Rel. 1, Ver. 0 Voice Communications Disaster Recovery Plan

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Rel. 1, Ver. 0

Voice Communications

Disaster Recovery Plan

By Paul Kirvan, CISA, CSSP, FBCI, CBCP

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The purpose of this business continuity plan is to prepare in the event of short-term or extended service outages affecting voice communications systems, networks and associated infrastructures. These events may be caused by factors beyond our control (e.g., natural disasters, man-made events). The goal is to restore voice communications services to the widest extent possible in a minimum time frame. All sites are expected to implement preventive measures whenever possible to minimize system and network disruptions and to recover as rapidly as possible when a failure occurs.

This plan identifies vulnerabilities and recommends necessary measures to prevent extended voice communications service outages. It is a plan that encompasses all system sites and operations facilities.


The scope of this plan is limited to . This is a voice communications disaster recovery plan, not a daily problem resolution procedures document.

1.2Plan objectives

  1. Serves as a guide for the recovery teams.

  2. References and points to the location of any data that resides outside this document.

  3. Provides procedures and resources needed to assist in voice assets recovery.

  4. Identifies vendors and customers that must be notified in the event of a disaster.

  5. Assists in avoiding confusion experienced during a crisis by documenting, testing and reviewing voice recovery procedures.

  6. Identifies alternate sources for voice equipment, supplies and network resources.

  7. Documents storage, safeguarding and retrieval procedures for vital records, such as system databases.

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