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Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-645. A- to B+ 8.00

1156. TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphony #2. RICHARD MOHAUPT (1904-57): Town Piper Music. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-645. A- 12.00

1157. TCHEREPNIN: (Nicolas, arranger, 1937): Tati-Tati - Variations on "Chopsticks" originally for piano, by Rimsky-Korsakov(4), Liszt, Borodin, Liadov & Cui. WERNER JANSSEN, arranger, 1951: five more (!), this time by Liadov(2), Borodin(2) & Cui. Janssen/Col Sym. [obscure!!] Col ML-4480. B 12.00

1158.*TIPPETT: Concerto for Orchestra; Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles. Davis/LSO. Philips 412 378-1. A- to A 12.00

1159.*TIPPETT: Shires Suite (Fletcher/Leicestershire Cho). DOUGLAS YOUNG (b.1947): Virages - Region One (de Saram, cello; Composer conducts). Leicestershire Schools Sym (both). Unicorn UNS-267. A- 9.00

1160.*TIPPETT: Symphony #3. Harper; Davis/LSO. Philips 6500 662. A- to A 9.00

1161.*TIPPETT: Symphony #4; Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles. Solti/CSO. [dig; nice cover photo of Tippett & Solti, who gave sym's premiere] London LDR-71046. A-(Dutch pressing; minor cov dam) 10.00

1162.*TURINA: Danzas Gitanas. LEES: Symphony #3. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-752. A- 12.00

1163.*TURINA: Sinfonia Sevillana; Rapsodia Sinfonica; Danzas Fantasticas. Batiz/LPO. [dig] Angel DS-37950. A- 7.00

1164.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Wasps Overture. Previn/LSO. RCA LSC-3244. A- 9.00

1165. VILLA-LOBOS: Childrens' Dolls (Suite #1 from The Baby's Family); The Three Maries; Rudepoema. Jacques Abram, piano. EMS 10. A--(very fine - just a slight vinyl "presence") 11.00

1166.*VILLA-LOBOS: Concerto for Piano #1. Moreira-Lima; Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 33C10-08167-68. A- 9.00

1167.*VILLA-LOBOS: Danses Africaines. JOHN ADDISON: Concerto for Trumpet, Strings & Percussion (Rapier). Mester/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LS-695. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1168.*VILLA-LOBOS: Forest of the Amazon. Sayao; Composer/Symphony of the Air & Cho. [Taken from music for the motion picture Green Mansions] United Art UAS-8007. A-- 17.00

1169.*VIVALDI: Concerti for: Oboe; Flute; Piccolo; Diverse Instruments with Mandolins. Bernstein/NYP; soloists from the orchestra. Col MS-6131. A-(very early "6-eyes" labels) 16.00

1170.*WAGNER: Symphony; Faust & Rienzi Overtures. Otto Gerdes/Bamberg Sym. DGG 2530 194. A- to A 11.00

1171.*WALTON: Facade. Zorina, speaker. IBERT: Divertissement. Ormandy/Phila. [uncommon disc; very crisp Facade] Col MS-6449. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; minor cover scuffs) 11.00

1172. WALTON: Scapino Overture; Spitfire Prelude & Fugue; Belshazzar's Feast (Noble, baritone); Facade Suite; Siesta; Henry V (two excerpts). All conducted by Composer; misc orchs; 1938-51; very generous disc: 78+ minutes! [DMM] EMI ED-29 0715 1. A- to A 14.00

1173.*XENAKIS: Akrata; Pithoprakta. PENDERECKI: Capriccio for Violin & Orch (Zukofsky); De Natura Sonoris. Foss/Buffalo Phil. [this copy includes a publicity photo of Zukovsky, a Youth Concert Artists 1967-68 roster booklet, and misc reviews and other publicity materials] None H-71201. A- 12.00

1174.*ZELENKA: Suite in F; Simphonie a 8 Concertanti. Jenkins/Clarion Con Orch. Decca DL-710141. A- 8.00

1175.*ZELENSKI: (Wladyslaw; 1837-1921): Piano Music: Theme Varie; Reverie; Idylle; Grand Scherzo; Masurek; Moments d'un Carnaval. Jozef Stompel. [dig] Muza SX-2510. A- 12.00

LP's: Chamber Music
1176.*A WILLIAMSBURG CANDLELIGHT CONCERT AT THE GOVERNOR'S PALACE. Works of G.G.Ferrari, Purcel, Avison, Hasse, Handel & Corelli. McMurran, piano; String Quintet. Williamsburg WS-100. A- 12.00

1177.*BACH (J.C.F.): Quartets #1-#6 for Flute and Strings. Palmisano; Concilium Musicum. [dig] Dynamic ADDS-4031. A- 7.00

1178.*BACH (W.F.): Trio Sonata a (fragment). C.P.E.BACH: Trio Sonata in D. J.C.BACH: Quintet in D. J.S.BACH: Trio Sonata in G. Ars Rediviva Ens. Parl PLPS-619. FS 5.00

1179.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 2 & #4. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 6500 646. A- to A 8.00

1180. BEETHOVEN: Quartet #1 & #2. Borodin Quartet. Melodiya 33CM-02285-86. A- 12.00

1181.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #10 & #11. Weller Quartet. London CS-6431. A- 9.00

1182. BEETHOVEN: Quartet #13 & #17 (Grosse Fuge). Hungarian Quartet. Angel 35113. A--(British pressing; thrift edition w/o notes) 8.00

1183.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #16; Grosse Fuge. Yale Quartet. Vanguard VCS-10097. A- 9.00

1184. BEETHOVEN: Sonata #7 for Violin & Piano. Szigeti; Horszowski. [10-inch] Col ML-2097. B 25.00

1185.*BEETHOVEN: Sonatas for Violin & Piano (complete). Perlman; Ashkenazy. London CSA-2501(5). A- 25.00

1186.*BOCCHERINI: Quartets Op.6, #1 + #3; Op.58, #2. Quarettto Italiano. Philips 9500 305. A- to A 8.00

1187.*BOISMORTIER: 4 Sonatas & 2 Concerti. Erdelyi/Budapest Phil Ch Orch. Qualiton SLPX-11321. A- 4.00

1188.*BOISMORTIER: 6 Sonates a Quatre (1731). Gravoin Ins Ens. Societe Francaise du Son SXL-20,102. A- 4.00

1189.*BRAHMS: Clarinet Trio (Leister; Eschenbach; Donderer); Horn Trio (Seifert; Drolc; Eschenbach). DGG 139 398. A- to A 8.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1190.*BRAHMS: Clarinet Trio, Op.114. BEETHOVEN: Clarinet Trio, Op.11. Pieterson; Beaux Arts Trio Members. Philips 9500 670. A- to A 8.00

1191.*BRAHMS: Clarinet Trio, Op.114. BARTOK: Contrasts. Berkshire Chamber Players (Herbert Tichman, clar; Ruth Tichman, pf; Kantor, vln; Coleman, vc). Records MES-57578. A-- 8.00

1192.*BRAHMS: Piano Quartet #1. Quartet Canada: Ronald Turini (Horowitz pupil), pf; Steven Staryk, vln; Gerald Stanick, vla; Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, vc. CBC SM-341. A- 11.00

1193.*BRAHMS: Piano Quartet, Op.60. Quartetto di Torino. Dischi Ricordi 27090. A- 8.00

1194. BRAHMS: Piano Quintet, Op.34. Richter; Borodin Quartet. MK 1516. A- 10.00

1195.*BRAHMS: Sextet #1, Op.18. (Menuhin; Masters; Aronowitz; Wallfisch; Gendron; Simpson); Allegro from F-A-E Sonata (Menuhin; H. Menuhin, piano). Angel S-36234. A-(c/c) 7.00

1196.*BRAHMS: String Quintets #1 & 2. Trampler; Budapest Quartet. Col MS-6025. A- 10.00

1197.*BRAZILIAN STRING QUARTETS: Villa-Lobos (#1); Mario Ficarelli (Zyklus 1973); Lindembergue Cardoso (Sedimentos). University of Brasilia Quartet. [German-only notes] RBM 3034. A- to A 7.00

1198.*CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF: LINCOLN CENTER: SCHUBERT - Quartet in g; Octet in F; Der Hirt auf dem Felsen; Intro & Variations for Flute & Piano. SCHUMANN: Piano Quartet in E-flat; Marchenerzahlungen; Spanische Liebeslieder. Chamber Music Soc of Lincoln Center (inc Robison, Trampler, Laredo, Parnas, Buswell, Wadsworth). Classics Record Library 30-5253(4). A- 12.00

1199.*DVORAK: Piano Trio #2. Suk Trio (Suk; Panenka; Chuchro). Supraphon SUAST-50817. A- 9.00

1200.*DVORAK: String Quintet, Op.77; Two Waltzes from Op.54. Levine, bass; Sequoia Quartet. [dig] Nonesuch D-79012. A-(c/c) 8.00

1201.*FAURE: Piano Quartet #1; Piano Trio, Op.120. Pro Arte Piano Quartet. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-289. A- 8.00

1202. FRANCK: Sonata for Violin & Piano (Wallez; Silie). JEAN-JACQUES GRUNENWALD: Concert d'Ete for Piano & Strings; Suite de Danses (harpsichord; Marie Claude Werkowsky; Jean-Paul Kreder). [Radio Station discs in bl covs; Programs #643/644; October 1963] French Broadcasting System 643/644(2). A- 20.00

1203.*GERNSHEIM: (Friedrich; 1839-1916): Sonata #1 for Cello & Piano. ANTON RUBINSTEIN: Sonata #2 for Cello & Piano. Gayle Smith; John Jensen. Genesis GS-1060. A- 12.00

1204.*GLAZOUNOV: Five Novelettes; Elegy in d. GLAZUNOV / LIADOV / RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Jour de Fete. Warsaw Quartet. German RCA RL-30432. A- to A 8.00

1205.*GLINKA: Trio Pathetique in d (New American Trio); Piano Works (six; Hrynkiv, pf). MHS 1973. A- 7.00

1206.*HAYDN: Piano Trios, H.XV: #36 & #f1; H.XIV: #C1 & D-major, H.DEEST. Beaux Arts Trio. [Vol 11] Philips 9500 472. A- to A 8.00

1207.*HAYDN: Quartets, Op. 3: #5; Op. 76: #3. Varsovia Quar. [dig] ProArte PAD-112. A- 8.00

1208. HAYDN: Quartets, Op.64, #2 & #5. Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet. West XWN-18015. B(mostly A-- but some scrs, esp. 1/4" sd 2) 7.00

1209. HAYDN: Quartets, Op.71, #1 & 2; Op.74, #1. Griller Quartet. Van VRS-1042. A- 8.00

1210.*HEIFETZ-PIATIGORSKY CONCERTS: BEETHOVEN - Piano Trio, Op.1, #1. ROZSA - Theme & Variations for Violin, Cello & Orch. HAYDN - Divertimento for Cello & Orch. Heifetz; Piatagorsky; Lateiner (piano); Ch Orch. RCA LSC-2770. A--(superficial blemishes cause very little snd) 11.00

1211.*HEIFETZ-PIATIGORSKY CONCERTS: TURINA - Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano (Heifetz; Piatagorsky; Pennario). MOZART - Violin Concerto #5 (Heifetz/Ch Orch). RCA LSC-2957. A- 11.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1212. HEIFETZ/RUBINSTEIN/FEUERMANN: Trios by Brahms (Op.8), Beethoven ("Archduke") & Schubert (Op.99). [Recorded September 11-13, 1941] [SD labels] RCA LM-7025(2). A- 24.00

1213.*HINDEMITH: Chamber Music, Vol 3: The Three Piano Sonatas. Laugs, piano. MHS OR-H-291. A- 7.00

1214. LALANDE: Caprices #1 & #2 from Symphonies pour les Souper du Roi (Paillard Ens). DANIEL LESUR: Fantaisie for Two Pianos (Billard; Azais). ROLAND MANUEL: Suite dans le Gout Espagnol (Gerlin, hrpschd; Delmotte, trpt; Casier, oboe; Allard, bssn). LUC-ANDRE MARCEL: Toccata (Lilamond, piano). [Radio Station discs in blank jackets; Programs #675 & #676; June 1964] French Broadcasting System 675/676(2). A- 18.00

1215. MENDELSSOHN: Octet, Op.20. Vienna Octet (Boskovsky et al). London CM-9076. A-(lovely copy) 11.00

1216.*MESSIAEN: Quartet for the End of Time; Le Merle Noir. Brook, flute; Johnson/NY Philomusica Ch Ens. Candide CE-31050. A- 7.00

1217.*MOZART: Clarinet Quartet, K.581; Quintet for Piano & Woodwinds, K.452. Tashi (P.Serkin; Stoltzmanb; Kavafian; Sherry) & Guests. RCA ARL1-2863. A- 12.00

1218. MOZART: Clarinet Quintet, K.581 (Charles Draper); Oboe Quartet, K.370 (Leon Goossens). Lener Quartet. [recorded 1928 & 1933] World Record Club SH-318. A-(brief tks early in quintet) 11.00

1219.*MOZART: Piano Trio #2 (Serkin; Laredo; Foley); Clarinet Quintet (Wright; Schneider; Cohen; Rhodes; Parnas). Col MS-7447. A-(demo) 7.00

1220.*MOZART: Piano Trios, K.10 - K.15. Hokanson, hammerklavier; Diedrichsen, violin; Herzer, cello. MHS 1753. A- 7.00

1221. MOZART: Quartet # 2 & #23. Italian Quartet (i.e. Quartetto Italiano; scarce; fascinating to see the very early photo of the quartet members on the back cover). London LL-665. A-- 19.00

1222.*MOZART: Quartets #20 & #22. Amadeus Quartet. DGG 139 355. A- to A(c/c) 9.00

1223.*MOZART: String Quintets, K.406(516b) & K.515. Aronowitz; Amadeus Quartet. DGG 139 356. A- to A(c/c) 8.00

1224.*RAMEAU: Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts. Leonhardt, harpsichord; Bruggen, flute; S.Kuijken, baroque violin; W.Kuijken, viola da gamba. Telefunken SAWT-9578. FS 8.00

1225.*REGER: Sonatas for Violin & Piano (Camirelli; R.Serkin) and Cello & Piano (Schneider; P.Serkin). Col M-32221. A-(c/c) 7.00

1226.*REGER: Variations & Fugues on Themes of Telemann (Steurer, piano) & Mozart (Alfons & Aloys Kontarsky, pianos). MHS 1268. A- 6.00

1227.*ROUSSEL: Quartet, Op.45. FAURE: Quartet, Op.121. Loewenguth Quartet. Turn TVS-34014. A-- 8.00

1228.*SATIE: Sports et Divertissements; Choses vues a droit et a gauche. THOMAS BENJAMIN: Entertainments; Aperatif. deLecluse, (narrator in Sports); Mirecourt Trio. TYR Records TRC-111. A- 12.00

1229.*SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"). P.Serkin; Schneider; Tree; Soyer; Julius Levine. Vanguard VSD-71145. A- 7.00

1230.*SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"). BEETHOVEN: Piano Quartet, Op.16. Horszowski; Levine; Budapest Quartet Members. Col MS-6473. A- 8.00

1231.*SCHUBERT: Quartet # 9, #10 & #14; Trout Quintet; Notturno, Op.148. Demus, piano; Collegium Aureum Quartet. Electrola 1C149-53 037/39(3). A- to A 20.00

1232. SCHUBERT: Quartet #14 ("Death & the Maiden"). Amadeus Quartet. [in print 5/54 - 3/56; nice cover photo of the Quartet] RCA LHMV-1058. B+ 16.00

1233.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14 ("Death & the Maiden"). Quartett Collegium Aureum. Electrola 1C065-99 702. A- to A 7.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1234. SCHUBERT: Quartet for Flute, Guitar, Viola & Cello (Wanausek; Scheit; Nitsch; Goerlich); Dried Flowers, Op. post. 160 (Wanausek, flute; Radhuber, piano). SPA 53. A- 25.00

1235. SCHUBERT: Quintet in C, Op.163. Amadeus Quartet. [only in print from March or April 1954 to March 1956] RCA LHMV-1051. B+(occ tks) 16.00

1236. SCHUBERT: String Quintet, Op.163. Weiss; Vienna Konzerthaus Quar. West XWN-18265. B to B- 7.00

1237.*SCHUBERT: String Quintet in C, Op.163; Trio in B-flat. VPO Quartet. London STS-15386. A- 9.00

1238.*SCHUBERT: Trio #1 & #2 for Piano, Violin & Cello; Sonata for Piano, Violin & Cello; Notturno for Piano, Violin & Cello. Yehudi & Hephzibah Menuhin; Gendron. Electrola 1C137-01 926/27(2). A- to A 16.00

1239. SCHUBERT: Trio #2. Immaculate Heart Trio. Capitol P-8442. A-(first copy I've ever seen) 14.00

1240.*SCHUMANN: Quartet #3. MENDELSSOHN: Quartet #2. Alberni Quartet. CRD 1017. A- to A 8.00

1241. SCHUMANN: Quartet in A. STRAVINSKY: Three Pieces for String Quartet. Quartetto Italiano. [blue labels] Angel 35733. A- 8.00

1242.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Quartet # 7, #13 & #14. Fitzwilliam Quartet. Oiseau-Lyre DSLO-9. A-(but bad scratch 1/2 minute, mvt 1 of #14) 5.00

1243.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Trio #2; Seven Romances on Words of Alexander Block. Pracht, soprano (in Romances); Nieuw Amsterdam Trio. Turn TVS-34280. A- 8.00

1244.*SIMPSON: (Robert): Quartets # 7 & #8. Delme Quartet. Hyperion A-66117. A- to A 10.00

1245.*STENHAMMAR: String Quartet #6 (Fryden Quartet); Songs from Stamningar (Saeden, baritone; Ribera, piano). [Swedish-only notes] Swedish EMI E 053-35116. A- to A 8.00

1246.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Quartet #2. Borodin Quartet. Melodiya 33C-01675-76. A- 12.00

1247.*TULINDBERG: (Erik; 1761-1814): Quartet #4 (Finnish Quartet). JOSEPH WERNER (1695-1761): Three Preludes & Fugues. BOCCHERINI: Quartettino. Sinnhoffer Quartet. Orion ORS-7035. FS 8.00

1248.*VILLA-LOBOS: Wind Quintet; Duette. NIELSEN: Woodwind Quintet. NY Woodwind Quintet. Concert Disc CS-254. A- to B+ 8.00

1249.*VOLKMANN: (Robert; 1815-83): Serenade #2 (Tatrai/Hungarian Ch Orch). TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenir of Florence (Christensen; Geisler; Copenhagen Quartet). Turn TVS-34370. FS 8.00

1250.*WEBER: Music for Winds: Six Waltzes; Concertino for Oboe & Winds; March. Malgloire/Wind Ens. CBS M-39011. A- to A 7.00

1251.*ZELENKA: Three Sonatas for Two Oboes, Bassoon & Continuo. R.Toubman; Burkle, oboes; Miller, bassoon; Pinkham, Carroll & O.Toubman, continuo. Cambridge CRS-1814. FS 4.00

LP's: Collections
1252.*400 YEARS OF DUTCH MUSIC VOL 1: Works of Hellendaal, Lentz, Conradus, Fodor, Buns, Meder, van Bree, Rosier, Buys, Zweers, Wagenaar, Verhey, Andriessen, Diepenbrock, van der Horst, Escher, Ruyneman, Vermuelen, van Vlijmen, Loevendie, van Baaren & Janssen. Hague Phillharmonic. Conductors include: Harnoncourt; Koopman; Dorati; Bour; Leitner; Vonk; Lombard. [Plus a few chamber pieces with misc artists; with impressive 28-page 12-inch booklet with very detailed notes, photos, etc. - in both Dutch and English] Residentie Orkest 6812-901/906(6). A- 32.00

LP's: Collections - continued
1253.*400 YEARS OF DUTCH MUSIC VOL 2: Works of Mercker, Hacquart, Schuyt, Sweelinck, Van Wassenaer, De Fesch, Van Blanckenburg, Graff, Wilms, Verhulst, Diepenbrock, Roentgen, Van Gilse, Van der Horst, Ton de Leeuw, Pijper, Vermuelen, Wagemans, Ketting, Laman & Andriessen. Conductors: Ernest Bour; Roelof van Driesten; Ton Koopman; Hans Vonk. Hague Phillharmonic. [with very detailed 28-page booklet with notes in Dutch and English, photos, etc.] Residentie Orkest 6814-781/786(6). A- 32.00

1254.*ANTHOLOGY OF EASTERN GERMAN MUSIC: Music of the Present. Short works of Gunter Bialas (b.1907), Michael Denhoff (b.1955), Martin Christoph Redel (b.1947) & Peter Kiesewetter (b.1945). Misc artists; rec by Cologne Radio; fold-open album includes English notes. Electrola HM /-IOM 693(2). A- 16.00

1255.*AUDITION - 1966/2: Summer 1966 Columbia new-release sampler, w/recorded comments by Szell (re CO), Biggs, Fred Plaut, Robert Mann. Col MPS-9. A- 12.00

1256.*BAROQUE MUSIC IN SALZBURG: MUFFAT - Sonata #5. BIBER - Balletti Lamentabili; Sonata X; Mensa Sonora, Part 1. Concentus Musicus. Bach Guild BGS-70652. FS 7.00

1257.*BOSTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY: 1976 - In Berlin and Boston. Haydn - Symphony #96. Dello Joio - Meditations on Ecclesiastes. Wagner - Meistersinger Prelude. Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra. Joseph Silverstein, conductor. [Haydn recorded live in Symphony Hall, Boston; the rest recorded live at Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin, during Fourth International Meeting of Student Orchestras, sponsored by Herbert von Karajan Foundation] Boston University BU-101(2). A- 25.00

1258.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY: Radio Marathon # 6 (1981) - "VIVACE." In mono -- Stock: Toch - Pinocchio Overture (1941). Defauw: Faure - Sicilienne from Pelleas et Melisande (1946). Rodzinski: Khatchaturian - Awakening & Lullaby from Gayne (1947). In stereo -- Reiner: Key - Star-Spangled Banner (in Stock arrangement; very maestoso - terrific performance and sound!!). Liebermann - Concerto for Jazz Band & Orchestra (1954; with Sauter-Finegan orch; 1st stereo disc release). Martinon: Ravel - Pavane (1967; 1st [only?] release). RCA DPL1-0490. A- 35.00

1259.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY: Radio Marathon # 7 (1982) - "CON BRIO." In mono -- Stock: Enesco - Roumanian Rhapsody #1 (1941). Defauw: Handel - Allegro Deciso from Water Music (1946). Kubelik: Smetana - The Moldau (1952). In stereo -- Reiner: Falla - Final Dance, 3-Cornered Hat (1958). Martinon: Mendelssohn - Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream Music (1967). Stokowski: Shostakovich - Age of Gold Polka (1968). Solti: Weber - Oberon Overture. RCA DPL1-0544. A- 16.00

1260. CHICAGO SYMPHONY: Radio Marathon #13 (1988) - "TO HONOR THE ONE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY OF FRITZ REINER." WAGNER - Tristan: Prelude & Liebestod; Parsifal: Good Friday Spell. BEETHOVEN - Symphony #4. HAYDN - Symphony #104. HINDEMITH - Cello Concerto (Janos Starker, who was 1st cello in CSO at the time). BERLIOZ - Roman Carnival Overture. CSO. [Concert performances from 1957-58 season; works are all ones of which Reiner made no commercial recording; issued for CSO's 1988 Marathon and not available commercially; includes recorded INTERVIEW with Reiner by Stephen Temmer; list of orch personnel at the time; lovely DMM pressing] Chicago Sym CSO-87-3(2). A- to A 75.00

1261.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY & CHORUS: Bear Down, Chicago Bears. Solti conducts title song, plus the National Anthem (w/cho) & Stars & Stripes Forever (not with chorus!) Promotional issue; Solti's on the cover wearing a bear cap; from a season (c.1986), when Chicago's football team was hot; wonderful story has made the rounds in Chicago that Solti was unfamiliar with the Stars & Stripes, and made a remark to the effect of, “This is an excellent march! Did he write any others?”] London 417 397. A- 16.00

LP's: Collections - continued
1262.*COMPUTER MUSIC FROM UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS: Lejaren Hiller & Leonard Isaacson - Illiac Suite for String Quartet (University of Illinois Composition Quartet). Lejaren Hiller & Robert Baker - Computer Cantata (Hamm, soprano; McKenzie/University of Illinois Ch Players. Heliodor HS-25053. A- 8.00

1263. CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH MUSIC: ALAN RAWSTHORNE - Pastorale Symphony (Symphony #2); Concerto for String Orchestra (Composer/USSR State Sym). ALAN BUSH - Nottingham Symphony (Symphony #2); Birthday Overture (Composer/USSR State Symphony). [Live concert performances; Moscow; October 3, 1963] Melodiya D-012687-90(2). A- 25.00

1264.*CONTEMPORARY HUNGARIAN MUSIC: FERENC FARKAS - Prelude & Fugue. PAL KADOSA - Pian e Forte - Sonata for Orchestra. RUDOLF MAROS - Two Laments. FRIGYES HIDAS - Concertino. Misc Artists; Lehel/Hungarian Radio Orch. Qualiton SLPX-1273. A- 9.00

1265.*DIGITAL PERCUSSION: VARESE - Ionisation. CAGE - First Construction in Metal. FARBERMAN - Evolution. Civil, horn; Drower, soprano; Farberman/London Percussion Ens. [dig] Moss Music D-MMG-105. FS 8.00

1266.*DINNER MUSIC OF THE 1740S: Works of Loeillet, Boismortier, Telemann & Handel. Boston Baroque Ensemble. Cambridge CRS-1815. A- 7.00

1267.*FAMOUS WALTZES: Volume 2: By Rosas, Lanner(2), Lehar(2) & Ziehrer(2). Bauer-Theussl/Vienna Volksoper Orch. [dig] Philips 6514 068. A- to A 7.00

1268.*HARVARD-RADCLIFFE ORCHESTRA: Schumann - Symphony #3. Verdi - Forza Overture. Yannatos, conductor. [1979] AFKA SK-4638. A-- 8.00

1269. HI-FI IN THE MAKING: Sir Adrian Boult rehearses and performs Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. [Interesting recording-session rehearsal excerpts on one side; complete performance on the other; 1956] Westminster XWN-18372. A- 32.00

1270.*LISZT-BARTOK FESTIVAL: Budapest, 1961. Recordings of the four winners of the piano competition in music of Liszt (except Cianni in Bartok): Gabor Gabos; David Wilde; Dino Cianni; Valentyn Belcsenko. [tulip labels] DGG 136 292. B+ 9.00

1271.*MONTEVERDI'S CONTEMPORARIES: Works of Mainerio(2), Gaumi, Lappi, Prioli, Porta, Busatti, Donati, Grandi(2) & d'India. Munrow/Early Music Consort of London. [quad] Angel S-37524. A- 9.00

1272.*MUSIC AT THE COURT OF LEOPOLD I (c.1658-1705): Works of Fux, Biber, Schmelzer & Legrenzi. Harnoncourt/Concentus Musicus. Bach Guild BGS-70690. FS 8.00

1273.*MUSIC OF THE FOUR COUNTRIES: EDWARD GERMAN - Welsh Rhapsody. HAMISH MacCUNN - The Land of the Mountain & Flood. ETHEL SMITH - The Wreckers Overture. HAMILTON HARTY - With the Wild Geese. Gibson/Scottish National Orch. EMI / Odeon ASD-2400. A- 14.00

1274.*NEW YEAR'S IN VIENNA!: Live performances by Boskovsky/VPO in London's first digital release, 1979. Includes Blue Danube, Bei und Z'Haus, Spheres, Waltzes; Radetzky, March; Auf der Jagd, Leichtes Blut, Rudolfsheimer, Tik-Tak, Moulinet & Pizzicato Polkas; seven more. [though not identified as a demo, this copy includes the promo packet sent out with initial issues of this; apparently rushed into production from January of 1979 to release in March!] London LDR-10001-2(2). A- 18.00

1275.*PLEASURES OF THE COURT: Festive Dance Music of Susato (c.1500-c.1562) & Morley (1557-1602).

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