

829. LM-2127: STRAUSS - Burleske. RACHMANINOFF - Concerto #1. Janis; Reiner/CSO. [original mono-only issue; never in stereo until VICS] [SD; 21S/2S] A- 12.00

830. LM-2129: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Reiner/CSO. [PD; 4S/4S] A-/B+ 8.00

831. LM-2135: PROKOFIEV - Cinderella (exc). Rignold/ROHCG. [never in stereo until VICS] [PD; 1S/5S] A- 12.00

832. LM-2139: CHRISTMAS HYMNS & CAROLS, Vol. 1. Robert Shaw/His Chorale. [SD; 15S/20S] A- 10.00

833. LM-2140: CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CLASSICAL MUSIC: Abridged works (and movements from works) by Grieg, Bizet, Beethoven, Wagner, Schubert, Weber, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Brahms & Dvorak. Robert Russell Bennett/RCA Victor Sym. [never in stereo] [PD; 6S/1S] A-(mod tks 1/2-inch in New World) 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
834. LM-2141: "ENTER THE BALLET" - Verdi, Saint-Saens, Gounod, Ponchielli played by Stokowski, Fiedler, etc; prime interest is only LP issue of Reiner/RCA Sym performance of Minuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Gluck's Orfeo. [never in stereo] [PD; 4S/1S] A- to B+(slight cover scuffs) 12.00

835. LM-2145: ANDRE TCHAIKOVSKY DEBUT RECITAL: Prokofiev - Visions Fugitives. Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit. [recorded in Paris; mono only] [PD; 3S/4S] A- 20.00

836. LM-2147: SCHUBERT - "Trout" Quintet. Sankey; Festival Quartet. [PD; 6S/13S] A- 18.00

837. LM-2152: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #6, #8 & #18. Artur Schnabel. [PD; 1S/3S] A- 12.00

838. LM-2153: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #11, 20 & 23. Artur Schnabel. [PD; 8S/6S] A- 12.00

839. LM-2154: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #3 & #17. Artur Schnabel. [PD; 6S/3S] A- 12.00

840. LM-2155: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #22 & #29. Artur Schnabel. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 12.00

841. LM-2158: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #1, 10 & 28. Artur Schnabel. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 12.00

842. LM-2167: MOZART - Quartets #14 & 19. Juilliard Quartet. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

843. LM-2168: HAYDN - Quartets Op.74, #1; Op.77, #1. Juilliard Quartet. [SD; 3S/4S] A- 12.00

844. LM-2175: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 1. Artur Rubinstein. [SD; 36S/37S] B 6.00

845. LM-2176: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 2. Artur Rubinstein. [SD; 20S/21S] B- 5.00

846. LM-2178: BRAHMS - Double Concerto. Mischakoff; Miller; Toscanini/NBC. [PD; 5S/7S] A- 24.00

847. LM-2181: FALLA - Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Jorda/SFSO). Short works of Granados(2), Falla, Albeniz(2) & Mompou. Artur Rubinstein. [SD; 5S/12S] A-- 10.00

848. LM-2185: RACHMANINOFF - Symphony #3. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture. Boult/LPO. [Issued September 1958; deleted April 1960. Despite LSC listing (without Russian Easter) in Schwann between October 1958 and July 1959, that record was apparently never actually issued, so this never in stereo until the Classic Records reissue] [PD; 2S/2S] A-/A--(couple of brief scrs, side 2) 12.00

849. LM-2211: MARIO LANZA - Seven selections from the film "Seven Hills of Rome;" six other songs on side 2. [PD; 1S/1S] B+(noisy scratch 1st 1/2-inch side 2) 5.00

850. LM-2264: GOULD - Suite from Declaration; Jekyll & Hyde Variations. Mitchell/National Sym. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; only in print 1/59 to 9/61; never in stereo until late Gold Seal] [SD; 3S/3S] A- 25.00

851. LM-2387: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #3. NBC Sym. [December 6, 1953; includes the nice Toscanini portrait print which was part of at least the early issues o of this] [SD; 15S/15S] A-(brief lgt tks mvt 4) 12.00

852. LM-2414: BRAHMS - Violin Sonata #3 (Sokoloff, piano). BACH - Partita #3. Laredo. [Dellheim; Crawford] [SD; 1S/1S] A-/B+ 8.00

853. LM-2812: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #3 & #23 ("Appassionata"). Rubinstein. [Wilcox; Layton] [WD; 5S/9S] A- 7.00

854. LM-6020(2): TOSCANINI CONDUCTS WAGNER: Tristan - Prelude & Liebestod; Meistersinger: Preludes to Acts 1 & 3; Lohengrin: Preludes to Acts 1 & 3; Parsifal: Prelude & Good Friday Spell; Gotterdammerung: Dawn & Siegfried's Rhine Journey, Funeral Music; Siegfried Idyll. Toscanini/NBC. [in very nice box with embossed gold medallion] [PD labels] A-(brief light ticks side 1) 18.00

855. LM-6053(2): BERLIOZ - L'Enfance du Christ. Kopleff; Souzay; Tozzi; Valletti; Munch/BSO; NEC Cho. [the mono-only original issue; superb copy with original glassine inner sleeves; PD; 4S/1S/1S/3S] A- 21.00

856. LM-6114(3): BERLIOZ - Damnation of Faust. Danco; Poleri; Singher; Gramm; Boatwright; Munch/BSO; Harvard Glee Club; Radcliffe Choral Society. [TAS 36:125-6; recorded in mono only (February 1954) except for brief excerpts available on Living Stereo sampler CD.] [SD labels] A- 35.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
857. LM-6129(3): THE TONE POEM - LISZT: Mephisto Waltz; STRAUSS: Don Juan (1954) (Reiner/CSO). TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet; Francesca da Rimini; RAVEL: La Valse (Munch/BSO). LISZT: Les Preludes (Monteux/BSO). CASELLA: Italia; COPLAND: El Salon Mexico (Fiedler/Boston Pops). DEBUSSY: Nuages; IBERT: Escales (Stokowski/His Sym). [I can find no other issue of the Casella, at least on LP] A-(the box is pristine!) 45.00

858.*LSB-4090 (BRITISH): RACHMANINOV - Symphony #3; The Rock. Previn/LSO. [Dellheim; Lock; TAS 98:112L (re this British issue specifially)] A- 15.00

859.*LSC-2125: GRIEG - Peer Gynt Suites #1 & 2; Lyric Suite. Farrell (in Solvejg's Song) Fiedler/BPS. [TAS 88:166-8] [WD; 5S/8S] A-- 14.00

860.*LSC-2129: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Reiner/CSO. [SD; 16S/24S] A-(lovely!) 35.00

861.*LSC-2131: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Munch/BSO. [TAS 93:144-6; this rather scarce issue was deleted in 1963; the recording is vastly more common in its VICS reissue] [SD; 13S/15S] A- 41.00

862.*LSC-2195: COPLAND - Billy the Kid (& Waltz); Rodeo (exc). Gould/His Orch. [TAS 90:137-40] [ND; 22S/22S] A-(c/c) 11.00

863.*LSC-2208: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade. Monteux/LSO. [Wallun; Wilkinson; TAS 73:196] [SD; 9S/10S] A- to B++ 20.00

864.*LSC-2234: SAINT-SAENS - Piano Concerto #2. FRANCK - Symphonic Variations. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Sym of Air. [TAS 73:145+146L; 93:144] [SD; 11S/4S] A-(light rub sd 1 does not sound) 18.00

865.*LSC-2252: TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Concerto #1. Cliburn; Kondrashin/Orch. [Pfeiffer; Crawford] [SD; 23S/31S] A- 14.00

866.*LSC-2256: SCHUMANN - Piano Concerto. Rubinstein; Krips/RCA Sym. [Pfeiffer; Layton] [WD; 13S/8S] A- to B+ 8.00

867.*LSC-2257: SIR ARTHUR BLISS - Things to Come Suite; Welcome to the Queen. ELGAR - Pomp & Circumstance Marches, #1 - 5. Bliss/LSO. [scarce; in print 4/59 - 4/61; TAS 75/6:178] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 31.00

868.*LSC-2267: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. KHACHATURIAN - Gayne Suite. Fiedler/BPS. [Mohr; Crawford; TAS 60:136-8] [SD; 12S/12S] A- 16.00

869.*LSC-2270: POPS STOPPERS - Espana; Stars & Stripes; Ritual Fire Dance; Skaters Waltz; Jalousie; 3 more. Fiedler/BPS. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 10S/6S] A- 23.00

870.*LSC-2280: THE ART OF SONG - Songs by Schubert(3), Schumann(3), Pizzetti, Scarlatti(4), Handel, Stradella, Sarti. Cesare Valletti; Taubman, piano. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A-- 14.00

871.*LSC-2302: GILBERT & SULLIVAN Overtures - Mikado; Yeomen; Ruddigore; Iolanthe; H.M.S. Pinafore; Pirates. Alan Ward/Orch. [Recorded in England; TAS 96:150-51] [SD; 5S/1S] A- 20.00

872.*LSC-2309: SAINT-SAENS - Samson & Delilah (abridged version). Stevens; Del Monaco; Harvout; Flagello; Cleva/Metropolitan. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 4S/4S] A- 18.00

873.*LSC-2328: TCHAIKOVSKY - Nutcracker (excerpts). Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 69:147-8] FS(probably late pressing; pristine cov, no c/c) 16.00

874.*LSC-2343: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #5; Coriolan Overture. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton (actually Joseph Wells)] [SD; 6S/7S] A- 32.00

875.*LSC-2398: KABALEVSKY - The Comedians. KHACHATURIAN - Masquerade Suite. Kondrashin/RCA Victor Sym. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 65:156L; 75/76:76; 93:146-7] [ND; 8S/11S] A-(c/c) 12.00

876.*LSC-2455: SCHUMANN - Piano Concerto. Cliburn; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 69:146-7] [WD; 17S/12S] A- 17.00

877.*LSC-2489: DVORAK - Symphony #7 (old #2). Monteux/LSO. [Bremner; Wilkinson; TAS 83/84:239] [SD; 2S/3S] A- 21.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
878.*LSC-2565: STRAUSS - Till Eulenspiegel. TCHAIKOVSKY - Romeo & Juliet. Munch/BSO. [Wilcox; Layton; TAS 59:126] [terrific performances and for some reason very scarce in truly fine SD pressing, in my experience] [SD; 9S/6S] A- 45.00

879.*LSC-2569: SOUSA FOREVER! - Gould/His Symphonic Band in 14 marches, including Stars & Stripes, Corcoran Cadets, Semper Fidelis, High School Cadets, National Fencibles, El Capitan, Washington Post, Gladiator. [SD; 4S/1S] A- 18.00

880.*LSC-2596: BRITTEN - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. SAINT-SAENS - Carnival of the Animals. Hugh Downs, narrator; Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore] [WD; 1S/1S] A- 15.00

881.*LSC-2621: PROKOFIEV - Love for Three Oranges Suite. CHOPIN (arr.Anderson & Bodge) - Les Sylphides. Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore] [WD; 6S/10S] A- 10.00

882.*LSC-2634: MOZART - Piano Concerti #21 & #23. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Orch. [Wilcox; Layton; TAS 65:178] [WD; 8S/9S] A- 10.00

883.*LSC-2638: LEROY ANDERSON - Fiddle Faddle, Blue Tango, Sleigh Ride, Syncopated Clock, Serenata, Belle, 6 more. Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore; TAS 73:192-3] [SD; 4S/1S] A- 15.00

884.*LSC-2647: CHAUSSON - Symphony. FRANCK - Chasseur Maudit. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 36:127; 94:145-6] [WD; 6S/4S] A-(brief tks beg sd 1) 20.00

885.*LSC-2654: BEETHOVEN - Sonatas #8, 14 & 26. Rubinstein. [Wilcox; Salvatore] [SD; S/12S] A- 12.00

886.*LSC-2679: GERSHWIN - Scenes from Porgy & Bess. Price; Warfield; Bubbles; Boatwright; Henderson/RCA Orch & Cho. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 9S/9S] A- 18.00

887.*LSC-2701: SCHUMANN - Symphony #4. BEETHOVEN - Leonore Overture #3. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 8S/8S] A- 14.00

888.*LSC-2725: STRAVINSKY - Firebird Suite. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Coq d'Or Suite. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore] [WD; 7S/8S] A- 16.00

889.*LSC-2745: MUSIC AMERICA LOVES BEST - Danse Macabre; William Tell; Last Spring; Hungarian Dance #6; Lohengrin Act 3 Prelude; 3 more. Fiedler/BPS. [ND; 11S/15S] A- 9.00

890.*LSC-2759: BRITTEN - A Ceremony of Carols; Rejoice in the Lamb; Festival Te Deum. Endich; Kopleff; Humphrey; Murcell; Shaw/Shaw Chorale. [Habig; Salvatore] [WD; 5S/7S] A- 12.00

891.*LSC-2798: TENDERLY - 12 gentle pieces (September Song, Cradle Song, etc.). Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Keville] [WD; 7S/6S] A- 10.00

892.*LSC-2799: ROBERT SHAW CHORALE ON BROADWAY - Numbers from Hello, Dolly; Fiddler; Most Happy Fella; Lost in the Stars; My Fair Lady; Paint Your Wagon; Music Man; On the Town; Carousel; South Pacific. Shaw/His Chorale & Orch. [Habig; Keville] [ND; 11S/10S] A- 9.00

893.*LSC-2811: LISZT - Sonata in b. SCHUBERT - Sonata in a, Op.143. Gilels, piano. [Dellheim; Keville & Gardner] [WD; 9S/3S] A-- 10.00

894.*LSC-2850: GOULD - Spirituals. COPLAND - Dance Sym. Gould/CSO. [Habig; Keville; WD; 10S/4S] A- 20.00

895.*LSC-2854: HAYDN - "Theresien" Mass. Soloists; Vienna Boys Choir; Grossman/Vienna Konzerthaus Ch Orch. [WD; 1S/1S] A- 8.00

896.*LSC-2874: SCHUBERT - Piano Sonata in G, Op.78. Peter Serkin. [Wilcox; Gardner] [WD; 2S/8S] A- 12.00

897.*LSC-3022: RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF - Symphony #2 ("Antar"). MIASKOVSKY - Symphony #21. Gould/CSO. [Scott; Goodman; recorded in Medinah Temple; January, 1968] [WD; 1S/1S] A- 17.00

898.*LSC-3158: GRIEG - Symphonic Dances; Norweigian Dances. Gould/NPO. [ND; 7S/7S] A- 8.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
899.*LSC-6156(3)(GERMAN ISSUE): WAGNER - Flying Dutchman. London; Rysanek; Tozzi; Liebl; Lewis; Elias; Dorati/ROHCG. [Mohr; Layton; German pressing; German insert in German only, but the notes/libretto booklet from US issue also included] A- to A(lovely Teldec pressing) 50.00

900.*LSC-6160(3): PUCCINI - Madama Butterfly. Price; Tucker; Elias; Maero; Leinsdorf/RCA Italiana. [Mohr; Layton; terrific photo of these two with Jack Pfeiffer & George Marek - particularly of Layton - in recording session photo included in libretto booklet] A-(SD; 4S/4S/12S/9S/6S/3S) 36.00

901.*LSC-6163(3): VERDI - Falstaff. Evans; Simionato; Ligabue; Ford; Freni; Kraus; Elias; Solti/RCA Italiana. [Mohr; Layton] A-(sd; 2S/1S/1S/1S/4S/1S) 40.00

902.*LSC-6175(3): HANDEL - Messiah. Raskin; Kopleff; Lewis; Paul; Shaw/His Chorale & Orch. [Dellheim; Keville] [WD; 3S/2/2/1/3/2; inc program of 1966 Shaw performance in Chicago w/his cho & orch] A- 24.00

903.*LSC-6710(5): WAGNER - Lohengrin. Konya; Amara; Gorr; Dooley; Hines; Marsh; Leinsdorf/BSO; Boston Chorus Pro Musica. [Mohr; Salvatore; terrific BIG Symphony Hall sound; Leinsdorf really lets the trumpets loose!] [TAS 36:124-9] [WD; 1S/4S/5S/2S/5S/3S/1S/4S/5S/4S] [WD labels] A- 50.00

904.*LSP-1928: MEMORIES OF POPULAR OPERAS - Twelve selections. George Feyer, piano. [Bollard; Oelrich; NYC, 1958] [BL; 2S/3S] A--(Canadian pressing) 8.00

905.*RDC-2 (JAPANESE): VIVALDI - "Spring" from The Four Seasons. Beatles Medley (Yesterday; Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Michelle). Hayakawa/Tokyo Vivaldi Ens. [45 rpm; Direct-to Disc; rec January, 1977] A- 16.00

906.*VICS-1013: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade. Monteux/LSO. [Wallun; Wilkinson; from LSC-2208; TAS 73:196] [PL; 10S/11S] A-- 17.00

907.*VICS-1027: STRAVINSKY - Firebird Suite. DEBUSSY - Three Nocturnes. Monteux/PCO(Firebird)/BSO; Berkshire Fest Cho(Debussy). [from LM-2113 & LM-1939; 1st stereo LP release of either, though both were in stereo on 2-track tape] [PL; 12S/9S] A-(brief tks sd 2) 24.00

908.*VICS-1031: BERLIOZ - Symphonie Fantastique. Monteux/VPO. [fr LSC-2362] [PL; 3S/3S] A- 21.00

909.*VICS-1034: FRANCK - Symphony. Munch/BSO. [from LSC-2131; TAS 93:144] [PL; 4S/2S] A- 13.00

910.*VICS-1077: CHOPIN - The Four Ballades; Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise. Graffman, piano. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; from the very scarce LSC-2304] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 11.00

911.*VICS-1107: ELGAR - Enigma Variations. BRAHMS - Haydn Variations. Monteux/LSO. [from LSC-2418; TAS 60:126; 88:168-70] [PL; 1S/1S] A-/A- to B+ 16.00

912.*VICS-1108: BIZET - Carmen Suite. GOUNOD - Faust Ballet Music; Funeral March of a Marionette. Gibson/LSO. [from the very scarce LSC-2449 (TAS 75/76:72] [PL; 10S/1S] A-/A- to B+(light/moderate scr off & on 1 inch sd 2) 16.00

913.*VICS-1130: DELIBES - Sylvia & Coppelia Suites. Rignold/PCO. [from LSC-2485] [PL; 1S/2S] A- 21.00

914.*VICS-1153: KHACHATURIAN - Violin Concerto. SAINT-SAENS - Havanaise.

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