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I am BE (Computer Science & Engineering) working in software development having experience in C++/Linux(Application), C/Unix, VC++, Symbian C++ (Mobile) primarily.

Used Socket Programming, STL, Design Patterns, Data Structures, Security and UML as per project requirement. Worked using different Rdbms ,sql, Python and shell scripting languages.I am also having knowledge of Inter Process Communication ( IPC ) , Multithreading , IpSec,system software , and java. Worked in designing , development and enhancement in different domain including mobile. Published a paper and led many activities during academic.

Work Experience

Ness Technologies

Profile - Technical Lead Mar 2009 – Till Date
Product - Working on Cisco firewall at Cisco
This firewall is part of the Borderless Networks which is a security solution that provides policy-based access control, identity-aware networking, and data integrity and confidentiality services. Dynamically authenticate and assign access based on user and device role and location.The administration console enables security groups to consistently define dynamic role and rule-based policies per application and across the enterprise.

This solution uses the user information (name and group) along with the IP address to enforce better access contains off-box Active Directory agent that provides the identity to IP mapping to ASA which interact over RADIUS protocol.

Written C++ code to develop and and doing end to end testing.
Environment - C++/Windows, STL, SVN, ASA , PEZ

Project - CAL Client eBay


It is central application logging which is used to analyze the complete application .CAL is a framework for instrumenting eBay applications , collecting the data , reporting on it in a variety of ways . It is a highly scalable, reliable and fast logging infrastructure. eBay transactions are all logged to CAL. It is the main tool for debugging the entire stack - from the presentation layer, all the way to the framework level components.

Writing the code to add new functionality as per client requirement.
Environment - C++/Linux, STL , Clearcase.

Mphasis (HP), Bangalore Aug 2007-Mar 2009
Profile Worked as Senior Software Developer.

Project BlueTooth Analyzer

This application is developed with user friendly interface which enables user to discover Bluetooth enabled devices around . This would be used for discovery of Bluetooth enabled device, transferring and analyzing the status of file transfer. It also enables to reinitiate the transfer of file if not transferred completely.
To design, develop and test the application .

Environment- C++/ Windows XP, GTK+ SDK , Glade tool, Bluetooth WIDCOMM SDK
Project Mobile Tracker
Mobile Tracker is the application to track the mobile if it is lost or theft.

This application runs on mobile which has to be tracked.It launches itself as soon as the Phone Startup process is finished, and ask for Registration.We specifies the numbers of Admin and Control mobile devices.These devices are having privilege to send command required validation of password along with it are done to service these commands.and get information and control the lost device.

To design, develop and test the application .
Environment - Symbian C++ Series 60 / Carbide C++ IDE., SMS, Messaging
Reason for change - There was no project in for my skill set afterwards.
CSC, Chennai July2006-June 2007
Profile Was Working as Software Developer

Project   T2T4ELSS Client   Travel2Travel4 ,UK


Travel2Travel4 is one of Britain’s largest long haul tour operators. It buys the product (Air/Ground) from the suppliers(Airlines, Hotels etc.) on discount contracts. These product are then sold on slight profit margin to agents. Agents then would sell the products for their profit margin to their consumers.
This Project consists of various Applications which are used by T2T4 reservation staff. Qfe_Trip is the primary aspect for enabling the user to create ,update, cancel air and ground bookings for agents.To check the price(contract) Qfe module is queried and this information is ascertained by the database. Availability is ascertained using Galileo (GDS) .If a PNR matching the contract is found that particular flight booking can be done using Booktrip.

To enhance and modify the code as per client requirement and prepared design document.

Environment - C/ Unix , UML , Informix(Database)
Reason for change - There was not sufficient work in assigned project so after completing the work looked for elsewhere .

A1 Technology , New Delhi July2005 –June2006
Profile Worked as Software Developer.
Project Online  Poker (C++,Linux)  Client    Agile ,USA



Poker is an online game application that allows multiple players to participate in

the game of poker using internet browser.

Application consists of:
Connection Server(C++/Linux) –
It processes messages and hands them off for processing to loadable connection server modules.
Poker Engine (Python/Linux)-It is Game Server in which poker game game is processed by individual State Mahine.
Database Server(PostGreSQL) - Persistent Data is Stored.

WebServer(Apache) - Web Server architecture is to maintain the basic site.

Client Application(Flash) - It consists of a event driven display program coupling a network event stack with the user interface.

To fix the GameServer and Connection Server code and implement the addditonal functionality.

Environment - C++/Linux, STL, Python
Project Text Retrieval from Image Client TicketMaster
To extract the text embedded within the image ,which were provided in on website.It was to automate the reading text through software .
Written code to load bitmap image dynamically and extract the text.
Environment - VC++/Windows XP,MFC
Project TradeStar Client TradeStar, USA

TradeStar is group of share brokers of NASDAQ who want to automate the purchases and sales of share. This application will observe the rate of shares in market and able

to purchase the shares when rates are down and make available to sale when it is up.It will also produce the history of data on minute,hour ,day and week basis.

Worked on Security Profile ,written code to interact with Server providing

live information of latest update using ADO using COM library to insert,save ,modify, display information in MsFlexGrid.

Environment - VC++(Visual C++)/WindowsXP, MFC
Project MDI Client MDI,USA
This project was implemented to download the compressed(.zip,.tar,.tgz) archived files from ftp server to local sysem where it is converted to uncompresed format(which are .sql files containing the sql queries to create ,fetch, modify the database)and to execute the queries written in files.
It was required to work for Windows environment as well as Linux environment.

Separate programs have been written for each.

Responsibilities -
Written VC++ code to-

i. Download the many compressed archived files(.zip,.rar) from FTP Server.

ii. Convert into uncompressed format and store it in separate location.

iii.Execute the query of each sql files of each archived files on MySqlServer.

Written Shell Script of Linux to

i. Download the compressed archived files (.tgz,.tar.gz) from particular directory

of FTP Server.

ii.Convert into uncompressed format .

iii.Execute the query of each .sql files of each archived files on MySqlServer.
Environment –
1.VC++/Windows XP,MySql Server

2 Shell Script of Linux,MySqlServer

Reason for change –
For our team it was night shift work (9PM – 5AM) to interact with onsite people.
Techcontinuum India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi May’ 2001 - Jun' 2001
Profile Worked as Software Developer(Bluetooth-C & Linux) for three weeks.
Product Bluetooth Wireless Software for Internet and Intranet for different communication devices.

Client It was Product being developed by Techcontinuum Inc.,a Virgina(USA) based company.

Duration May’2001 to June’2001
Bluetooth SIG qualified protocol stack is compliant with the Bluetooth Specification . It offers an efficient integration of the Bluetooth protocols resulting in an approach that is robust, modular

and has minimum memory requirements. It includes the Host Controller Interface (HCI), Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP), RFCOMM (Serial Port Emulation), Service Discovery Protocol (SDP), and TCS-BIN.Bluetooth application are develop to interconnect PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, and handheld computers.

Was involved to develop L2CAP layer protocol. This protocol supports higher level Protocol Multiplexing,Packet Segmentation and reassembly and the conveying of Quality of Service information.
Reason for change - Suffered form Malaria and Jaundice continuously
Bahubali College of Engineering , Oct' 1999 - May' 2001 Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

Profile Worked as Programmer Cum Lecturer

Responsibilities Handled Theories,Practicals and prepare TestPapers to evaluate performance. Subjects - C,C++,Data Structures,Unix,Microprocessor .

Beside these, I have developed two database projects –
1.Stock Control System (Oracle,Developer2000) and

2. Election Commission of India (Oracle,Visual Basic).

Languages C, C++ ,VC++, C#, UML, Shell Script , Python ,Sql, Java, .Net, Assembly Languages

Operating System Unix, Linux , Windows ,Symbian.

IDE Visual Studio, Asp.Net, Developer 2000, MSFlex Grid.

RDBMS Oracle, Sql Server, Informix, MySql , PostgreSql.

Framework IPC , Multithreading, Design Patterns , STL , MFC, Symbian Series 60 .

Configuration Tool Clearcase,SVN.
EDUCATION BE(Computer Science & Engineering) 1999-LNCT(Bhopal)

GATE 92.19 Percentile

BE 65%

XII 65%

X 69%

Opp. Radio Colony Gate-2,





D.O.B 18 Mar 1977

ARTICLE PUBLISHED 'Discovery And Significance Of Compton-Effect'

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Architecture

Extra Curricular Activities -

1.Represented College for Debate inYouthFestival.

2. Was Head of Organizing-Committee of WelcomeParty of College.

3. Was Convener of FarewellParty of College.

4. Was member of Editorial Board of College Magazine, VRINDAM.

5. Collected Maximum Advertisements for College Magazine.

6. Public Speaking on various Occasions.

7. Was member of Antiragging Committee of College.

8. Was member of I.S.T.E.

9. Was member of Bharat Scout & Guide.

10.Was Prime Minister of School.

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