Qualifications: CairoUniversity Ph. D. in Educational Technology / 2006

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Curriculum Vita

Personal Information:

Name : Wafa Nimer Oqab Muhanna

Date of Birth : 21/6/1962

Place of Birth : Kuwait

Marital Status : Married

Gender : Female

Residence : Irbid

Nationality : Jordanian

Address : P.O.Box: 810008, Mail code: 21181 Irbid

Tel.: 00962-2-7247232

Mobil: 00962795790207 or 00962795795062


  1. CairoUniversity - Ph.D. in Educational Technology / 2006

  2. YarmoukUniversity - Master Degree in Educational Technology / 2001.

  3. KuwaitUniversity - Bachelor Degree of Computer Science /1984.

Work Experience:

  1. Associate Professor in Al-al Bayt University since 12/6/2014 till now

  2. Assistant Professor in Al-al Bayt University since 20/7/2008 till 12/6/2014

  3. Accredited Translator(from Jordanian Translators' Association (JTA).

  4. Assistant Professor in JadaraUniversity from 15/2/2008 – 15/8/2008

  5. Trainer &Tester for ICDL Examination in SaraInternationalEducationalCenter accredited from AQAS.

  6. TestCenter Administrator for TOEFL-iBT inSaraInternationalEducationalCenter accredited from ETS.

  7. Ministry of Education- Assistant Director from 12/09/2006 - 2008.

  8. Ministry of Education - The pioneer Center for Gifted, “Computer Teacher” from 2001 - 2006

  9. Ministry of Education-“Computer Teacher”, from 1996 until 2001, in many government schools.

  10. SamahCulturalCenteraccredited from Ministry of Education in Jordan– “General Manager” and computer teacher from 1991 until 1996.

  11. Ministry of Communication–Technical Support– Kuwait, “Computer programmer” from 1984 until 1990.

  12. Computer Teacher at YarmoukUniversity from 25/12/1995 to 20/7/1996

  13. Computer Teacher at Al-Bader Institute – Kuwait from 1998 to 1990


    1. Introduction to Data Processing – Program Logic and structure – Fundamentals of COBOL & CMS – Advanced COBOL Programming – Indexed Files in Cobol Programming – Advanced CMS – Fundamentals of DL/1 – NCC Documentation Standards for Programmers – Programming Workshop- DOS/VSE Facilities for programmers – Ministry of Planning – National Computer & Microfilm Center – 4 October 1986 to 23 April 1987

    2. Dbase 3 – KuwaitUniversity - 1988

    3. Turbo Pascal programming from KuwaitUniversity1988

    4. Lotus 123 from KuwaitUniversity1989

    5. Foxpro from 1/6/1996 to 1/7/1996 at Samah Cultual Center – Irbid

    6. English language level 1/5/1996 –1/7/1996 Samah Cultual Center – Irbid

    7. Typing English/Arabic 1/8/1992 till 1/12/1992 from Samah Cultual Center – Irbid

    8. IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) issued on June 11, 2008from Certiport – U.S.A

    9. Microsoft Office Specialist (Master) issued on July 20, 2008 from Microsoft, U.S.A

    10. International Computer Driving License ICDL issued on November 4, 2001from UNESCO - Jordan.

    11. Intel (160 hours) issued on August2008 from Ministry of Education, Jordan.

    12. Advanced ICDL from UNESCO, Jordan.

    13. TOEFL from Amideast – CairoUniversity–Egypt

    14. E- Learning using Blackboard – Al al-Bayt University from 16 March, 2010 until 20 April, 2010.

    15. Multimedia – Adobe Flash from Al al-BaytUniversity, 2011


  1. Arabic: Reading, writing and conversation (excellent).

  2. English: Reading, writing and conversation (excellent).


  1. Cairo University “Information and Developing Education”, September 26-27, 2004.

  2. Cairo University “Educational Technology in Knowledge Society” May 3-4, 2005.

  3. Ministry of Education and Ministry of Information & Technology in Egypt "The First International Conference For Using Information Technology & Communications to Develop Pre-University Education",April22-24, 2007.

  4. ICT-Learn 2007 Conference and Exhibition, Cairo,2-4 September 2007.

  5. "Educational Technology Conference for Teaching &Learning", Cairo University, 5-6 September 2007.

  6. Yarmouk University – The seventh Conference for the College of Education – 23-25 October 2007.

  7. MIT LINC 2007 conference at the Dead Sea / Jordan – 27-29 October 2007.

  8. International Conference of Education Technology (ICOET2008)- Sultanate of Oman, Sunday 2/3/2008 – Wednesday 5/3/2008.

  9. E-Learning and Mobile Learning, PSUT Princess Sumaya University for Technology – May,2009.

  10. 12th International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Learning (ICL2009), Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Villach, Austria, 23 -25 September 2009.

  11. ICIE-The International Center for Innovation in education, PSUT Princess Sumaya University for Technology – May, 2010.

  12. National Conference For the Development of Study Plans, Teaching and Learning, and Scientific Research, Amman, Jordan, June 15-17, 2010.

  13. International conference ITS 2010, Internet Technologies & Society, Organized by Curtin University and IADIS (International Association for Development of the information Society) 29-30 November and 1 December 2010,Perth, Australia.

  14. The Future of E-Learning and Challenges in Higher Education, Philadelphia University, 15 May 2011.

  15. E-Learn 2011 – World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education from 17, October 2011 until 21, October 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


  1. ICDL Jordan workshop, 10th, April 2012, Jordan

  2. Peer Learning Workshop on Service Learning In Higher Education Concepts and Application, December 1, 2011, Jordan.

  3. Microsoft Workshop 2011, Amman Jordan

  4. ICDL Jordan workshop, 2009, Jordan


  1. Member in the Kidney Society in Irbid.

  2. Member in Al-Hussein Sport Club.

  3. Member in Jordanian Translators' Association (JTA).

  4. Member in The Jordan Red Crescent (JRC) Society.

  5. Member in The Arabic Association for Educational Technology.

  6. Member in Human and Technology Development Foundation (HDF).

  7. Member in Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

  8. Senior Member in IEDRC Organization.

  9. Updater for The site of Faculty of Educational Sciencesat Al al-Bayt University.


  1. "The gifted in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" was published in Educational Technology - Studies and Researches Magazine, Cairo 3-4 May, 2005.

  2. "Evaluation of Web-Based Mathematics Curricula in Jordan" was published in Yarmouk University Magazine- The researches for The seventh Conference for The College of Education, 23-25 October, 2007

  3. "University Students' Attitudes towards Cell Phone Learning Environment" was published in International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies. ISSN: 1865-7923,Vol. 3, No 4 (2009).

  4. "Comparison of Students Performance in Cell Phone-based, Computer-Based and Paper-Based Testing", was published in The Islamic University Gaza Journal vol. 19, No. 1, January 2011.

  5. The Impact of Using Web-Based Curricula on Ninth Grade Students' Achievement in Mathematics” was published inIADIS2010 ISBN: 978-972-8939-31-1 on December 2010.

  6. The Impact of Using Cell Phone Assessment on Jordanian University students' Achievement in National Education was published in European Journal of Social Sciences EJSS , Volume 20, Number 1 (2011).

  7. "Cell Phone–Based Assessment Effects on EFL Jordanian Students' Achievement in Basic English Sentence Structures" was accepted in Hawaii Conference from 17, October 2011 until 21, October 2011.

  8. The Effectiveness Of Web-based Curricula On Seventh Grade Mathematics Students In Jordan”, is targeted for publication in the 4th Quarter 2012 issue of the Journal of College Teaching & Learning (Volume 9, Number 4).

  9. Using Online Games For Teaching English Vocabulary For Jordanian Students Learning English As A Foreign Language” is targeted for publication in the 3rd Quarter 2012 issue of the Journal of College Teaching & Learning (Volume 9, Number 3).

  10. Obstacles of teaching Mathematics faced by the class teachers in Jordan “ was published in Educational Research and Reviews: Vol. 8(19), pp. 1810-1816, 10 October , 2013.

  11. The effect of using computer games in teaching mathematics on developing the number sense of fourth grade students “ was published in Educational Research and Reviews: Vol. 8(16) , pp. 1477-1482, 23 August , 2013.

  12. Attitudes of Mathematics Teachers Toward Using Smart Board in Teaching Mathematics “ was published in The Contemporary Issues in Education Research, Volume 6, Number 4, Fourth Quarter 2013. I have got an Excellence in Research Award for this research.

  13. The Effect of Using Smart Board on Mathematics Achievement and Retention of Seventh Grade Students" was published in International Journal of Education, Vol. 6, No. 4 (2014).


  1. Bachelor:

    • Using Computer in Education ( 1101241)

    • Computerized Softwares ( 1101242)

    • Entrance to kindergarten (1102124 )

  2. Diploma:

    • Using Computer in Education ( 1101590)

    • Educational techniques ( 1101592)

  3. Master:

    • Designing and evaluating educational software (1101771)

    • Educational Technology ( 1101774)

    • Computer in Education ( 1101773)

  4. Ohio University Master :

    • Information Technology in Education ( 905700).

Awards :

Excellence in Research was presented to me by Clute Institute for the manuscript entitled

Attitudes of Mathematics Teachers Towards Using Smart Board in Teaching Mathematics “ . which was published in Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER) , Colorado University, 24th March , 2106

Thesis :

  1. Arabic Language Teachers' Attitude Towards the Use of Information and Communication Technology in The Classroom and the Obstacles of Using Them in Jordan, 2015, Azad Hasan Farhood.

  2. The Degree of Application of Electronic Management in Schools of Kuwait and its relationship to Effective Educational Decision. 8/12/2014, Abd Al-Aziz Shadeed Marzouq Al-Mtairi.

  3. The Role of The Schools Principals in Al-Mafraq District in Activating the Educational Technologies in The Educational Process. 25/11/2015, Ziad Khalaf Mohammad Al-Gbouri.

  4. The Obstacles of Using E-Learning in Teaching Arabic Subject from the Teachers Point of View in Jordan. 2/4/2015 , Kazem Abbas K atea'a.

  5. The Status of Using Instructional Aids in Arabic Language Teaching in Intermediate Stage Students from Teachers and Supervisors' Perceptions in Iraq. 5/4/2015 , Ali Abbas Ni'ma.

  6. The Use of Electronic Educational Media for Development of Creative Thinking for Intermediate School Students in Kuwait. 15/7/2015 , Ali Abed al atheem Al-awath.

  7. The Effect of Using an Educational Computerized Program on Seventh Grader's Achievement in Computer Course in Amman Fourth Directorate of Education. 27/7/2015, Ghassan Hadi Khorshid .


  1. The Reasons of Art Teachers Abstention for Using Modern Instructional Strategies and Suggestions of Solutions from the View Point of Kuwaiti Educational Supervisors and Teachers. 23/7/2014, Amenah Mohammed Al-Qattan.

  2. The Use of Electronic Educational Media for Development of Creative Thinking for Intermediate School Students in Kuwait. 15/7/2015, Ali abd al-Atheem al-Awad.

  3. The Effect of Using Instructional Games on Enhancing the Geometric Thinking and attitudes towards Geometry of Sixth Grade Students. 29/7/2015, Radi Mohammad Mefleh Naser.

  4. Obstacles of Using Interactive Whiteboard Faced by The Mathematics Teachers for Basic Educational Stage in Jordan. 29/7/2015 , Ali Talib Jabbar.

  5. The Effectiveness of a Computerized Instructional Program on The Intermediate First Grade Students Achievement in Arabic Language Grammer in Iraq. 5/5/2015 , Mushtak Neama Jasm.

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