Raphael Lorenzo Cruz

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Raphael Lorenzo Cruz

102 Bob O' Link CT, South Lake, TX 76092 Home: 6505150789 - raphael01@umail.ucsb.edu


Safety and results oriented Instrument Rated Single and Multi Engine Commercial Pilot with more than five years experience as a focused Aviator and Instructor whose primary considerations include a passionate commitment to safety, punctuality and fuel efficiency. Uses all available resources to improve and to strive to perfect the safety and efficiency of all flight operations. Uses own resources to maintain currency and to improve personal qualifications to constantly improve the safety, punctuality and efficiency of all flights. Incorporates fuel economy in determining best routes and altitudes of flight. Willing to relocate and to work on call during nights, weekends and holidays.


  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate.

  • FAA Flight Instructor’s License – Instrument

  • FAA Single and Multi Engine Rating

  • CAE CRM Training

  • CAE Beechjet EQC training

  • Able to accomplish tasks ahead of deadline.

  • Trained and experienced as an Aviation Instructor.

  • Well rounded aviation background consisting of many different OPS including airline refueling and GPU operations and maintenance.

  • Complex, High Performance and Spin endorsements.

  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • FAA Ground Instructor License

  • FAA Instrument Rating

  • International Experience

  • Airline Experience

  • Safey management

  • Written and Oral commmunication skills

  • Terminal experience

  • Industrial equipment operation experience

  • Interpersonal skills. .

  • Experience operating in controlled Class B environment.

  • Experience operating in non-towered environments.


As a Ferry Pilot, was able to meet deadlines and goals of all third party ferry clients consuming on average up to 30% less than the estimated fuel by selecting appropriate altitudes aloft.

As an Aviation Instructor, maintained a 100% first time pass rate on all students signed off to take the Aviation Knowledge test and received first time passes on all Aviation Knowledge Tests taken.
As a student: founded the UCSB Aviation Club affectionately referred to as 'Flight Club', conducted original Human Factors research at UCSB entitled 'Effects of lunar cycles in human behavior' and received scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The next year, conducted Human Factors research on the Physiological effects of anger.
Received a Full Ride Scholarship from the University of California Santa Barbara from 2008-2011 and graduated Cum Laude. In addition, received a Federal Pell Grant, a state CAL Grant, Loan forgiveness of all Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans and a Board of Governors Fee Waiver.

Flight Instructor
March 2013 – Present,
Philippine Airlines - Clark Air Force Base, Pampanga, Philippines
Duties include training cadet pilots for immediate transition to line duty through use of FAA based procedures and practical test standards, overseen by the local CAA. Students trained are immediately transitioned into duty as Second Officers or First Officers in Airbus A320 aircraft.

Supporting Crew Member / First Officer, Mu-300/ Beechjet 400/ Beechjet 400A/ Hawker 400/ Nextant
June 2012 to Current
CAE Simuflite – Dallas, TX
Using proper CRM procedures and thorough uses of checklists, operated in the flight training environment as a First Officer logging Second in Command in the right seat of Mu-300/ Beechjet, Beechjet 400A / Hawker 400 aircraft.
Crew Resource Management, Jet Transition and SpecOps Procedures Trainee
June 2012 – June 2012
CAE Simuflite – Dallas, TX
3 week course on Crew Resource Management, Jet Transition and Standard Operating Procedures of Beechjet 400A Aircraft in preparation for Supporting Crew Member Assignment logging PIC during partner training sessions.

Aviation Instructor

April 2012 to Current

Multi Engine Training – Arlington, TX

Provided detailed procedures training in simulated operations with emphasis towards the appropriate SRM and CRM applications.

Provided thorough and detailed instructions of both the theory and practice of safe IFR operations and procedures in the National Airspace System within OpSpecs in the Part 91 environment.

Performed regular preventive maintenance and remained current in actual and simulated IFR , complex, multi-engine, and high performance aircraft under FAR Part 91.

Maintained a perfect attendance and was able to remain on call and able to report to the the office within thirty minutes notice.
Conducted ferry flight operations for the company and for third party owners/operators under FAR Part 91 in the Class B environment.

Aviation Instructor and Commercial Pilot Trainee

November 2011 to April 2012

Multi Engine Training – Arlington, TX

Trained as a Single Engine Commercial Pilot and as a Multi Engine Commercial Pilot as well as as an Aviation Instructor under FAA Part 61.

Achieved first time passes on both checkrides with an independent FAA Designated Pilot Examiner during a checkride at night in the Class B environment.

Line Service Technician

November 2009 to February 2010

Atlantic Aviation – Santa Barbara, CA

Refueled general aviation and general aviation aircraft in the airport ground operations environment and active operations areas driving fuel trucks.

Conducted various aircraft towing operations, third party pro rata taxiing, ferrying and ground power unit operations.
Provided excellent customer service to incoming customers and crew, including supply replenishment and the driving of the company shuttle.


University of California Santa Barbara Class of 2011
Santa Barbara, California, United States, 1 (805) 893-8000
Classics and Psychology
Bachelor of Arts
Received a full ride scholarship to attend for two years from UCSB and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, during which time, conducted two pieces of original research on Human Factors Psychology and two pieces of research on Ancient Literature.
Founded the UCSB Aviation Club (currently thirty members strong) affectionately called 'Flight Club' which encourages the participation of women and minority groups in Aviation.
Volunteered in NASA Hypoxia studies in 2008. Studied the correlation of hand eye coordination of musician subjects as they translate to the operations of heavy machinery such as aircraft and automobiles.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 2005
Parkland, FL, United States
General Education
High School
Participated in different aviation related volunteer projects as a Cadet with the Civil Air Patrol.
Graduated Cum Laude and with Honors in AP Psychology.


2007 – Private Pilot - Nice Air, San Jose, California
2008 – Instrument Rating – Multi Engine Training, Arlington, TX
2010 – Commercial Pilot – Multi Engine Training, Arlington, TX
2010 – Multi Engine Training – Multi Engine Training, Arlington TX
2011 – Flight Instructor Training, Multi Engine Training, Arlington TX
2012 – Crew Resource Management, First Officer / Supporting Crew Member – CAE Simuflite, Dallas TX
2012 – Beechjet 400A First Officer/Supporting Crew Member Training – CAE Simuflite, Dallas TX
2012 – Advanced Airmanship – Instructor : Mike Luckey, CAE Simuflite, Dallas, TX

Licenses and Certifications

Commercial Pilot Certificate (FAA)

Flight Instructor Certificate (FAA)

Ground Instructor Certificate (Instrument) (FAA)

Instrument Rating, Airplane, Multi and Single Engine Land (FAA)
Multi Engine Rating (FAA)

Single Engine Rating (FAA)

International Restricted Radio Operating Permit (FCC)

CAAP Commercial Pilot’s License with Instrument Rating (Philippines)

CAAP Flight Instructor’s License (Philippines)

CAAP English Language Proficiency Certificate, ICAO Level 5

NTC Radio License (Philippines)

Aircraft Flown as PIC

Cessna 402

Beechjet (BE-400A)

Mitsubishi Diamond (MU-300)

Beechcraft Travelair (BE-35)

Cessna 152 (C-152)

Cessna Skyhawk (C-172)

Cessna Skylane (C-182)

Piper Arrow (PA-22)

Beechcraft Baron (D-35)


Capt. Pablo Hondrade, Chief Pilot at Royal Star Aviation 63028939682

Glen Evans, Chief Pilot at Multi Engine Training, 5104 South Collins Street, Arlington, TX, Telefax 1 (817) 557-4004
First Officer Ben Visan, Salsa D’Haiti Airlines, Hub, Dallas, TX, 1 (213) 9898970
Les Cothran, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, 5000 South Collins Street, Arlington, TX 1 (817) 557 4004

Professor Roy Vallis, University of California Psychology Professor, Santa Barbara, CA

1 (805) 893 8000
Professor Ralph Gallucci, University of California Tenured Professor, Santa Barbara California

1 (805) 893 8000

Professor Francis Dunn, University of California Classics Department Chair, Santa Barbara, California 1 (805) 893 8000


Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association (AOPA)
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)
University of California Alumni Association

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