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1 Template - Proposal - 2021

Prefatory Parts

Cover email

Dear Team,

  • First paragraph describing the purpose for sending the proposal and if needed, a reference to an earlier discussion, call for proposal etc.

  • The second paragraph summarises the key elements of the proposal in 2-3 sentences and provides the recipient with other useful information about the different parts of the report.

  • Closing paragraph that establishes goodwill by thanking or complimenting the recipient, and also includes a call for action.

Executive Summary (80 to 100 words)

  1. What is this proposal about?

    1. What is the method used to launch this product? – A financial element ($1 Million with a 10% projected growth rate y-o-y)

  2. What do you suggest/conclude?

Table of Contents – Main headings with page numbers

Main proposal (600 words)

  1. Background/Scope/Statement of Need/Problem


What is your idea? What challenges and pain points will you resolve for users?

Background/Problem Analysis

What are some key factors related to being successful in your target sector? Who are your competitors? Who makes up your target audience? Who are your target segments, buyer personas, and ideal customers?


What problem are you solving through your idea for your target?

  1. Description of plan/Activity/Solution (Phased plans – pointers – numbers)

Which phases will be involved in developing your solution/product/service? What are the key milestones and metrics? Which channels and platforms will you use to reach and convert your target audience? Where will you meet your audience? Briefly, how will you roll out the business/service/product?

  1. Financial Summary/Cost/Budget (Graphs – tables)

Key assumptions

What is your cost structure and what are your revenue streams? Describe your fixed variable costs and how will you make money? Consider your sales goals for the near future and long-term. What amount of funding will you require from investors? Where will that funding go? Do you have a month or year-wise projection chart?

  1. Organizational information (Ethos - build credibility)

What does your company do? Who is involved in this endeavor? Who is on your team and why are you the right person/ people to build this business?

  1. Conclusion/Summary statement– Return on investment

Winning statement, polite call for action and co-ordinates.
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