Projects in the newspaper article

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Question 1

Projects in the newspaper article:-

  1. Tesla building a new humanoid robot within next year

  2. California national guard building solar farm in Orange county CA by 2023

  3. Macy’s to implement toy shops in its stores by 2022.

  4. Facebook launching marketing event for SMB’s to secure loans in South Asian market.

Question 4

b) PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

c) PMBOK refers to the collection of terminologies, best practices, rules, guidelines accepted as standards in the project management industry. The main knowledge areas of PMBOK as per the PMI website are as below:

1. Project Integration Management

2. Project Scope Management

3. Project Schedule Management

4. Project Cost Management

5. Project Quality Management

6. Project Resource Management

7. Project Communication Management

8. Project Risk Management

9. Project Procurement Management

10. Project Stakeholder Management

Nature of PM

Better project management leads to efficient use of people and resources. PM helps in dealing with convoluted problems that don’t have a straight-forward solution. Many companies are adapting PM practices, and PM will no longer be a discrete function, but rather will be used in overall management of business.

Future of PM

  • In the future, it is seen that PM teams will be trained and certified as professionals with specific human skills.

  • The increase in PM software will increase by 53% and importance of PMI certifications will increase.

  • Project management will transform from a technical activity into a strategic management practice at the senior organization level.

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