Progressive nlp nlp certified Master Practitioner Training for Therapists – 2017/2018 Application Form

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Progressive NLP

NLP Certified Master Practitioner Training for Therapists – 2017/2018 Application Form

If you’re not a member already, on successful completion of this course you will be entitled to use the title “NLP Master Practitioner” and register yourself as a Professional Member of ANLP “The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming”. The ANLP is the only NLP Members Organisation with an established public reputation which does not offer its own NLP Training, Coaching or Workshops. Its Independence enables them to be entirely inclusive; recognising and embracing all schools of NLP without bias or preference.



Tel No email address:


I would like to enrol for the NLP Master Practitioner Course commencing on the 8th of October 2017 and enclose a deposit of £200.00 made payable to P&G Underwood Limited and I confirm I have set up a Standing Order with my bank for £79.00 a month for a ten-month period starting 1st October 2017.


Please make cheques payable to: - P&G Underwood Limited

If you would like to pay by credit card, or discuss other payment methods please ring. 01522-680687

Return application form to: - Glenys Underwood 23 Middlebrook Road Lincoln LN6 7JU

The Standing Order form attached is to be completed by the applicant and sent to their bank.

Standing Order

To the Manager of your Bank/Building Society

Bank/Building Society

Branch Address

Bank: Barclays Bank

Branch Details: Tritton Road Branch Lincoln

Sort Code: 20 50 21

Account Number: 10676179

Beneficiary Name: P & G Underwood Limited

Amount of payment: £79.00

Amount of payment in words: Seventy nine pounds

Date of 1st payment: 1st October 2017

Date of payment: 1st day of the month

Duration of payments: 10 months

Frequency: Monthly


and Payment Details

Signed: Date:

Signed: Date:

Signed: Date:

Signed: Date:

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