Project Self-Sufficiency Volunteer Car Repair Program

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Project Self-Sufficiency

Volunteer Car Repair Program

Car Repair Agreement

  • I agree to show up for the appointment time I schedule with the mechanic. If I am not able to get there at the agreed time, I agree to contact the mechanic within 24 hours to explain the situation and reschedule another appointment.

  • I agree to arrange childcare for my child(ren) for the time my car is being worked on. I understand this is so I can give the mechanic my undivided attention, to watch and learn about my car and how to fix things myself.

  • If the mechanic does temporary work on my car and recommends that other work be done as I can afford it, I agree to follow up on this with my PS-S Advisor. The reason is that other, more costly, damage to my car can be prevented by keeping up with the suggested maintenance.

  • I understand that this appointment for car repair is for one time only. If I need future car repairs, I agree to notify my Advisor rather that calling the mechanic directly. This is done to spread the jobs among the different mechanics through scheduling.

  • I agree to take this form and the Vehicle Repair Request Form with me to my appointment with the mechanic

  • At this time, I feel I can afford to pay $_________ towards any needed parts. Project Self-Sufficiency is able to contribute $___________ toward parts, in the form of a _____ grant or ______ loan.

________________________ _________________________

PS-S Participant Name Advisor


Download 5.58 Kb.

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