I. violin Vladislava Hořovská, ba

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I. violin                         Vladislava Hořovská, BA

* 1968

State Conservatory in Prague (Prof. Karel Přibyl, Prof. Jaroslav Foltýn)
HAMU in Prague (Prof. Nora Grumlíková)

Orchestra engagements: Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, Suk’s Chamber Orchestra, Virtuosi di Praga

Chamber music: piano trio Musica per gaudium, member and solo performer of the chamber society Atlantis, vocal and instrumental Funtrio
Swing: Czech Swingharmony
Folk: Jaromír Nohavica, 1998 – 2001 member of the group Neřež, member of the group Springtime
Since 2008 member of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK



II. violin                         Monika Růžková, BA

* 1985

State Conservatory in Prague (Prof. Dagmar Zárubová, Prof. Jaroslav Foltýn)
HAMU in Prague (Prof. Ivan Štraus, Prof. Leoš Čepický)

2002 – 1st prize at J. Muzika Competition in Nová Paka
2005 – 3rd prize at The Competition of Conservatories
2006 – 1st prize and prize for the best performance of B. Martinů’s work (Competition of the B. Martinů Foundation)
Masterclasses: 2001 and 2004 Summer Academy Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Semmering (Prof. I. Štraus, Prof. A. Kiss), 2005 Academy in Telč (Prof. Jan Talich), 2006 and 2007 Meadowmount – USA (Prof. Charles Avsharian), 2008 Encuentro de música y academia de Santander (Prof. Z. Bron, S. Markovici)
In 2006 solo performance of P. I. Chaikovsky’s Concert in D major with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic
In 2007 she performed B. Martinů’s Czech Rhapsody with the chamber orchestra Roxy Ensemble

Chamber music: Phantasy quartet, chamber orchestra Roxy Ensemble



viola                               Zuzana Peřinová, BA, MA


State Conservatory in Prague (Jiří Rajniš)
HAMU in Prague (Prof. Lubomír Malý)

Courses: Masterclass with Prof. Wolfgang Klose in 2006, French-Czech Summer Music Academy in Telč in 2004 (Vladimír Bukač), International Summer School of Old Music in Valtice in 1998 and 1999 (Daniel Deuter, Catherine Mackintosh)
Chamber music: Beethoven trio Praha, Capella Regia Praha, Hipocondria Ensemble, ensemble Variace/Variations
Solo performances: concert symphony in Es major by W. A. Mozart with Virtuosi Pragenses at the Žižkov Autumn in 2006, with KOPS A. Vranický’s Concert for two violas and orchestra
Cooperation with the Prague Chamber Philharmonic, Talich’s Chamber Orchestra, Virtuosi Pragenses, with the Chamber Orchestra of the Prague Symphonists, with Musica Florea as well as the Roxy Ensemble
Since 2008 member of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK



violoncello                 Petra Malíšková, BA, MA

* 1980

Conservatory in Brno (Václav Horák)

HAMU in Prague (Prof. Daniel Veis)

1996 – 1st prize and title of laureate at Heran’s International Violoncello Competition

1997 – 1st prize at the international Janáček Competition
2nd prize at the international competition Beethoven’s Hradec
2001 – 2nd prize at the Viennese Classics Competition in Semmering, Austria
Masterclasses: Tsuoshi Tsutsumi, Johannes Goritzki, Victoria Yagling, Jiří Bárta et al.
2005-2007 annual recital at the prestigious Holland Music Sessions festival
As a solo performer she has played with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic, Prague Festival Orchestra and with Brno Conservatory Symphonic orchestra
Member of the ensemble ALEA Trio
Since 2007 member of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK

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