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Kogan; Monteux/BSO. [from LM-2220; this VICS was its 1st stereo release; TAS 77:132-4] [PL; 1S/2S] A- 32.00

915.*VICS-1317: BACH - The Musical Notebook for Anna Magdalena (excerpts). Ameling; Linde; Leonhardt, harpsichord; Tolzer Boychoir; Instrumental Ens. [1st issue - no LSC counterpart] [Pink; 5S/5S] A- 8.00

916.*VICS-1319: BLOMDAHL - Sisyphos Suite. HILDING ROSENBERG: Voyage to America. BERWALD: Sinfonie Capricieuse. Dorati/Stockholm Phil. [first issue - never an LM/LSC release] [PL; 3S/1S] A- 10.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
917.*VICS-1338: DOWLAND - Lachrimae or Seaven Teares & Fourteen Other Dances. Muller-Combois, lute; Viola da Gamba Quintet of Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. [1st US issue - never an LM/LSC version] [PL; 1S/3S] A-- 9.00

918.*VICS-1379: VILLA-LOBOS - Rudepoema. BUSONI - Six Elegies. David Bean, piano. [Gardner, engineer; no producer listed; first release: no LSC-series issue] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 7.00

919.*VICS-1407: PURCELL - Te Deum; Jubilate Deo; In Guilty Night; Man That is Born of Woman. Alfred Deller/Deller Consort; Stour Music Festival Orch & Cho. [first US issue - no LM/LSC counterpart] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 7.00

920.*VICS-1445: BIZET - Carmen for Orchestra. Gould/His Orch. [Habig; Layton; from LSC-2437; never in plum label] [Pink; 1S/1S] A-(c/c) 20.00

921.*VICS-1628: MENDELSSOHN - Midsummer Night's Dream (excerpts). BIZET - Symphony. Martinon/CSO. [Scott; Goodman] [Never available on LSC, nor on a plum label VICS since it was issued in 1971; terrific low brass!] [Pink; 1S/1S] A-(Bizet)(MSND is A- to B+) 12.00

922.*VICS-6006(2): BERLIOZ - L'Enfance du Christ. Souzay; Kopleff; Tozzi; Valletti; Munch/BSO; New England Conservatory Choir. [first stereo issue; this copy is in the box and with the notes from the original, mono-only issue on LM-6053] [PL; 1S/2/1/1] A- 18.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label
923.*ARGO ZRG--578: PALESTRINA - Veni Sponsa Christi. Guest/Cho St. John's College, Cambridge. A- 8.00

924.*ARGO ZRG--687/8(2): BACH - The Four Suites for Orchestra. Marriner/ASMF. A- 8.00

925.*ARGO ZRG--838: FINZI - Earth and Air and Rain. BUTTERWORTH - 6 Shropshire Lad Songs; 5 Songs. Luxon; Willison, piano. A- to A 8.00

926.*BELL LABS BTL-7901: "Early Hi-Fi," Vol. 1. Experimental recordings with Leopold Stokowski/Philadelphia Orchestra by Bell Labs in 1931/32, including some in true stereo. Most, if not all, recorded in concert. In mono: Roman Carnival Overture; Invitation to the Dance; Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream; Tristan Prelude & Liebestod. In mono/stereo (sections vary): 2 excerpts from Scriabin Poem of Fire; 6 excerpts from Moussorgsky-Ravel (!) Pictures at an Exhibition. [fold-open album] Bell Labs BTL-7901. A- 50.00

927.*CANDIDE QTVS-34719: WAGNER - Rienzi & Meistersinger Overtures; Lohengrin Preludes (I & III); Good Friday Spell; Ride of Valkyries. Semkow/St. Louis Sym. [quad] [recorded 1977; Aubort; Nickrenz] A-- 8.00

928.*CAPITOL SP-8364: TOCH - Symphony #3. HINDEMITH - Mathis der Maler. Steinberg/Pittsburgh Sym. [TAS 44:113L] A-(lovely!) 45.00

929.*CHALFONT SDG-314: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #5. Tjeknavorian/LSO. [very early digital (1980); Culverhouse; Chesebrough] Chalfont SDG-314a. A- to A 8.00

930.*COMMAND CC-11012: WAGNER - Siegfried's Rhine Journey & Funeral Music; Ride of the Valkyries; Magic Fire Music; Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla. Steinberg/Pittsburgh Sym. [Light; Fine; 35mm film recording] A-(c/c) 15.00

931.*DELL'ARTE DA-9013: BARTOK - Concerto for Orchestra. THOMAS CANNING -Fantasy on a Hymn Tune by Justin Morgan. Stokowski/Houston Symphony. [From Everest originals; engineered by Bert Whyte; remastered at 45rpm by Brian Crimp, Nimbus Records; this issue from 1983] A- to A 32.00

932.*DENON OB-7333/4(2): BEETHOVEN - Symphony #9. Smickova; Soukupova; Pribyl; Novak; Neumann/CPO & Cho. [VERY early digital: recorded in Tokyo, December 3, 1976; Japanese-only notes] A- to A 20.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
933.*EMI ASD--393: PATRICK HADLEY (1899-1973) - The Hills. Palmer, sop; Tear, ten Lloyd, bs; Ledger/LPO; Cambridge Univ Musical Soc Cho. DELIUS - To Be Sung of a Summer Night on the Water. Tear, ten; Ledger/ King's College Cho, Cambridge. [Bishop; Parker; quad; 1976; obscure!] A- 23.00

934.*EMI ASD--440 (ODEON): PAGANINI - Violin Concerti #1 & #2. Menuhin; Erede/RPO. A- 16.00

935.*EMI ASD-2356 (ODEON): ELGAR - Wand of Youth, Suites #1 & #2; Three Bavarian Dances; Chansons de Matin & Nuit. Boult/LPO. FS 11.00

936.*EMI ASD-2672: ELGAR - Crown of India Suite; Coronation & Imperial Marches; Woodland Interlude & Triumphal March from Caractacus; Meditation from The Light of Life. Groves/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. [Culverhouse; Eltham] A- to A 14.00

937.*EMI ASD-2753: SAINT-SAENS - Carnival of the Animals. FAURE - Ballade. LITOLFF - Scherzo from Concerto Symphonique #4. Brenda Lucas, 2nd piano in Carnival; Ogdon; Fremaux/City of Birmingham Sym. [Culverhouse; Eltham] A- 11.00

938.*EMI ASD-2970 (ODEON): ELGAR - Falstaff; The Sanguine Fan Ballet. BACH-ELGAR - Fantasia & Fugue in c (trans. Elgar from Bach). Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker & Eltham; TAS 6:184; 65:154L] A- to A 13.00

939.*EMI ASD-3050: ELGAR - Polonia; Dream Children; Funeral March (Chopin/Elgar); Carillon; Triumphal March from "Caractacus;" Meditation from "Light of Life;" Incidental Music & Funeral March from "Grania and Diarmid;" Elegy. Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker; 1975] A- to A 22.00

940.*EMI ASD-3173: STRAUSS - Alpine Symphony. Kempe/Dresden State Orch. [Mottley; Strueben; quad] A- to A 18.00

941.*EMI ASD-3429: VILLA-LOBOS - Bachianas Brasileiras #3; Momoprecoce - Fantasy for Piano & Orchestra. Ortiz; Ashkenazy/NPO. [Willan; Gooch & Parker] [quad] A- to A 11.00

942.*EMI ASD-3725: SIR HUBERT PARRY - Symphony #5; Symphonic Variation; Elegy for Brahms. Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker; last recording produced by Bishop for Boult before Bishop left EMI to become manager of Philharmonia (1979)] A- to A 23.00

943.*EMI CSD-3767: THOMAS ARNE - Symphonies #1 - #4. SAMUEL WESLEY - Symphony in D. Montgomery/Bournemouth Sinfonietta. [Grubb; Eltham; quad] A- 11.00

944.*EMI CSD-3769: FRANZ SCHMIDT - Variations on a Hussar's Song. ARRIAGA - Symphony in D. Bauer/NPO. [Willan; Eltham] A- 7.00

945.*EMI ODEON ASD-2856: SCHUBERT - Symphony #9. Boult/LPO. [Bishop/Parker] A- to A(Dutch) 23.00

946.*EMI SLS--976(3): ELGAR - The Apostles. Armstrong; Watts; Tear; Luxon; Grand; Case; Boult/LPO & Cho; Downe House School Cho. [On side #6, Boult discusses the Apostles, The Kingdom and other Elgar works with illustrations from his recordings (and Barbirolli's of Dream of Gerontius)] [Bishop; Parker] A- to A 14.00

947.*EPIC BC-1039: SCHUMANN - Symphony #1; Manfred Overture. Szell/CO. A-(radial labels) 11.00

948.*EPIC BC-1139: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Fleisher; Szell/CO. A-(demo copy; a little writing on back cover) 12.00

949.*EVEREST SDBR-3005: MAHLER - Symphony #1. Boult/LPO. [First issue with silver labels, heavy sleeve, dowel spine - very rare in this form and in such fine condition.] A- 45.00

950.*EVEREST SDBR-3014(2): MAHLER - Symphony #5. Schwarz/LSO. [Earliest issue, silver labels. Rumor has it that Horenstein prepared the LSO for this recording, but then was ill on the day of the sessions, for which Schwarz just filled in. I can't back that up with any documentation, though!] A-- 50.00

951.*EVEREST SDBR-3019: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Job. Boult/LPO. [Very first issue: silver label in heavy sleeve with dowel spine a la early Angels. VERY scarce in this form, especially in fine condition] A- 45.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
952.*FONTANA SFL-14119: LISZT - Mephisto Waltz and WEBER - Invitation to the Dance (Paray/Detroit). J. STRAUSS - Graduation Ball (Dorati/Mpls). British issue; from Mercury originals. A- 18.00

953.*FRANKLIN MINT 39/40(2): TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4 (Szell/LSO; from London CS-6987); Symphony #5 (Stokowski/NPO; from London SPC-21017; TAS 37:142). [One of FM's series of "The 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time." Pressed on red vinyl; in deluxe oversized album.] A- 27.00

954.*HNH 4010: BAX - Symphony #7. Leppard/LPO. [from Lyrita SCRS-83: TAS 11:381; 37:171] A- 9.00

955.*HNH-4078: FRANK BRIDGE - Suite for Strings; Sir Roger de Coverly; Sally in Our Alley; Cherry Ripe; Lament for String Orchestra; Rosemary. Boult/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-73; TAS 36:182] A- 12.00

956.*HYPERION A-66077: CRUSELL - Clarinet Quartets #1 - #3. Thea King; Allegri String Quartet Members. [Friese-Greene; Kenneth Wilkinson; recorded April 1981: must have been one of Wilkinson's very last engineering jobs][DMM] A- to A 12.00

957.*LYRITA SRCS--36: IRELAND - Piano Concerto (Parkin); These Things Shall Be (Case, baritone); LPO Cho. Boult/LPO (in both). A- 16.00

958.*LYRITA SRCS--37: BAX - November Woods. HOLST - A Fugal Overture. MOERAN - Sinfonietta. Boult/LPO. [TAS 39:146] A- 16.00

959.*LYRITA SRCS--40: ELGAR - Symphony #2. Boult/LPO. A- 18.00

960.*LYRITA SRCS--48: PARRY - Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy; English Suite; Lady Radnor's Suite; Symphonic Variations. Boult/LSO. A- 18.00

961.*LYRITA SRCS--72: HUMPHREY SEARLE - Symphony #1 (Boult/LPO) & #2 (Krips/LPO). A- 23.00

962.*LYRITA SRCS--95: BRITISH OVERTURES. MALCOLM ARNOLD - Beckus the Dandipratt. FRANCIS CHAGRIN - Helter Skelter. WILLIAM ALWYN - Derby Day. ALAN RAWSTHORNE - Street Corner. GEOFFREY BUSH - Yorick. WALTER LEIGH - Agincourt. Braithwaite; Alwyn; Pritchard; Handley conducting NPO; LPO; LSO. [variety!!] A- 32.00

963.*LYRITA SRCS-120: HOLST - Suite de Ballet. WARLOCK - An Old Song for Small Orchestra; Serenade for Strings; Capriol Suite. Boult/LPO (in song); Braithwaite/LPO in rest (except LSO in Capriol). A- 22.00

964.*MHS 1742: ALWYN - Mirages, A Song Cycle for Baritone & Piano (Luxon; Willison); Divertimento for Flute (Hyde-Smith); Naiades for Flute & Harp (Hyde-Smith; Robels). [from Lyrita SRCS-61] A- 7.00

965.*MHS 3096: BLISS - Serenade for Baritone & Orch (Shirley-Quirk); Rout for Soprano & Orch (Woodland); Hymn to Apollo; The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God (cantata); A Prayer to the Infant Jesus (women's voices). Misc Artists; Composer conducts Rout & Hymn. [fr Lyrita SRCS-55] A- 7.00

966.*MHS 3598: FINZI - Intimations of Immortality. Partridge, tenor; Handley/Guildford Phil & Cho. [from Lyrita SRCS-75; TAS 73:147L] A-- 7.00

967.*MHS 3628: ELGAR - Enigma Variations; Falstaff. Andrew Davis/NPO. [Lyrita original] MHS 3628. A-- 5.00

968.*PHILIPS PT-900-022: KALEIDOSCOPE - Charles Mackerras conducts the LSO: OFFENBACH - Orpheus in Hades Overture. TCHAIKOVSKY - Cossack Dance from Mazeppa. BRAHMS - Hungarian Dances #1, #20 & #21. SMETANA - Dance of the Comedians. NICOLAI - Merry Wives of Windsor Overture. WEBER - Abu Hassan Overture. [Though not attributed on the box, this was one of the last recordings made by the old Mercury team (Robert Fine, Wilma Cozart et. al.), in Walthamstow Town Hall, at the same time (July 1961) as the Richter Liszt concerto recordings which were also released on Philips; SCARCE - my first copy ever!] (minor box scuffs) 35.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
969.*READER'S DIGEST RD4-15(13): TREASURY OF GREAT MUSIC. Stunning 13-record set recorded by RCA in 1963 (Charles Gerhardt, producer; Kenneth Wilkinson, engineer) in Walthamstow Assembly Hall, all with Royal Philharmonic, but with twelve conductors. I am abbreviating work titles since they are very familiar. Kempe (Pines of Rome; Don Juan); Munch (Bizet Symphony; Francesca da Rimini); Fistoulari, with Earl Wild, piano: (Tchaikovsky Concerto #1); Reiner (Brahms 4th); Krips (Mozart 35th; Haydn 104th); Horenstein (Siegfried Idyll; Dutchman Overture; Venusberg Music); Leibowitz (Egmont, Freischutz & Manfred Overtures; Passacaglia & Fugue in c; Grieg Piano Concerto with Earl Wild; Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Hyman Bress); Dorati (Salome's Dance; Berlioz Romeo excerpts); Barbirolli (Sibelius 2nd); Pretre (Daphnis Suite #2; Psyche et Eros; 2 Nocturnes); Sargent, with Earl Wild: (Chopin 1st & Liszt 1st concerti); Danon (Petrouchka; Love for Three Oranges Suite). [With fine booklet inc many session photos. Sadly, production values fell apart in pressing this project: I have had to go through SIX of these sets to find a copy of every disc which I could grade "A--" since few rise above "A- to B+" and many are "B+" at best, even though almost all showed little or no sign of use. So I am confident that this is as fine a copy of this set as anyone will ever locate! Note that the spines of the boxes (as is the case here) sometimes were identified as "R47-M;" the discs always bear the RD4-15 designation. Finally, under "Leibowitz" I have included both his regular contribution of the concerti but also the contents of the "bonus" (13th) disc which seems to have been omitted from some copies of this set.] A-- 100.00

970.*TELARC DG-10047: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4. Maazel/CO. [Woods; Renner; dig; rec 1979; fine performance & recording; a high-water mark for Telarc, in my opinion] A- to A(few tks in 2nd mvt) 8.00

971.*TELARC DG-10048: BIZET - Carmen Suite #1. GRIEG - Peer Gynt Suite. Slatkin/St. Louis Sym. [Woods; Renner; dig] A- 7.00

972.*TURNABOUT QTVS-34606: MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #3; Hebrides Overture. Commissiona/Baltimore Sym. [Nickrenz; Aubort; recorded 1974] [quad] A- 8.00

973.*TURNABOUT QTVS-34643: MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #4 & #5. Commissiona/Baltimore Sym. [Aubort & Nickrenz; recorded 1974] [quad] A- 8.00

974. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7010: HONEGGER - Mouvement Symphonique #2; Tempest Prelude; Rugby; Pacific 231. Scherchen/PSOL. [Not in original zip-open plastic sleeve, but jacket is in very good condition; no booklet] A- 16.00

975. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7024: HAYDN - Symphony #100 Scherchen/PSOL. [This fine copy of a rather notorious recording (the over-miked triangle sounds like it belongs next to a chuck wagon) has original slipsleeve in fine condition, but is missing the booklet.] A-- 18.00

976. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7028: WAGNER - Die Meistersinger: Prelude to Act I; Excerpts from Act III; Lohengrin Prelude (Act I). Rodzinski/PSOL. A-- 15.00

977. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7034: KODALY - Hary Janos Suite. MUSSORGSKY - Night on Bald Mountain. Rodzinski/PSOL. [Not in original zip-open plastic sleeve, but jacket in superb condition; and record pressed almost as quietly - but not quite - as these issues ever were; with booklet by C.G.McProud (Audio Magazine editor) & James Lyons detailing audiophile highlights] B++ 20.00

978. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7043: TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture. Scherchen/LSO. [later jacket w/notes on back cover, not booklet] A-(very fine for a W-Lab!) 16.00

979. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7062: SCHUMANN - Symphony #3. Boult/PPOL. [Late issue with notes on back cover] A-(movements 3 & 4 are B; 1/8-inch scr beg sd 1) 8.00

980.*WESTMINSTER WST-14005: TCHAIKOVSKY - Romeo & Juliet; 1812 Overture. Scherchen/VSOO. [Appeared among the very first group of Westminster stereo releases in August 1958] [demo copy] A-(lgt/mod tks 1/4 inch, early Romeo) 12.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label - continued
981.*WESTMINSTER WST-14007: ELGAR - Falstaff; Cockaigne Overture. Boult/Philharmonic Promenade Orch. [The first stereo Westminsters (like RCA's) were issued in August, 1958. This disc was issued the following month - and deleted in less than two years (July 1960).] A- 35.00

982.*WESTMINSTER WST-14012: WALTON - Symphony #1 (1935). Boult/PPO. [among the earliest Westminster stereo releases, September 1958; deleted already in July 1960 - scarce!] A- 32.00

983.*WESTMINSTER WST-14035: MIKLOS ROZSA - Variations on a Hungrian Peasant Song for Violin & Orchestra (Zsigmondy); Kaleidoscope; Concerto for String Orchestra. Composer/VSOO. [Scarce: only in print 1959-1961] A--(occ lgt tks sd 2) 25.00
LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
984.*ANDRIESSEN: (Hendrik): Variations & Fugue on a Theme of Johann Kuhnau. PETER VAN ANROOY: Piet Hein (Dutch Rhapsody). JOHAN WAGENAAR: Overtures to Cyrano de Bergerac & Taming of the Shrew. Hague Residentie-Orkest conducted by Dorati (in Piet) & van Otterloo (in rest). [notes in Dutch only] Fontana 6530 044. A- to A 25.00

985.*ANTHEIL: (George; 1900-1959): Symphony #5. PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: St. Thomas Wake. Dufallo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-770. A- 12.00

986.*AVISON: (Charles; 1709-1770): Twelve Concerti Grossi after Domenico Scarlatti. Marriner/ASMF. Philips 6769 018(3). FS 12.00

987.*BACH: (C.P.E.): Concerti for Flute (Rampal) and Cello (Bex). Boulez/Ch Orch. [neat very young photo of Boulez] Vox STPL-514.170. FS 7.00

988.*BACH: (Johann Christoph Friedrich): Symphonies #6, #10 & #20. Muller-Bruhl/Cologne Chamber Orch. [DMM] Schwann VMS-1414. A- to A 10.00

989.*BACH: The Brandenburg Concerti. Arthur Davison/Virtuosi of England. EMI CFPD-414448 3(2). A- 12.00

990.*BACH: Orchestral Transcriptions - Schoenberg: St. Anne Prelude & Fugue & Two Chorale Preludes; Webern: Ricercare from Musical Offering; Stravinsky - Chorale Variations on Von Himmel Hoch. Abravanel/Utah Sym; w/cho in Stravinsky. Vanguard VSD-2120. A- 10.00

991. BADINGS: The Louisville Symphony. BEN WEBER - Prelude & Passacaglia. SOWERBY - All on a Summer's Day. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-566. A- 12.00

992.+BALAKIREV: Piano Concerto, Op.1 (Zhilinsky); Islamey; Russia; In Czechia. Gauk/USSR Sym. [recored 1947-57] Melodiya CM-03557-8. A- 7.00

993.+BALAKIREV: Russia (Ivanov); Overture on Russian Themes (Gauk); Tamara (Golovanov). USSR Radio Orch (in all). Saga 5101. A- 8.00

994. BALAZS: (Frederic; b.1920): Two Dances for Flute & Orchestra (Pazmandy; Composer/Philharmonia Hungarica). WALTER MOURANT (b.1910): Valley of the Moon; Air and Scherzo; Sleepy Hollow (Camarata/His Orch). CRI 157. A- 10.00

995.*BARBER: Piano Concerto (Browning). WILLIAM SCHUMAN: A Song of Orpheus (Rose, cello). Szell/CO. Col MS-6638. A- 10.00

996. BARSUKOV: (Sergei): Concerto for Piano #2 (Composer; Boult/NPO); Concerto for Violin (Tessier; Fremaux/Monte Carlo Opera Orch). Everest 6167. A- 7.00

997.+BARTOK: Bagatelle; Rondo #1; Three Hungarian Folk Tunes; Preludio - All'Ungherese; Improvisations #1, #2, #6, #7 & #8 on Hungarian Peasant Songs; Three Excerpts from Mikrokosmos (4-hands, with Ditta Pasztory Bartok); Petite Suite. Composer, piano. Turnabout THS-65010. A- 8.00

998. BARTOK: For Children, Volume II - 39 pieces based on Slovakian Folk Tunes. Tibor Kozma, piano. Bartok BR-920. B(much is A-, but some small scrs) 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
999.*BARTOK: Posthumous Piano Works: Concerto for Two Pianos & Percussion (Ditta Pasztory-Bartok; Erzsebet Tusa; Sandor/Budapest Sym); Suite for Two Pianos, Op.4B (Pasztory-Bartok; Maria Comensoli). [Pasztory-Bartok was, of course, Bartok' wife; disc comes in fold-open album with extensive notes and photos including one of the conductor and soloists in the concerto] Hungaroton SLPX-11398. A- 20.00

1000.*BAX: Symphonic Variations for Piano & Orchestra; Morning Song. Fingerhut, piano (in both); Thomson/LPO. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1226. A- to A 7.00

1001.*BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerti in E-flat & D (early works). Blumental; Waldhans/Brno Phil. Auditorium BX-204. A- 8.00

1002. BEETHOVEN: 12 Minuets for the Roudoutensaal; Romance Cantabile for Piano, Flute, Bassoon, 2 Oboes & Strings (Schultes, piano; 1st recording). Kloss/Frankenland State Sym (in all). Lyrichord LL-45. A-- 9.00

1003. BERGER: (Arthur): Polyphony for Orchestra. MEYER KUPFERBERG: Symphony #4. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-584. A- 12.00

1004.*BERSA: (1873-1934): Sunny Fields (Hubad/Slovene Philharmonic); Moonlight (Cossetto/KUD Choir). SKERJANC (1900-1973): Concertino for Piano & Strings (Tomsic-Srebotnjak; Hubad/Slovene Philharmonic). [Yugoslavian composers] Jerusalem ATD-8202. A- 9.00

1005.*BIZET: L'Arlesienne - Complete Incidental Music. Plasson/Capitole de Toulouse Orch; Cho. [dig; DMM] Angel DS-38299. A- to A 10.00

1006. BOCCHERINI: Cello Concerto in C (DeCroos); Symphony in C. CAMBINI: Sinfonia Concertante #1 for Oboe & Bassoon (Storch; Cole). Jenkins/Accademia dell'Orsso Orch. Period SPL-732. A-(fine copy with original glassine inner sleeve) 8.00

1007. BOCCHERINI: Seven Symphonies. Anderson, Morris, solo violins; Shepherd/Cantilena. [dig] MHS 837251Y(3). A- 11.00

1008.*BOCCHERINI: Symphonies #6, #8 & #14. Pople/London Festival Orch. [dig; DMM] Hyperion A-66236. A- to A 7.00

1009.*BOULEZ: Pli Selon Pli. Lukomska, soprano; Bergmann, piano; Stingl, guitar; d'Alton, mandolin; Composer/BBC Sym. Col M-30296. A- 8.00

1010.*BRUCKNER: Symphony #3, #4 & #8 in their first versions (1873, 1874 & 1887 respectively). Inbal/Frankfurt Radio Orch. [dig] [fascinating and frequently astounding differences from the well-known editions!] Telefunken 6.35642(4). A- to A 32.00

1011.*BRUCKNER: Symphony #8. Jochum/Staatskapelle Dresden. [terrific!] Angel SB-3893(2). FS(c/c) 25.00

1012.*BRUCKNER: Symphony #8. Karajan/BPO. DGG 2707 085(2). A- to A 14.00

1013.*BULLER (John): Theatre of Memory. Elder/BBC Sym. [dig] Unicorn Kanchana DKP-9045. A- to A 8.00

1014.*CAGE: Winter Music. GEORGE FLYNN: Wound. Flynn, piano. [quad] Finnadar QD-9006. A- 7.00

1015.*CHARPENTIER: Messe pour les Instruments au Lieu des Orgues; Medee; Concert a Quatre Parties; Le Malade Imaginaire (Ouverture du Prologue). Malgloire/la Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy. Candide CE-31066. FS 4.00

1016.*CHAVEZ: Soli I (Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet); Soli II (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn); Soli IV (Horn, Trumpet, Trombone). Composer/Brass Ens. Odyssey Y-31534. A- 10.00

1017.*CLEMENTI: Piano Concerto in C. PAISIELLO: Piano Concerto in F. Blumental; Zedda/Prague New Ch Orch; Torino Sym). Auditorium BX-206. A- 8.00

1018. COATES: (Eric): Knightsbridge, London Bridge, London Calling and Television Marches; Cinderella; Dancing Nights Valse; Three Bears Suite; Footlights Waltz. Composer/LSO; LPO; Light Sym Orch. Col ML-4274. B(earliest blue labels) 8.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1019.*COHN: (James; b.1928): Music for 3, 4 and 5 Winds: Goldfinch Variations; Little Overture; Suite Champetre (after Rameau); Wind Quintet.
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