Product description: Support i9300 N7100 note 2,do not support N7102 N7108。 Instructions:

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Extra money for the following parts:

1. SUMSUNG i9300 S3 I9308 MHL connect to cable HDMI (USD10)

Product description:

Support i9300 N7100 NOTE 2do not support N7102 N7108

1) MHL must connected with external power of 5V 1A or it cannot output to HDMI.
2) Restart phone after connect MHL cable. It must connect MHL cable to phone and then restart phone when use in the first time or HDMI cannot output.
3) MHL put does not need any setting, just restart phone then it will output automatic.4). Phone will show sign of HDMI (some phone will not show) after connect MHL and show charging.
5) Perfectly support 1080P output

6) MHL is used by universal as long as your phone supports MHL agreement.
7).It may cannot support MHL output if the phone refresh ROM

2. Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 G14 G18 Micro USB MHL connect to cable HDMI(USD10)

Product features:

(1)The small adapter can output the video and picture of your phone to high-definition TV monitors or projectors play
(2)Resolution1920x1080/60Hz full HD format

(3)Support Audio192KHz compatible with the latest standard 7.1-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) surround sound and compressed audio.

(4)It can fit for Android platform built-in MHL transmitter chip products. With the development of smart phones and tablet PCs, more and more products will be compatible with the machine.
Now just support Meizu MX,HTC SensationHTC G14)、HTC FlyerP510E)、HTC EVO 3DG17)、Z710G14Z710eZ710t HTC SensationXE Z715G18),SAMSUNG I9100i9108i9188I997Samsung Galaxy Notei9220)、i9250LT26i NOKIA N10 and etc.
(5)It is easy to operate; you can connect your phone to the display device through an adapter or HDMI high-definition signal transmission line, the mobile phone data cable can be normally used after supply the power to the system.

三星: i9100 GALAXY SII/i9108/i9188/i997 Infuse 4G/I9250 Galaxy Nexus/I9220 i9228 Galaxy Note/E120L Galaxy SII HD LTE

HTC: G22 Amaze 4G/G14 Sensation /G18 Sensation XE/Rezound/Edge/G17 EVO 3D/EVO 4G LTE/Vivid/Z710/e/t/G23 ONE X/ONE XL/ONE S/

LG: Nitro HD/Optimus LTE/Prada 3.0/Spectrum/Optimus 3D MAX

诺基亚: N10, 

Fujitsu: Arrows, REGZA Phone T-02D

华为: Ascend P1/P1 S/D Quad/D Quad XL/D1


魅族: MX (老双核不要刷1.0.1,四核和新双核部分机器可能有不能充电的现象,但是可以正常工作。四核1.0.3个别机器可能会有不出声音的情况,固件问题,等待新固件修复)





Samsung i9100 GALAXY SII/i9108/i9188/i997 Infuse 4G/I9250 Galaxy Nexus/I9220 i9228 Galaxy Note/E120L Galaxy SII HD LTE

HTC G22 Amaze 4G/G14 Sensation /G18 Sensation XE/Rezound/Edge/G17 EVO 3D/EVO 4G LTE/Vivid/Z710/e/t/G23 ONE X/ONE XL/ONE S/

LG Nitro HD/Optimus LTE/Prada 3.0/Spectrum/Optimus 3D MAX

Nokia N10,

Fujitsu Arrows, REGZA Phone T-02D

Huawei Ascend P1/P1 S/D Quad/D Quad XL/D1


Meizu: MX (old dual-core do not refresh software version to 1.0.1, some of the machine with quad-core and new dual-core may cannot charge, but it can work properly. Some individual machines with Quad-core 1.0.3 may occur the situations of no sound; it is firmware issues, waiting for the fixing of new firmware)

ZTE: PF200/Era/PF120/

Lenovo: S2


Millet: MI2

3. Apple hdmi adapter cable ipad transfer to hdmi ipad2 3, HD video cable Connect directly to 1.8 meter cable Charge (USD25)

Product description

(1)Using Apple original chip, support 4.3.3-6.1.2 all version.

(2)Ipad2 / 3 generation, iphone4s plug-and-play; can maximum support 1080P.

(3)iPad first generation, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 not jailbreak: Can be used to connect the (4)projector and play the PPT (iPad build-in keynote display file), also can play the iPad native video (download), plug and play, no need to set or installed software that can let the machine video or PPT output to a TV or monitor!

(5)With all the functions of ipad first Generation, if you want to show the online network of video or movies on the iPad (such as Thunder look, Youku video) output to devices such as TV or monitor, or even want to enjoy the stimulation of playing games in a large LCD screen, you need install Displayout software to achieve the synchronization functions.

(6) iPad second and third generations no need jailbreak, support perfect output, external devices will show what iPad shows, when it play videos, iPad will come into control mode. Sound and pictures can be perfectly synchronized

Products suitable for: Apple New iPad / iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4/4S

Remark: Iphone 5 HDMI adaptor cable works together with HD HDMI cable .

4. The HD TV cable and HDMI adaptor cable of the original Apple like ipad 4 , mini ,iphone 5 ,which can be purchased in the Apple exclusive shop. You also can purchase from our company (USD55)

5. Do not need to by HD hdmi1.4 version cable if you already have.This cable costs USD10

Do not need jailbreak or install software, plug-and-play. Sounds can also synchronize to TV.

  • Effective Business Presentation: Easy play PPT or Video; Totally get ride of advertisement trouble when see TV; Karaoke and download Karaoke application

You can enjoy Karaoke in home after connect to TV.

The HDMI plug of the TV must be like this

Products suitable for:Apple ipad4 ipad mini iphone5
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