Proposal for a committee innovation

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Form Proposal for a Committee innovation

Proposal for a committee innovation

Proposed by committee

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Reference number: Enter Number

(to be given by ISO Central Secretariat)

The TMB has created a Task Force to review project proposals to pilot innovative practices in standards development. Please fill in this form with the details for the proposed committee innovation. The TMB Task Force (LL 2 TF) will review the proposal to determine if the innovation could be pilot tested for a period of time. If the pilot is successful and the innovation is found to have a positive effect on the standards development process, it could potentially be applied to the whole ISO system.

N.B.: Proposals must address at least one of the following improvement areas. Please tick the appropriate one:
☐ Design and implement faster, simpler development processes

☐ Improved ISO member stakeholder engagement, capacity and monitoring

☐ Enhance selection and capability of committee leaders and support

☐ Make better use of IT

☐ Promote standardization and ISO’s public image

☐ Improve process for starting new work

☐ Improve mechanism to resolve conflicts and reduce blocks

☐ Increase visibility, accessibility and feedback on ISO work

☐ Provide earlier consistent professional editing

☐ Leverage world time-zones to enhance the progression of work

Proposal (to be completed by the proposer)

A detailed description of the proposed committee innovation
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The hypothesis:

(1) why does the committee want to try this innovation?

(2) How is this innovation expected to improve on existing process(es)?
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What is the expected timeline for the pilot?
Start date

End date

How will progress be monitored for this pilot?
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How will results be measured to ensure improvement over the status quo?
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Signature of the secretariat for the committee proposing the innovation

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