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Procedure for installing AVG 8.0 Internet Security Suite
AVG Installation Requirements
Operation Systems Supported

AVG 8.0 Internet Security is intended to protect workstations with the following

operating systems:

Windows 2000 Professional SP4 + Update Rollup 1

Windows XP Home Edition SP2

Windows XP Professional SP2

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP1

Windows Vista (x86 and x64, all editions)

(And possibly higher service packs for specific operating systems)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements for AVG 8.0 Internet Security are as follows:

Intel Pentium CPU 1,2 GHz

70 MB of free hard drive space (for installation purposes)

256 MB of RAM memory
* Patchup your machine to the latest security patch/updates available on the Microsoft website before you start the AVG installation.
Procedure for installation:
1) Login with administrator privilege to your desktop/laptop.
2) Open Internet Explorer or Firefox and do a one-time registration using URL After registration, you will get an E-mail giving login credentials and link for AVG file download.
NOTE: Since limited licenses are purchased against the given requirement, we have allowed only one download per registration. Please do not distribute or install on more than one machine. Your transactions are monitored at our server side.
3) Using the link received by e-mail, download the file.
4) Save the zip file to your desktop. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder.
5) Remove all antivirus/anti-spyware/anti-malware/firewall software installed and reboot the PC.
6) Login as administrator and open the folder (AVG_setup).

7) Double click on AvgSetup.bat and wait for the AVG installation window. Click on next.

8) Answer the questions as per screen shots pasted below.

9) Accept the license agreement

11) AVG system checkup will begin. If compatible, installation will proceed further.
12) Click Next

13) Fill up user name and company name. Do not disturb the license number and click next

14) If you wish to have AVG security tool bar, please select else click next

15) Click finish to start the installation

16) AVG installation process will begin.

17) Installation completion screen will be displayed. Click OK.

18) Close AVG First Run Wizard by clicking on ‘X’

19) Click on Yes

20) Select Allow all and click on ‘Disable area detection and automatic profile switch’ and then click OK.

21) Double click on the AVG icon on the desktop.

22) Click on Update now button.

23) Click on Update.

24) The update will be installed and the final screen will show ‘You are protected’.

25) AVG installation is complete.

Note: For any technical support, please call Sri Siddhesh Raut of CC at extension 2750. He can also be reached through e-mail Pl note only first level support shall be provided (means, support for installation). Mr. Mukesh Gala of M/s Super Software can be contacted for support. Ph. No. 9819977880, e-mail

Next level of support can be by contacting AVG support centre through e-mail
Download 17.46 Kb.

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